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The Avalon Media System: A Next Generation Hydra Head for Audio and Video Delivery


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Presented by Michael B. Klein and Nathan Rogers at the 2013 Code4Lib conference in Chicago, IL, on February 12, 2013.

Published in: Education
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The Avalon Media System: A Next Generation Hydra Head for Audio and Video Delivery

  1. 1. The Avalon Media SystemA Next Generation Hydra Head for Audio and Video Delivery
  2. 2. Demo!
  3. 3. Legos? Really?What is Avalon? Integration with: • ILS • LMS Shhh! • Websites • Authn/Authz • Archival StorageBlack Hat Guy and Megan from xkcd by Randall Munroe. Used under a Creative Commons BY-NC license.
  4. 4. Project Partners and Collaborators
  5. 5. Development Team
  6. 6. Content Processing with Matterhorn§ Workflow pipeline§ Pingbacks for status updates§ Caching of key metadata / images
  7. 7. Opencast Matterhorn“ Matterhorn is a free, open-source platform to support the management of educational audio and video content. Institutions will use Matterhorn to produce lecture recordings, manage existing video, serve designated distribution channels, and provide user interfaces to engage students with educational videos.”
  8. 8. HTTP Upload Batch or Ingest File Drop Content StatusMatterhorn workflowHow does content get prepared fordelivery by Avalon?
  9. 9. Batch/Unattended Ingest
  10. 10. Encoding profilesCustomized encoding profiles for mobileand desktop streaming
  11. 11. Status updatesBetween every conversion step Matterhorntells Avalon to ask for an update
  12. 12. Caching of key data§ Poster thumbnails§ Fedora datastreams for technical metadata§ Solr indices for resource discovery
  13. 13. Robust Access ControlsCustomizable rules for discovery andaccess.
  14. 14. Stream security§ Institutional needs§ Tokenized authentication§ RTMP streaming§ HTTP Live Streaming
  15. 15. RTMP Streaming HTTP Dynamic/ Live StreamingInstitutional needsDifferent streaming formats for desktopand mobile users
  16. 16. Tokenized authentication Auth Token Media Package ID 838f1b90-0c4f-4eaf-b3fc-4368587f1b8e-af2fad299000fc841d40db30793560ea Request Stream Details Return Stream URL + Auth Token ID 03 ge : 4 ka uth en ac nA St r N ok a P Re re ot qu ke d T di o am F ali Me To es Co oun tS st Inv en: nt d tre ue ok en q am Re dT t li Va
  17. 17. RTMP StreamingFlash based player for desktops and fullfeatured platforms
  18. 18. HTTP Live Streaming§ Mobile fallback to a standard HTML5 video container§ Dynamic segmentation with Adobe Media Server§ Pre-rendered segments to support other HTTP servers (e.g., Apache, lighttpd, nginx)
  19. 19. Back to the demo!
  20. 20. Learn moreBi-weekly demos site code repository stories, tasks, and bugs URLs. Yay.
  21. 21. Thank you!Michael B. Klein Nathan