Kramer VA-1DVI


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Kramer VA-1DVI

  1. 1. VA-1DVIDVI EDID Emulator The VA-1DVI is an EDID emulator for DVI-D signals. The unit can capture an EDID setting in non-volatile memory from the output allowing convenient and reliable connection to the source.
  2. 2. VA-1DVIFEATURES TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Max. Data Rate - 3.3Gbps. INPUT: 1 DVI Dual Link DVI 1.0, 1.2Vpp Input/Output - DVI-D signals on DVI-I on a DVI Molex 24-pin female connectors. connector; DDC signal 5Vpp Control - Capture button. (TTL). Ultra Compact Pico TOOLS™ - 4 units can be OUTPUTS: 1 DVI Dual Link DVI 1.0, 1.2Vpp rack mounted side-by-side in a 1U rack space on DVI Molex 24-pin female with the optional RK-4PT rack adapter. connectors; DDC signal 5Vpp (TTL). BANDWIDTH: 3.3Gbps. POWER 12V DC, 40mA. SOURCE: DIMENSIONS: 6cm x 6.5cm x 3cm (2.36" x 2.56" x 1.18") W, D, H. WEIGHT: 0.15kg (0.55lbs) approx. ACCESSORIES: Power supply. OPTIONS: RK-4PT 19" rack adapter.