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YouTube for Business

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YouTube for Business

  1. 1. YouTube for Business 1
  2. 2. What is YouTube?YouTube is the worlds largest video sharing website. Visitors can search forand watch videos on nearly an unlimited number of subjects. Although mostof the videos are user-generated, more and more professional videos arebeginning to appear on the website. Its easy to publish a video on YouTube,just sign up and youre ready to go.
  3. 3. Few facts about YouTube• Thirteen hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. People are consuming video and lots of it.• With users demanding more interaction and video making a huge push into the online world, YouTube is the first place that comes to peoples mind.• Roughly 1/3 of the American population is on YouTube due to the vast array of content. The likelihood that your target audience is on watching is very high.
  4. 4. Why have a YouTube channel for your company• Advertise your goods and services• Drive traffic to your website.• Opportunity to show what your business does in a very visible way.• Making things visual increases the likelihood of sales• YouTube Channels provide you with the opportunity to get your name out there and give out a link to your main website.
  5. 5. How to create YouTube ChannelGo to and click on Create Account Click on create account
  6. 6. How to create YouTube Channel Enter the required details. Read and agree the box below to agree to the Google Terms of Services and Privacy Policy
  7. 7. How to create YouTube ChannelClick on Back to YouTube and button to start sharing the video
  8. 8. How to create YouTube Channel Autumnworldwide We are a new age advertising and communication agency based out of BangaloreYou can Subscribe to the channel’s of your interest
  9. 9. How to upload a videoYou can click on the upload button, then a screen with different options appears onyour browser
  10. 10. How to upload a videoIf you have multiple files to upload you can click on upload multiple files and choosethe files from your computer. You can also record a video from webcam and upload itright away
  11. 11. Different options on YouTube You can access different options by clicking Here
  12. 12. How a YouTube Channel looksYou canpost afeed by You cantyping post ahere Comment for the channel by typing here You can Manage your Videos from here. You can look at all the videos from your channel here
  13. 13. Manage your VideosClick on the Video Manager. You can manage your videos from here.You can select the videos you want to edit, and change description, tag about thevideo. You can also check who all have subscribed to your channel and also checkthe analytics about the video. There is also a video editor to edit a particular video
  14. 14. For making path breaking YouTube videos and viral’s get on board with us!
  15. 15. Autumn ServicesSocial Media Monitoring & Analytics: Social Media Outreach:Brand Audit Social Media Consulting and StrategyCompetitor Audit Social Media CampaignsInfluencer Tracking Integrated Online-Offline CampaignsSocial Media Participative Tracking Content Architecture ManagementDemographics tracking Website/ PortalsGeography Tracking Creation of Assets -Audio/ VideoSentiment AnalysisTime and Volume TrackingBlog Moderation 15
  16. 16. Thank you for your time. Social Media Monitoring | Social Media Analytics | Social Media Outreach Website : E - mail : Twitter : @Autumnworldwide Facebook : S B Mansion, # 3/2, 2nd Floor, Berlie Street Cross, Langford Town, Bangalore - 560 025