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Blake Pappas - Workshop : The Proven 8 Step Formula to Successful Content Marketing


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Blake Pappas

Published in: Marketing
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Blake Pappas - Workshop : The Proven 8 Step Formula to Successful Content Marketing

  1. 1. Blake Pappas Content Marketing Coach, Vertical Measures Content Marketing Workshop: The Proven 8 Step Formula
  2. 2. @blakepappas22 #DSDCAbout Your Presenter... ● Content Marketing Coach at Vertical Measures, a 50 person PPC, SEO & Content Marketing agency in Phoenix, AZ ● Sample of our 40+ clients:
  3. 3. @blakepappas22 VMers In Attendance Samantha Kermode Business Development Executive
  4. 4. @blakepappas22 #DSDCAgenda Time Topic 8:30 – 9:45am • What is Content Marketing • Putting Together Your Content Strategy • Performing Ideation & Market Research 9:45 – 10:00am COFFEE BREAK 10:00 – 11:35pm • Developing Useful Content • Optimizing Your Content for the Web • Promoting Your Content • Distribute Your Content • Lead Nurturing – It’s In the Mail • Measurement 11:35 – 12:05pm LUNCH BREAK 12:15 – 12:45pm • Case Studies • Wrap up
  5. 5. @blakepappas22 #DSDCQuick Start Workbook
  6. 6. ● How many of you are webmasters or SEOs? ● How many are primarily marketing people? ● Any business owners? ● Organizations with more than 100 employees? ● More than 1,000? ● How many of you have been successful with CM for at least 12 months in a row? Who are you?
  7. 7. @blakepappas22 #DSDCThe Real Reason You are Here… Panda: 2011 ● On-site penalties ● Thin content ● High ad-to-content ratios Penguin: 2012 ● Off-site penalties ● Low-quality backlinks ● Exact match anchor text Hummingbird: 2013 ● Semantic search ● Full question searches ● Indexing to understanding
  8. 8. @dreweastmead @mjhuber @blakepappas22 #DSDCGoogle Algo Changes
  9. 9. @ShanaSullivan38
  10. 10. @blakepappas22 #DSDC“Content Marketing” 2010-16 Penguin: 2012 ● Off-site penalties ● Low-quality backlinks ● Exact match anchor text Hummingbird: 2013 ● Semantic search ● Full question searches ● Indexing to understanding Panda: 2011 ● On-site penalties ● Thin content ● High ad-to-content ratios
  11. 11. @blakepappas22 #DSDCA Move Towards Digital
  12. 12. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  13. 13. @blakepappas22 #DSDCBanner Blindness
  14. 14. @blakepappas22 #DSDCWhat is Content Marketing?
  15. 15. @blakepappas22 #DSDC What Is Content Marketing? Download:
  16. 16. @blakepappas22 #DSDC Today, relationships are created with information not people.
  17. 17. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  18. 18. @blakepappas22 #DSDC GREAT CONTENT works on its own behalf. It can spread, persuade and convert people without your help, just by being RELEVANT AND USEFUL.
  19. 19. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  20. 20. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  21. 21. @blakepappas22 #DSDC 93% of all consumers use search prior to making a purchase 93% 90%+ of buyers click on organic links vs. the sponsored ads 90% 86% of searchers conduct non-branded queries 86%86% How Important is Search? Source: GroupM
  22. 22. @blakepappas22 #DSDC This is not a 30 day R.O.I. But The Long-Term Payoffs Can Be Huge
  23. 23. @blakepappas22 #DSDC Courtesy of The Sales Lion
  24. 24. @blakepappas22 #DSDCAchieving Success Is A Continuous Process
  25. 25. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  26. 26. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  27. 27. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  28. 28. Publish Like a Publisher!
