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Datavideo MS-900


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Datavideo MS-900

  1. 1. 8-CHANNEL SD MOBILE VIDEO STUDIO MS-900 Datavideo MS-900 is a fully integrated stream keyer (DSK) for integration with mobile video studio designed around character generator such as Datavideo Datavideo SE-900 modular 8-channel CG- SD switcher. The MS-900 feature set can 100. Overlay Keying can be performed be expanded with additional input cards internally or externally. A separate Logo and accessories as your requirements Display can be used independently of the evolve. DSK utilising two built in stores. The MS-900 accepts up to 8 SD inputs An optional Chroma Key of your choice including DV, SDI, DVI*, board can YUV and Composite Video. Standard be fitted to add a 4 channel outputs include DV, SDI, YUV, S-Video Chroma (Y/C) and Composite Video. Thanks to Key function. Each channel a built in frame synchroniser and TBC can be set for each channel no external genlock independently, and you can is required for flicker free switching seamlessly switch from one between all 8 inputs - in any format. to another. This is ideal for Optional genlock input card* is available virtual studio or newsroom for genlock to existing house reference. type applications. The Multi Image Preview output allows To accommodate for any all 8 input channels and the delay in DV or SDI equipment PVW and PGM buses to be seen on SE-900 includes an audio one screen. The screen also features delay function as well as a tally information, the live source is DV/SDI audio embedder for highlighted in Red and the cued source output. Additionally each DV is highlighted in yellow. In addition each and SDI video in put has an input card offers a Composite Video audio de-embedder Preview Output, irrespective of the input which provides dual channel type. balanced audio output. MS-900 features also include a down C H R OM A 8 KEY FEATURES ■ Complete integrated solution, including 8-channel SD ■ Integrated high-capacity removable hard disk video switcher, multi-image display monitor, hard drive recorder recorders. and talk back system with built in tally feature. ■ Integrated Datavideo PD-1 power distribution center ■ Multi-format video – up to 8 inputs with a choice of SDI, DV, provides a simple and secure solution for connecting power DVI*, Component (Y:U:V), S-video (Y/C) & Composite Video. in the studio or in the field from a 12V source, such as a generator. ■ Balanced audio input with built in delayed function to ensure perfect synchronizing of video. ■ Designed to be "live-in-seconds", with easy setup, breakdown and storage at any location. ■ DV and SDI Input Boards feature audio de-embedder with dual channel balanced audio outputs. ■ Anti shock padding protects the MS-900 during transit. ■ Built in frame synchronizer and TBC for each channel, no external genlock is required for flicker free switching * DVI Input is available and External Genlock options will be available in the near future between all 8 inputs - in any format. ■ Advanced multi-screen monitor for confident preview or each source together with next source/effect preview and program output – with overlayed tally indicator. ■ Up to 4 live camera input virtual studio with optional Chroma Key
  2. 2. FEATURES 1 Built in TLM-170 pull-out 17" monitor 2 The Keyboard folds DVI To PPT SDI Overlay Board enables overlay of text up during transport and animations using a Character Genera- tor Software such as Datavideo’s CG-100. 3 LOGOKEY (LUMAKEY) Transit lock of the SE-900keyboard to avoid transit damage. 5 4 Backgrounds DIAGRAM PREVIEW IMAGE 5 5 Happy New Yeay 5 Happy New Yeay SD I CG-100 DN-400 DAC-40 SDI TO DVI CV CONVERTER TCP/IP NVS-10 DVI PROJECT NETWORK VIDEO SERVER MS-900 MOBILE VIDEO STUDIO UP TO 8 INPUT SOURCES PREVIEW IMAGE SD I PUTS DAC-40 4 IN SDI TO DVI OS CONVERTER DE ND VI CKGROU CV DVI PROJECT 4 BA TCP/IP NVS-10 MS-900 NETWORK VIDEO MOBILE VIDEO STUDIO SERVER 4 INPUTS VIRTUAL STUDIOS
  3. 3. FRONT VIEW TLM-170 REAR VIEW RP-38 (OPTIONAL) RP-31 DN-500 PD-1 ITC-100 SE-900 SE-900 ACCESSORIES ( O PTI O NAL)DAC-7 CKL-200 DAC-40 HE-1 NVS-10CV/ Y/C/ YUV & Audio inputs to Affordable Chromakey HD/SD-SDI To DVI/VGA Removable USB Network Video ServerSDI embedded Audio Converter Comerter HDD EnclosureCB-4 CB-9 CB-10 CB-21 CG-100150ft 5-Pin Intercom Cable 5.4ft DVI-I Cable 9ft HD/SD YUV Cable 5.4ft DVI To VGA Cable SDI CG overlay Software DIMENSIONS 620 650 Width: 23.6inches (600mm) 475 Depth: 24.4 inches (620mm) Height: 25.6 inches (650mm) 600 Voltage: 100-240VAC, 50/60HZ, 1.6A/770mA, 240W Max. Weight: 150lb (68kg)
  4. 4. OPTIONAL BOARDS Easy installation of optional boards including SDI, DVI, Down Stream Keyer, Genlock in and more All inputs are synchronised internally, so no genlock is required, even between ordinary consumer camcorders/ players and computer equipment I NC L U D E D External Control Board SDI Overlay Board RS-232, RS-422 & GPI control A down stream keyer (DSK) board interface board allow easy integration offers both Internal and External with existing equipment that can be keying options. controlled such as tape recorders and Perfect for integration with character players or presentation control panels generator hardware/software such as Datavideo CG-100 or CG-350. Multi-image Preview Analogue and DV - Output Board Output Board The multi-image output display allows Output card for a range of popular all inputs, master & next source video formats including DV (with output to be displayed on a single embedded audio from the audio delay monitor, with superimposed tally circuit) Composite Video, S-Video (Y/ and source information to assist the C) and Component (Y:U:V). producer in a hectic live production environment. O P T ION A L SDI Input Board Analogue Video - For users who work with SDI. The SDI Input Board For users who require input from input board also includes audio de- a range of popular analogue video embedding to a balanced pair. formats including Composite Video, Features a useful Composite monitor S-Video (Y/C) and Component output, for easy connection to an (Y:U:V) – Built in Time Base external preview monitor Corrector synchronises each input - enabling non genlock equipment to be used without glitches. Features a useful Composite Video monitor output, for easy connection to an external preview monitor. DVI-D & VGA Input Board DV Input Board Connect a computer and switch between live video and popular computer For users who work with Digital applications such as presentation and Video (DV). The DV input board more. also de-embeds the audio to a Perfect for live events like worship and pair of balanced outputs. company presentations. Features a Composite monitor output, for easy connection to an external preview monitor. Four Channel Chromakey SDI Output Board Board Create a virtual Chromakey video studio For users who work with SDI. with glitch-free switching between up to The SDI Output board also features four video inputs. a useful Composite Video monitor You can pair four foregrounds (e. g. output, for easy connection to an talent/actor in front of the camera) and external preview monitor. backgrounds (like virtual created backgrounds) - the internal Time Base Corrector takes care of synchronizing - even non genlock equipment, like ordinary consumer camcorders can be used. Datavideo Distributor / Reseller: