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The lightweight crane provides a steady camera platform for the professional videographer, with optimum ease in use and setting up.

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. Alphatron JIB EPT Product name: SKU: Alphatron JIB EPT ALP-JIB-EPT Description: The lightweight crane provides a steady camera platform for the professional videographer, with optimum ease in use and setting up. The short assembling time of ten minutes makes this product ideal for sports, corporate video, festivals and other live entertainment. The JIB is delivered as a kit, with the boom, dolly, UTP cable, EPT and remote control included. The kit is partly mounted and is modular extended and thus usable in four different set-ups, with a maximum range of 210 cm (82.7 inch) measured from the JIB’s supporting point. The Alphatron JIB EPT includes a remote controlled Electronic Pan and Tilt head, developed for cameras up to 8 kg (17.5 lbs). The head is connected with a standard 5 meter UTP cable and can also be used with optional battery power. Its motor-driven controls allow for over 360 degrees rotation of unobstructed pan and tilt with two speed possibilities. Durable motors assure a long and reliable life. The central unit has four locking knobs for applying friction to the vertical boom movement and to make disassembling easier. The central rotation platform has a low friction bearing system with a rotation brake. The JIB’s boom fits to all 75 and 100 mm bowl mounts. The weight system is based on a set of standard fitness weights (not included) with a small sliding (included) fine-tuning weight. For transportation of the JIB, an optional Alphatron/camRade softcase is available. Specifications: - Modular design - Four (4) set-up possibilities - Adjustable speed option - Length of arm 159-334 cm - Minimum range of the arm 91,5cm - Maximum range of the arm 210 cm - Weight of boom: 10 kg (22 lbs) - Assembly time: approx. 10 min. - Load Capacity EPT: 8 kg (17.5 lbs) - Weight Head Unit: 3 kg (6.5 lbs) - Durable brushless motors - Black anodized aluminum - Power requirement 12 -14,8 V DC Features: - Head Unit with Camera Platform - Remote Control incl. handle and clamp - Joystick control unit - AC/DC power adapter 110-240 V - Signal/power: 5 meter length UTP cable - Manfrotto dolly Product sheet
  2. 2. EPT Outside dimension: (LxWxH) Weight: Dolly Set-up Product box: Outside dimension: (LxWxH) Weight: Included in box: Warranty information: cm: 44x31x13 inch: 17x12x5 Kg: 3 Lbs: 6.5 1m² 10.764ft² cm: 136x62x45 inch: 53.5x24.4x17.7 kg: 40 lbs: 88.2 1x Dolly 1x Tripod 1x Electronic Pan and Tilt head (EPT) 1x Boom 1x UTP Cable 1x Instruction manual One year warranty on all Alphatron products Product sheet