  29. 29. @blakepappas22 #DSDCPublish Like A Publisher Traditional Media Backgrounds = Great for Content Marketing • They plan ahead • They think strategically • They love editorial calendars • They understand deadlines • They can create great content • They find fresh angles and sources • They know how to engage an audience
  30. 30. @blakepappas22 #DSDCContent Inventory • Have you taken an inventory of your current content? • Look for out of date content • Look for duplicate content • Look for content gaps • Tools to use: • Screaming Frog • Excel
  31. 31. @blakepappas22 #DSDC 4-5Homework
  32. 32. @blakepappas22 ● What will your new content accomplish? • Lead Generation? • Increased Revenue? • Customer Retention? • Thought Leadership? • Open New Markets? • Lower Customer Service Costs? Why Are You Creating Your Content? Every piece of content should have a business purpose.
  33. 33. @blakepappas22 ● What will you measure? ● Engagement? Traffic? Leads? Revenue? ● Do you have the tools you will need to measure your success or failures? ● Do you have analytics in place? ● Establish benchmarks right now. ● What does success look like? ● Did your content help its audience members achieve excellence at what they do? What Is Different A Year From Now?
  34. 34. @blakepappas22 #DSDC 7
  35. 35. @blakepappas22 ● Your audience can be a number of different groups – depending on your industry & your site offerings o Current/potential customers? People spending money on your product or service now or in the future? o Location? Are you a location based business and how might that impact your audience? o Seasonal? Is your business seasonal with a changing audience? Who is Your Audience?
  36. 36. @blakepappas22 Who are they? • Demographics • Pain points and needs • Barriers to purchase • Influencer potential • Content formats • Content sources • Mobile vs desktop Persona Development Decisive Dana “Brand A widget reviews” Bargain Britt “cheapest widget”
  37. 37. @blakepappas22 Persona: Homeowner, 30s, prefers shorter & more visual content Goal: Save money and “go green” Persona: Buyer's Journey & Content Gaps How to Lower Your Utility Bill Top 7 Reasons Going Solar Pays Off Long-Term — CONTENT GAP — Why SolarCity's Solar Panels Last 50% Longer
  38. 38. @blakepappas22 #DSDC 9Homework
  39. 39. @blakepappas22 #DSDC 11-12
  40. 40. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  41. 41. @blakepappas22 ● You are a publisher and you must create content to speak to your specific audience and that truly represents YOU! ● Create a Mission Statement ● Find your voice o Humorous? o Serious? o Researcher? Who Are You?
  42. 42. @blakepappas22 ● What expertise will you need? o Creative writing? o Sales copy? o Technical writing? o Graphics? o Video? ● Leverage your employees – the key to success? They are the SMEs! ● Business partners or suppliers may contribute Who Will Create Your Content?
  43. 43. @blakepappas22 ● Your Blog? ● Your web pages? ● RSS feeds? ● Social accounts? ● News Feeds? ● Sites for Videos, Images, Slides, PR, etc? ● Will you have content to download? ● Have you developed a communication tool or process for spreading your content marketing vision throughout the organization? Where will the Content be Published?
  44. 44. @blakepappas22 #DSDC Your Content Marketing Strategy Template & Checklist Download:
  45. 45. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  46. 46. @blakepappas22 #DSDC Buyers are searching for information that helps them make an informed decision. Businesses that provide that information - will win.
  47. 47. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  48. 48. @blakepappas22 #DSDC THE ODDS OF HITTING A GRAND SLAM Most of us aren’t the New York Yankees, so we strongly suggest playing CONTENT MONEYBALL: 1 in 4 at bats = hit (a success) 1 in 36 at bats = home run (a big success) 1 in 1,691 at bats = grand slam (viral success)
  49. 49. @ShanaSullivan38 In order to play CONTENT MONEYBALL, you need to come up with hundreds of ideas so you can create fresh, USEFUL content on a frequent basis. Here’s how we do it…
  50. 50. @blakepappas22 #DSDCKnow Your Keywords Google Trends, SEMrush, Moz Keyword Explorer
  51. 51. @blakepappas22 #DSDCRemember Semantics Matter Too Over 70% of the traffic you earn for any given page will come from keywords you didn’t try to optimize for. -Moz Source: SEMRush
  52. 52. @blakepappas22 #DSDC Source: http://w ord-stats.html Longer Search String = More Clicks
  53. 53. @blakepappas22 #DSDC 14
  54. 54. Ask Your Staff!
