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Avalon 5.0 and Beyond


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Lightning Talk for Hydra Virtual Connect
Based on Jon Dunn (IU) & Evviva Weinraub's (NUL) presentation at OR 2016

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Avalon 5.0 and Beyond

  1. 1. Avalon Media System: Release 5.0 and Beyond Debs Cane Northwestern University Hydra Virtual Connect July 7, 2016
  2. 2. What is Avalon? Open source software system that enables libraries and archives to provide access to audio and video collections
  3. 3. What is Avalon? • Easily installable and configurable • Works on the Fedora/Hydra stack • Serves a variety of use cases and institutions • Sustainable development
  4. 4. Use Cases • Learning • Consortium Licensed Video • Video Reserves in LMS • Research • Media within archival collections/exhibits • Online publishing • Collection Management • Archival Film • Mass Digitization
  5. 5. Faceted browse via Blacklight
  6. 6. Desktop/Mobile Player
  7. 7. Navigation by Structure
  8. 8. Embedding
  9. 9. Manage Content
  10. 10. Add item: Web, Network Storage, API
  11. 11. Descriptive Metadata: MODS
  12. 12. Structural Metadata
  13. 13. Avalon 5.0 – June 13, 2016 • Organization and Sharing Features – Create private or shareable Playlists – Add whole audio and video files or clips to playlists • Content Ingest API – A lightweight API for importing metadata and links to existing derivatives into Avalon. • Access control enhancements – IP based access control – “Date digitized” field for master files. – Grant access permission for items for set periods of time • More granular searching – Searching now includes section and structure labels – “Date digitized” provided as admin facet • Accessibility phase 2 – Support for ingesting/delivering captions in VTT and/or SRT files – Player shows captions when available – End user can toggle captioning on/off via player control - mouse and keyboard. Final Fedora 3 Release
  14. 14. Avalon 5.0 Organization and Sharing Features • Create private or shareable playlist
  15. 15. Avalon 5.0 Organization and Sharing Features • Add whole audio and video files or clips to playlists
  16. 16. Avalon 5.0 Access control enhancements
  17. 17. • Avalon as a SaaS – Cloud-deployment model – Working to develop partnership with Infrastructure Based Service companies – Interested in sites willing to pilot • “Gemification“ of Avalon Architecture – Re-factoring Avalon code for paying off technical debt – Modules of core Avalon components – Making Avalon components easier to install for other institutions – Building up from CurationConcerns/Hydra Works • Creating a Robust Open Development Community – Using other open source projects as a guide – Potential for Avalon Developers Conference to train and introduce code base to wider developer audience – Introduction of community based sprints Near Future for Avalon
  18. 18. Avalon 6.0 (Expected October 2016) Upgrades • Fedora 4, Hydra 9, Solr, Ruby upgrades • New data models for Fedora4 • JS media framework decisions SAAS Preparation • Develop AWS infrastructure map • Running AWS Hosted Pilot • Pricing Models for SAAS Additional transcode engine support • Zencoder/amazon elastic transcode decision • Rework AWS Instance when Matterhorn is removed Easily Edit/Import Structural Metadata Documentation & Transparency • Move JIRA to Waffle/Github • Server mapping • Improve manual install and upgrade instructions • Fedora 4 upgrade path instructions • Variations migration path instructions • Code style guide and standards Improvements to Playlists Contributions to IIIF Framework Enable codeclimate against a repo
  19. 19. Avalon 7.0 (Expected Winter 2017) Exhibits Via Spotlight • Spotlight integration and implementation • How-to Documentation Strategy for QA • Staffing and workflow • Integrated Automated Test environments Remove RTMP Support • Drop Flash • Investigate HLS on all platforms and its implications • Create one player view in Avalon • Re-implement media element customization against the main branch • Adjust streaming security model • Move to standard mediaelement Better internal permissions setup Gemification/Break interdependencies • Streaming gem for another repo app • Bulk metadata/editing gem Improve packaging • Create ansible solution and docker containers (internal only) • Better developer install methods • Better OVA Structural Metadata Improvements • granular seeking • move a master file to a different item • merge/split items
  20. 20. Questions? • •