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Presentación del ponente D. Jorge Silva ISQ, Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade, en la Jornada Transnacional "Demostración Tecnológica en la Industria Auxiliar del Naval" Realizada el 26 de enero de 2010, en Santiago de Compostela

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D. Jorge Silva ISQ

  1. 1. ISQ Diversified its activity in the early 80’s: environment, safety, metrology, electrical and civil construction inspections, product safety testing Around 1,000 staff members working as a team with customers, partners and alliances worldwide With a commitment to offer global service of the highest quality
  2. 2. MissionISQ’s Mission is to contribute to the continuedimprovement of the Portuguese industries andservices, leading to internationalprojection, offering the Nation, LocalGovernments and Businesses our collaborationin terms of Technology Transfer andDevelopment, Product and ProcessInnovation, Management Processes and QualityControl Structuring, Safety and Hygiene, Energyand Environmental Control and SystematicValorization of Human Resources.
  3. 3. ApproachWe direct our expertise to efficiently andintegrally meet the needs of the nationalindustry in terms of technological supportthrough services which allow companies to focuson their defining competences, in otherwords, their core business.
  4. 4. Where we are… Headquarters Taguspark, Oeiras National Branches Vila Nova de Gaia, Sines, Castelo Branco, Viseu, Braga, Loulé and Ponta Delgada International Representatives Angola, Algeria, Brazil, China, Cuba, France, Fren ch Guiana, Iran, Mexico, Mozambique, Norway, Spai n and Turkey We work all over the European Union and in over 20 countries on different continents.
  5. 5. Turnover
  6. 6. Staff MembersAverage Number of Staff Members
  7. 7. Main Industries Energy Production Pulp and Paper Industry Civil Construction and Public Works Petroleum, Chemical and Petrochemical Industries Motorways and railway infrastructures Plumbing and Sanitation Aerospace Industry
  8. 8. Main Services Edification and Industry: Technical Inspections Sustained Development Maintenance and Structural Integrity Civil Construction Mechanical Construction Non-Destructive Techniques Laboratories Training
  9. 9. StructureCentres of Competence• To assure expertise, better methods and maintain the “state of the art";• To disseminate knowledge and methods throughout the organization;• To inspect the application of responsibility techniques “within the UN’s that use them;• To promote the embedment of knowledge at ISQ;• To develop knowledge within the technical sector, R&D projects.Transversal Areas Independent Divisions• Research and Development • Thermodynamics Laboratory• Commercial Administration • Production Technology• Technical Administration • Calculation• Integrated Management Systems
  10. 10. ISQ GroupPortuguese Associate Companies
  11. 11. ISQ GroupInternacional Associates ARGOS INGENIERIA Y TECNOLOGIA DE MATERIALES. S. A.
  12. 12. A few projects… … in the Maritime Industry… Pilot Study CDSM PS20 Studies on reduction of emission from marine engines NATO– 1993-1997 Project SYNERGY Energy Support Measures and Assessment of Rational Use of Energy Opportunities in Cabo Verde Recover of Heat from Exhaust Gases to Drive an Absorption System in Tuna Fish Ships) EC - DG XVII – 1999-2000 Project CRAFT, PIWAMAS Process Integrated Close Cycle Water Management for Dry Docks Mechanical Separation, Activate Carbon Filtration and Reverse Osmosis FP5, 2001-2003
  13. 13. A few projects… … in the Maritime Industry… Project DETOS Development of a New Method for the Detection of Damage Caused by Osmosis in Laminated Fibre-glass Yachts and Boats by Means of a Suitable Heat Source And Infrared Light Technology” Detection by thermography and microwaves heating of hull 2002-2004 Project TREBAWA Treatment of Ballast Water Water separation using a hydro-cyclone and sterilization by ultraviolet radiation 2002-2004
  14. 14. A few projects… … in the Maritime Industry… MARITIME Project FP6 INNOVATION EUROMIND Creating an innovative European Open Maritime Industry through facilitating the integration of standards into new business PROJECTS practices and services Standards for Shipyard Business 2006-2008 Project FP6 RD – “EU MOP – Elimination Units for Marine Oil Pollution”RD EU MOP design autonomous EU Units for oil Project FP6 - (Study and spilling recovery,for Marine Oil Pollution intelligence), 2005-2008 Elimination Units provided the artificial Study and design autonomous EU Units for oil spilling recovery, provided the – RD – “RISPECT - Project FP7 artificial intelligence) 2005-2008
  15. 15. A few projects… … in the Maritime Industry… Project FP7 – RD – RISPECT Risk-Based Expert System for Through-Life Ship Structural MARITIME Inspection and Maintenance and New-Build Ship Structural Design 2009-2011 (ongoing) PROJECTS Project FP7 – RD – FIREPROOF Probabilistic Framework for Onboard Fire Safety Project FP6 RD a “EU MOP – Elimination Units for models to Development of – design tool based in mathematical Marine Oil minimize the fires onboard Pollution” - (Study and design autonomous EU Units for oil 2009-2012 (ongoing) spilling recovery, provided the artificial intelligence), 2005-2008 Project FP7 – RD – CO-PATCH Project FP7 – RD – “RISPECT - Composite patch repair for marine and civil engineering infrastructure application Development and application of patches in corroded metallic structures, mainly in bridges without cut the traffic 2010-2013 (ongoing)
  16. 16. Recently submitted … Project Proposal ULYSSES Development of a Novel Integrated Condition Monitoring System For Ships Project Proposal RISORSE Emissions environment atmospheric pollution shipping new technology” Development of technology to cut the exhaust pollution of ships Project Proposal ECO REFITEC Eco innovative refitting technologies and processes for shipbuilding industry
  17. 17. New opportunities? WIND POWER, both ON and OFFSHORE ENERGY TGV SOIL DECONTAMINATION (…)
  18. 18. Muchas gracias!