  55. 55. @blakepappas22 #DSDC 15
  56. 56. @blakepappas22 #DSDCGoogle’s Answer Box “When we recognize that a query asks a question, we programmatically detect pages that answer the user's question, and display a snippet as a featured snippet in the search results.” - Google
  57. 57. @blakepappas22 #DSDCGoogle’s People Also Ask
  58. 58. @blakepappas22 #DSDCGoogle Suggest – B2C
  59. 59. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  60. 60. @blakepappas22 #DSDCGoogle Suggest – B2B
  61. 61. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  62. 62. @blakepappas22 #DSDCYouTube for Ideas
  63. 63. @blakepappas22 #DSDCMoz
  64. 64. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  65. 65. @blakepappas22
  66. 66. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  67. 67. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  68. 68. @blakepappas22 #DSDCList All Content Ideas in a Spreadsheet
  69. 69. @blakepappas22 #DSDC Content Editorial Calendar Spreadsheet Template Download:
  70. 70. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  71. 71. @blakepappas22 ● Draw content out of challenges, trends, achievements and internal events ● Don’t ask “What can you write about?” Ask “What questions do you get asked every day” ● Content@YourEmail.Com Every Moment is a Content Opportunity
  72. 72. @blakepappas22 #DSDC How to Grow Your Business Without Keywords Video Watch:
  73. 73. @blakepappas22 #DSDC Break! Come back in 15 minutes!
  74. 74. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  75. 75. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  76. 76. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  77. 77. @blakepappas22 #DSDC Blogs eBooks Curation Podcasts Interviews White Papers Webcasts/Webinars Community Forums Online Quizzes eNewsletters Case Studies Infographics Contests Videos Create Useful Content
  78. 78. @blakepappas22 #DSDCMicro-Moments – By Google
  79. 79. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  80. 80. @blakepappas22 #DSDC “Content that doesn’t promote your brand over another, and may in fact even mention your competitors” - Adobe CMO Brand-Agnostic Content
  81. 81. @blakepappas22 #DSDCLists – People Still Love Them
  82. 82. @blakepappas22 #DSDCAddress Pricing / Cost
  83. 83. @blakepappas22 #DSDCAddress Problems
  84. 84. @blakepappas22 #DSDCComparisons & Reviews #1
  85. 85. @blakepappas22 #DSDCResource Pages (Best, Top, etc.)
  86. 86. @blakepappas22 #DSDCInterviews: A Two Way Street
  87. 87. @blakepappas22 #DSDCInfographics
  88. 88. @blakepappas22 #DSDCCuration or Aggregation
  89. 89. @blakepappas22 #DSDC Product Demos FunInterviews Behind the Scenes Videos! – They Are Not That Hard
  90. 90. @blakepappas22 • Faster, cheaper, engaging • Drives social traffic • Average quiz gets shared 1,900 times (BuzzSumo) • Can be used for lead generation Quizzes
  91. 91. @blakepappas22 ● Optimized Title ● Detailed Description ● Statistics ● Images & Video ● Product Comparisons ● User Generated Content Let’s Not Forget Product Pages
  92. 92. @blakepappas22 #DSDC ● Lead generator ● Link attractor ● Long life span Free Guides & White Papers
  93. 93. @blakepappas22 #DSDC Vertical Measures’ Hub & Spoke Model Promotional Email Staff Promotional Email Landing Page Blog Posts Twitter Post Linked in Post Facebook Posts
  94. 94. @blakepappas22 #DSDC HUB Case Study Blog Webinar PPT Video Page Lead Nurture Email Email Email Email Press Release Page Infographic Slide- share Social Blog Newsletter Off-site Article Email Landing Page Social Social Social Ad
  95. 95. @blakepappas22 Sample Hub & Spoke Schedule January 10 - Hub Launch, Email #1, Blog, PPC Ad January 17 - Blog and Email #2 Spoke January 23 - Webinar Spoke January 27 - YouTube and Slideshare Spoke January 31 - Blog Spoke February 3 - Off-site Article February 7 - Infographic Spoke February 15 - Inclusion in e-Newsletter February 21 - Off-site Article February 28 - Blog Spoke March 8 - Blog Spoke March 16 - Email #3 March 28 - Off-site Podcast
  96. 96. @blakepappas22 #DSDC Web users will read about 20% of the text on the average page.
