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Genus G-ARM


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Genus G-ARM

  1. 1. G-ARM Shown : GARM - Genus Swing Arm by Noga GCP-F3 - Genus Cheeseplate for F3 SONY PMW-F3 SONY V-Mount Battery Pack HDLCD MonitorGenus Swing Arm by NogaGenus Swing Arm by Noga is designed to mount different accessories to our plate system for yourconfiguration. You can quickly get your on-board Light, Monitor, etc. into position.The Noga Arm offers the conventional two-arm system, in which a vertical column is connected toa horizontal arm by a swivel clamp, which allows flexible tightening in any position.Top, center ad bottom joints are all automatically locked in position by tightening one single screw.It comes with 2 x 1/4" screws to attach to your Cheese Plate / Cheese Bridge / Cheese Rod. Genus Swing Arm with Camera Accessories