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Alp sp-handheld


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Alp sp-handheld

  1. 1. Support Plate Handheld cam Product name: Support Plate handheld cam SKU: ALP-SP-HANDHELD Description: Support plate for handheld cameras incl. 2 carbon fiber 15mm rods that have a length of 159mm. This plate has an integrated retractable shoulder bracket that can be used for extra support of the handheld camera. Specifications: - Carbon fiber 15mm rods - Integrated shoulder bracket - Perfect for handheld camera types - 1x support Plate with shoulder bracket - 2x 159mm length Carbon fiber 15mm rods Including in box: Related Products Product name Alphatron SKU Mattebox Rod Support 4x4 Mattebox Swing Away 4x5.65 Mattebox Side flag kit 4x4 Mattebox Side flag kit 4x5.65 ProPull Follow Focus 15mm double rods ALP-MB-RS-4x4 ALP-MB-SW-4x5.65 ALP-MB-SF-4x4 ALP-MB-SF-4x5.65 ALP-PP-15-double Perfect for Sony PMW 150/PMW 200/PMW EX3 JVC GY-HM 600 Canon XH-A1/ XH-G1 /XF100 /XF105 /XF300 /XF305 Panasonic AG-AC90/ AG-HPX250/ HVX-200 Product Box Weight: Measurements: Kg: 0,70 LBS: 1,54 Cm: 41x23,5x14 Inch: 16,15x9,26x5,52