  97. 97. @blakepappas22 #DSDCBlog Writing Tips ● Write to communicate a message, not word count ● Write posts people will want to link to ● Don't be self-promotional ● Always keep target audience in mind ● Use visual differentiators
  98. 98. @blakepappas22 #DSDCBy “Visual Differentiators” We Mean: Content Chunking ● Headers and sub-headers ● Multipleimages ● Short paragraphs ● Bolded or italicized terms and phrases ● Internal links ● Bulleted or numbered lists See This example: 74 paragraphs, 5 subheads, 40 links, 33 images/graphics
  99. 99. @blakepappas22 #DSDCContent Chunking Would you rather read this? ...
  100. 100. @blakepappas22 #DSDCContent Chunking … or this?
  101. 101. @blakepappas22 #DSDC Remember: Google cannot crawl or index the content that’s sitting on your computer.
  102. 102. @blakepappas22 #DSDC 20
  103. 103. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  104. 104. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  105. 105. @blakepappas22 #DSDC The best place to hide a dead body... … is page 2 of the Google search results.
  106. 106. @blakepappas22 You don’t go there and neither do our prospects… Source:
  107. 107. @blakepappas22 #DSDC Each month, 8.5 out of the top 10 rankings will change positions. Every day, 78% of search results have some ranking change. - Moz
  108. 108. @blakepappas22 #DSDCThe SERP
  109. 109. @blakepappas22 #DSDCOn Page SEO Elements Title TagURL H1 Tag H2 Tag Content "Interested in taking your internet marketing strategy to the next level but not sure where to start? Start with a Search, Social and Content Strategy now." Meta Description
  110. 110. @blakepappas22 Most Common Problems We Find? 1. Unintentional duplicate content 2. Page-load times 3. Poor HTML (title tags, meta descriptions, broken links) 4. Poorly optimized images and videos 5. Bad backlinks/Not enough backlinks (very important!) 6. Thin content (lack of semantic KW opportunity) 7. Not Mobile Friendly
  111. 111. @blakepappas22 Unintentional Duplicate Content
  112. 112. @blakepappas22 Page Speed • Address key issues like image and JavaScript optimization • Reducing resources needed to process images, scripts and files improves PageSpeed • A one-second delay in PageSpeed can decrease conversions by 7%
  113. 113. @blakepappas22 #DSDC 1 SECOND COST $1.6B Source:
  114. 114. @blakepappas22 Page Speed Tools and References Google Page Speed Insights - GTmetrix - Pingdom- WebPageTest -
  115. 115. @blakepappas22 #DSDC An important on-page element (~70 characters). <title>Your Keywords Need be Here</title> Title Tag
  116. 116. @blakepappas22 #DSDC ● Mainly for conversions ● First time a visitor is understanding who you are ● ~140 - 180 characters Meta Description
  117. 117. @blakepappas22 H Tags ● Should be similar to page title ● Tell the bots what to expect on the page ● Hard coded into the HTML (H1, H2, H3, etc.) ● Only one H1 tag per page <h1>My Post is About SEO</h1> <h2>SEO is Awesome</h2> <h2>What is Google</h2> <h2>People Love SEO</h2> <h3>Matt Cutts Loves SEO</h3>
  118. 118. @blakepappas22 Micro Data – Rich Snippets Schema ✔︎ Google Answer Box ✔︎ Open Graph ✔︎ Twitter ✔︎
  119. 119. @blakepappas22 #DSDC ● Control how your content shows up on social media Open Graph and Twitter Cards
  120. 120. @blakepappas22 • Important for usability and visibility • Internal links tell search engines what your site is about • Proper internal linking structure allows search engines to spider and index more pages within your site. • Use, but don’t abuse, internal text links within content (1 per 300 words is a good rule of thumb) • Keep footers clean and include a link to sitemap Internal Links
