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DLF 2015 Presentation, "RDF in the Real World."


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Resource Description Framework (RDF) has entered the metadata scene for libraries in a major way over the last few years. While the promise of its Linked Data capabilities is exciting, the realities of changing data models, encoding practices, and even ontologies can put a check on that excitement. This session will explore these issues and discuss when this is worth doing and how to go about doing it.

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DLF 2015 Presentation, "RDF in the Real World."

  1. 1. RDFintheRealWorld Lessons in Morphing Metadata Juliet L. Hardesty @jlhardes Metadata Analyst, Indiana University Libraries Digital Library Federation Forum 2015, Vancouver, BC
  2. 2. TheconversationIwanttohavetoday Libraries, archives, and museums deal with metadata A LOT XML/text files, database tables Tech we use has figured out how to do things with metadata in those formats ILS, CMS, digital repositories, flesh & blood programmers o/ :)
  3. 3. There’smoretothisconversation RDF holds a lot of promise How much is still just promise and how much is reality? I have my perspective which includes a lot of Fedora 4 This is what I see and what I think we should understand as the library community
  4. 4. DifferentRDFactivitiesaredifferent Publish Linked Data RDF doesn’t have to be Linked Data Software incorporates RDF for metadata Digital object management through RDF graphs Sharing metadata vs digital asset management
  5. 5. Resource DescriptionFramework(RDF) It’s a way to model data: subject -> predicate -> object . a thing -> has property -> value of that property . image has creator person . <URI for image> <URI for term “creator”> <URI for person> .
  6. 6. REsourceDescriptionFramework(RDF) names/no2004088188 dl/archives/cushman/P13713 has creator Women in several reds Hilton Hotel. July 14, 1964. Cushman, Charles W., 1896-1972
  7. 7. WhatRDFisdoing Describing resource (image) Providing data (relationships and values) Creating statements
  8. 8. eXtensibleMarkupLanguage(XML) <mods> <identifier> P13713 <location> <url> http://purl.dlib.indiana.../P13713.jpg <name> <namePart>s Cushman, Charles Weever, 1896-1972 <role> .jpg .xml
  9. 9. WhatXMLisdoing Describing resource (image) Labeling information (P13713) Creating a document (record)
  10. 10. Fedora4 Expresses properties about digital objects using RDF PCDM managing relationships between objects Portland Common Data Model, Duraspace Github Wiki
  11. 11. RDFproperties workunlessthingsgetcomplex NOT MODS
  12. 12. Valid but complex RDF (statements wrapped inside statements) subject predicate object1 1subject predicate object; subject predicate object; subject predicate object. Here’showthingsgetcomplex
  13. 13. MODS RDF is currently complex hierarchical RDF Fedora 4 creates blank nodes for complex RDF These genres (Academy Award winner and Documentary films) become their own objects in Fedora Here’s what Fedora 4 does with that
  14. 14. Here’swhat’sbeenhappening Group within Hydra community working through MODS elements to find simpler ontology options to express descriptive information (DCTerms, MarcRelator, EDM, SKOS) MODS and RDF Descriptive Metadata Subgroup - Hydra - DuraSpace Wiki Steven Anderson at Boston Public Library leading effort Providing feedback to MODS RDF Ontology group (version 2 in progress!)
  15. 15. PBCoreXML+EBUCoreRDF=PBUCore(?)RDF XML standard managed by WGBH (Boston again!) Want to express PBCore XML in RDF to allow for descriptive and technical metadata statements in RDF in Fedora 4 Working with EBUCore to compare PBCore elements, establish which can be expressed with EBUCore classes and properties, and added some additional properties Expanding expressions in EBUCore and allows PBCore XML to be transformed into RDF
  16. 16. UNLV UNLV started from CONTENTdm Publishing LOD sets with interface to follow UNLV Libraries
  17. 17. UCSD Starting with MODS Complex records so created new data model Mapping first to local identifiers then figuring out external URIs Not keeping original MODS UCSD Geisel Library
  18. 18. OregonDigitalandUAlberta Bringing various collections with various metadata together (silos!) Wanted to create metadata as Linked Data in new DAMS (Fedora 4/Hydra)
  19. 19. SoyouhaveXMLformetadata.HowdoyoumakeitRDF? Develop use cases for why RDF is necessary What metadata is RDF-ready (expressable as RDF) and how will RDF be used? If XML doesn’t contain URIs (Linked Data-ready) can it be converted? If XML standard is available as RDF (DC, DWC), transform XML and see what RDF looks like Consider if RDF can be used as defined in use cases
  20. 20. SoyouareanXMLstandard.Howdoyoumakeyourself RDF? Develop use cases for why RDF is necessary Possible path: Create RDF ontology equivalent of XML DC, DWC, MODS, VRA Core Possible path: Integrate with an RDF ontology PBCore XML to EBUCore RDF, with additional properties Consider if RDF can be used as defined in use cases Dodge, Mary Elizabeth. 1894. When Life is Young: a collection of verse for boys and girls. [p.] 143. The British Library.
  21. 21. CHALLENGESFROMXMLTORDF XML schema != RDF ontology XML encodes information about something (<xml>info</xml>) RDF statements are the information (info) Hang in There by jurvetson
  22. 22. RDFChallenges RDF ontology or mult RDF ontologies != All your metadata RDF != Linked Data NO, It Wasn’t Squirrel Proof !!! by kacey
  23. 23. Bibliography 2015. “Descriptive Metadata Call 2015-06-24.” Descriptive Metadata Call 2015-06-24 - Hydra - DuraSpace Wiki. June 24. Berners-Lee, Tim. 2009. “Linked Data.” Linked Data - Design Issues. June 18. Estlund, Karen, and Tom Johnson. 2013. “Link It or Don’t Use It: Transitioning Metadata to Linked Data in Hydra,” July. Farnel, Sharon. 2015. “Metadata at a Crossroads: Shifting ‘from Strings to Things’ for Hydra North.” presented at the Open Repositories, Indianapolis, Indiana. Lampert, Cory K., and Silvia B. Southwick. 2013. “Leading to Linking: Introducing Linked Data to Academic Library Digital Collections.” Journal of Library Metadata 13 (2-3): 230–53. doi:10.1080/19386389.2013.826095. Southwick, Sivlia B. 2015. “A Guide for Transforming Digital Collections Metadata into Linked Data Using Open Source Technologies.” Journal of Library Metadata 15 (1): 1–35.
  24. 24. Thanks! Julie Hardesty, Metadata Analyst Indiana University Libraries @jlhardes