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Alp mb-rs 4x4


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Alp mb-rs 4x4

  1. 1. Mattebox Rod support 4x4 Product name Mattebox Rod Support 4x4 SKU: Description: SKU: ALP-MB-RS-4x4 The Mattebox Rod support 4x4 is compatible with lenses that have a front side diameter of up to 114 mm. This advanced compact mattebox, includes one fully rotatable 4x4 filter frame, one non rotatable 4x4 filter frame, a French flag and a flexible stretch donut. This Mattebox can also be used as a Clip-on 4x4 when disassembling the rod support. Optional step-down rings are available from 114mm-98mm, 114mm-95mm and 114mm to 85mm. Specifications: - Lightweight - For use with up to two 4x4” wide filters (1 fully rotatable) - Fits lenses up to 114 mm in front diameter - Clip-on option - Integrated filter lock - Internal brows for customized lens flare reduction - Height adjustable 15 mm rod support - Flexible stretch donut Including in box: - 1x Mattebox 4x4 - 1x Height adjustable rod support - 1x Flexible stretch donut - 2x 4x4” filter frame - 1x 310 mm wide standard top flag Related Products Alphatron Measurements: (SKU: ALP-MB-SDA-114-98) (SKU: ALP-MB-SDA-114-95) (SKU: ALP-MB-SDA-114-85) (SKU: ALP-MB-SF-4x4) (SKU: ALP-PP-15-Double) (SKU: ALP-HANDGRIP) (SKU: ALP-SP-HANDHELD) Support Plate Shoulder cam Product Box Weight: Step-down ring 114mm-98mm Step-down ring 114mm-95mm Step-down ring 114mm-85mm Mattebox Side flag kit 4x4 ProPull Follow Focus 15mm double rods Universal Handgrip System Support Plate Handheld cam (SKU: ALP-SP-SHOULDER) KG: 0,85 LBS: 1.87 Cm: 41x19x11 Inch: 16.1x7.5x4.3