  122. 122. @blakepappas22 ● Reduce file size Use relevant● keywords in image filenames. DONT: "DL000031.jpg", DO: ”animas-river.jpg" Make sure <● img> tags have their "alt" and "title" attributes Context matters. Google looks at● content placed around the image, like titles and captions. How to Optimize Images EXAMPLE Current - /images/uploads/galleryImages/_Large/andybarbour27.jpg New - JPG Name | Alt Tag | Title /images/uploads/galleryImages/_Large/animas river-sunset-andy-barbour.jpg
  123. 123. @blakepappas22 How to Optimize Videos ● Specific, Compelling Title ● Related Tags ● Description ● Include a link placed at the beginning – with http:// ● High Video Quality / Resolution
  124. 124. @blakepappas22 #DSDCIt’s a Mobile World In the past 2 years, mobile surpassed desktop in: • # users • # Google searches • time spent on device Mobile-friendly update • released April 2015 • “Accelerated Mobile Pages” are rewarded
  125. 125. @blakepappas22 Accelerated Mobile Pages for lightning fast loading Facebook Instant Articles & AMP
  126. 126. @blakepappas22 Mobile-Friendly Test
  127. 127. @blakepappas22 #DSDCLocal Search - Let’s take a NAP Name | Address | Phone Number
  128. 128. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  129. 129. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  130. 130. Write Naturally
  131. 131. @blakepappas22 #DSDC Our average SEO & Content client increases their traffic by 66% in the first year.
  132. 132. @blakepappas22 #DSDC SEO 101 Series: H1 Tag, Sitemaps, ALT Text & More Watch Videos:
  133. 133. @blakepappas22 #DSDC 21Homework
  134. 134. @blakepappas22 Don’t Forget Conversion Rate Optimization • High traffic • Low conversion
  135. 135. @blakepappas22 What’s Next? Audit Findings: • Long, not so fun form • Irrelevant images and distracting CTAs • Did not give any result based on self evaluation – not meeting user’s expectations Leading to a 61% exit rate on “thank you” page Goals: • Improve user experience • Increase conversion rate for self evaluations • Increase conversion volume for consultation requests
  136. 136. @blakepappas22 Here’s What We Did
  137. 137. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  138. 138. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  139. 139. @blakepappas22 Consultation CTA – New “Thank You” Page
  140. 140. @blakepappas22 CRO Results Self-Evaluation • Increased conversion rate by 130% • 93% increase in leads (~250 extra leads per month) Consultation CTA Results • Increased conversion rate by 81% • Month over month we are continuing to see the highest conversion volume ever
  141. 141. @blakepappas22 #DSDC Our average CRO client increases their conversion rate by 58% in the first year.
  142. 142. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  143. 143. @blakepappas22 #DSDC “The goal of promotion is to drive your audience to your content.”
  144. 144. @blakepappas22 #DSDC “If you build it, they will come.”
  145. 145. @blakepappas22 #DSDC Think and record as we go along. 22
  146. 146. @blakepappas22 2 Types of Promotion Organic promotion – Examples: Webinars Press releases Local partners & listings Link development: trusted websites Paid promotion – Examples: Paid Search: Google, Bing, Yahoo Sponsored Social: Facebook, LinkedIn Programmatic: Dataxu Native: Outbrain, Taboola
  147. 147. @blakepappas22 Paid Media Advertising! Search Social Native Programmatic
  148. 148. @blakepappas22 Why Pay to Play? 500MTweets per day 300 hrsVideo uploaded every minute to YouTube 2%Average reach of organic Facebook post Sources: http://w itter-statistics / http://w
  149. 149. @blakepappas22 Paid Search ● Drive traffic based on relevant search queries ● Test ad copy and landing page experience ● Shape your strategy; quickly learn what keywords drive quality traffic
  150. 150. @blakepappas22 Paid Search – Poor Experience Search Queries Landing PageAd Copy
  151. 151. @blakepappas22 Paid Promotion – Landing Pages Ad CopySearch Queries Landing Page
  152. 152. @blakepappas22 #DSDC You don’t need to be on EVERY social media platform. Ask yourself: Where does our audience hang out online?
