Datavideo HS-600


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Datavideo HS-600

  1. 1. HS-600Mobile Video Studio
  2. 2. HAND CARRIED STUDIO HS-600 HS-600is a light weight Standard Datavideo HS-600 Definition video studio, which combines an eight input switcher, with a talkback system, multi-view 17-inch high quality LCD screen. The system is powered from a power distribution system, which provides a secure power supply to each device from one connection. The HS-600 is designed to excel and meet your demands whether youre working in worship, education, conducting a live outside broadcast or shooting inside a production studio. It enables you to switch seamlessly between video and audio sources and blend high-quality digital content on the fly, even without external genlock, thanks to the built in time base corrector. The Datavideo HS-600 is a one box solution designed to be "live in seconds". FEATURES■ Complete integrated solution with six Composite Video, ■ 17-inch high quality TFT LED Multi-View screen for and two DVI-D inputs. each input, as well as Program & Preview Optional DV Board also two DV25 (IEEE-1394) inputs Features include audio peak-meter; adjustments for brightness, contrast, colour saturation■ Autoswitchable 4:3 & 16:9 inputs and backlight - ideal for outdoor use■ Three Composite Video and multiple Auxiliary output. ■ Built in RS-232 & GPI control interface allows you to Optional DV Board also one DV25 (IEEE-1394) control external devices The flexible outputs makes it easy to connect the HS-600 to external devices such as large screens, recorders, ■ Hot key functions, allow quick access to vital functions streaming and more - all at the same time including fade to solid colour, instant key, and more■ Dual Picture-In-Picture function FRONT VIEW 17-inch TFT LED backlight multi-view monitor, displaying all live sources, as well as Next source and Program. Additional on screen information includes audio peak-meter Eight channel full duplex talkback system Eight channel full specification Standard Definition switcher fully equipped with all features required to excel and meet your demands
  3. 3. HAND CARRIED STUDIO HS-600REAR VIEWDIAGRAM CV 1 CV CV PROJECTOR 2 CV X50 3 DV TCP/IP CV 4 datavideo NVS-100 DVI-D CV DVI-D 5 CV CV datavideo HS-600 XLR DIGITAL VIDEO STUDIO AUDIO 6 IN CAMERA INTERCOM datavideo HRS-10 +TALLY HDV RECORDER 1 WITH MONITOR HDMI 2 7 3 CV CV datavideo CG-10 RCA 4 datavideo DN-200 datavideo TLM-700 EXT.MIC AUDIO MIXER RECORDER 7’ LCD MONITOR HDMI CV Auxiliary Output 8 PPTDIMENSIONS Size: 355 x 455 x134mm 134 Power: 100-240V AC 357.44 60Hz / 50Hz - 3A 355.59 36W Max Weight: 9Kg 454.99
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