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Published in: Devices & Hardware
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  1. 1. EVF-035W-3G Magnesium housing & lightweight Manual Lens Shutter HDMI Input & Output HDMI to HD-SDI converter Retina LCD Display: 3,54” (960x640, 16:9) Power: NP-F Battery or External DC 6-15V Luma(y’) Zone Check, Focus Assist Audio Level Meter, Time Code Display Range Error, Zebra Pattern And many more... NEW! Solution against sunburn (upgradable) Firmware (v0.6): Waveform & Vectorscope Developed & manufactured by Always ON-AIR First 1080P-3G Electronic viewfinder USA - Atlanta | The Netherlands - Rotterdam | UAE - Dubai AlphatronTV AlphatronTV
  2. 2. M ADE IN HOLLAND Absolutely no play! Magnetic marker ring Switchable hard-stops/ release 0,8 Pitch gear & rubber pitch Reversible Available in Ø 15mm and Ø 19mm ProPull Follow Focus The perfect universal tool for the professional focus puller Included in package: The Alphatron ProPull Follow Focus enables you to control the focus with the best precision. The ProPull Follow Focus is unique as it mounts on only one of the bars of the support system. It also features 2 adjustable hard stops to limit the focus draw. USA - Atlanta | The Netherlands - Rotterdam | UAE - Dubai AlphatronTV AlphatronTV