  153. 153. @blakepappas22 Paid Social ● Drive traffic based on audience interests ● Test engagement through ad creative ● Shape your strategy; quickly learn what content engages with targeted audience segments
  154. 154. @blakepappas22 Paid Social – Experience Ad CopyAudience Target Landing Page
  155. 155. @blakepappas22 Programmatic ● Drive traffic based on 1st and 3rd party data ● Real-time bidding based on audience segments ● Shape your strategy; quickly learn what audiences are engaging with your brand
  156. 156. @blakepappas22 ● Identify low hanging fruit o Guest blog posts or articles (they are still okay) o Where you have relationships o Local partners & listings ● The best links: o Are from trusted sites o Have varied anchor text o Are from many different, relevant websites Build Links To Your Content
  157. 157. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  158. 158. @blakepappas22 • A paid/organic content promotion or distribution strategy • Target influencers based on personas • Use a variety of content formats • Provide an easy route for influencers to promote Influencer Marketing & Outreach
  159. 159. @blakepappas22 #DSDC 24
  160. 160. @blakepappas22 #DSDCPress Releases
  161. 161. Promote evergreen content.
  162. 162. @blakepappas22 Take Advantage of Evergreen Content
  163. 163. @blakepappas22 #DSDCTools to Streamline Promotion & Discover Ideas
  164. 164. @blakepappas22 Make it Easy for Your Staff to Share
  165. 165. @blakepappas22 #DSDCDon’t Get Hung Up On Social
  166. 166. @blakepappas22 #DSDC 49 total shares for #1 Ranking post
  167. 167. @blakepappas22 #DSDC This page had more than 93,000 views. 0.2% social actions for total views
  168. 168. @blakepappas22 #DSDCSocial Media Policy ● Do you have one documented? ○ If not, create one and share ● Who has the authority to post? ○ On the company accounts? ○ On their personal accounts? ● Who will moderate, respond? ○ Acceptable turnaround times ● Take sensitive conversations offline ● Escalation and crisis policies
  169. 169. @blakepappas22 #DSDC Our average Paid Media client saw increased leads of more than 140% and decreased costs of more than 40% in 2016.
  170. 170. @blakepappas22 #DSDC The Beginner’s Guide to Content Promotion Download:
  171. 171. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  172. 172. @blakepappas22 #DSDC “The goal of distribution is to drive your content to your audience.”
  173. 173. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  174. 174. @blakepappas22 #DSDC Source: CMI & MarketingProfs Distribute or Repurpose Your Content
  175. 175. @blakepappas22 #DSDC3 Types of Distribution OWNED EARNED PAID Website Social media Display ads / Google AdWords Blog User reviews Social ads / promoted posts E-mail Backlinks Sponsored content / native ads
  176. 176. @blakepappas22 Distribution Avenues Videos Images
  177. 177. @blakepappas22 #DSDCPresentation Distribution (PPT)
  178. 178. @blakepappas22 #DSDCNative Advertising ● Publish to sites your audience already visits (i.e. sponsored articles on BuzzFeed) ● Click-through rates: 50x > banner ads ● Publishers adding staff for advertisers ● 2/3 of consumers lose faith in publications that promote sponsored content (Contently)
  179. 179. @blakepappas22 #DSDC 23Homework
  180. 180. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  181. 181. @blakepappas22 #DSDC “When you're wondering what to say or how you look, just remember, she's already out with you. That means she said yes when she could have said no. That means she made a plan when she could have just blown you off. So that means it's no longer your job to make her like you. It's your job not to mess it up.”
  182. 182. @blakepappas22 How Can Lead Nurture Help You? • Increase business by providing consistent value • Keep your company top-of-mind • Deepen existing relationships • Move people through the buying cycle quicker • Build brand recognition • Create loyalty and trust
  183. 183. @blakepappas22 #DSDC Successful lead nurturing generates 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads. SOURCE: Kapost 47%
  184. 184. @blakepappas22 • Visually appealing and branded • Incorporate into editorial calendar: plan frequency • Segmenting: targeted messaging • Plan out segmented drip or follow up campaigns • Stay brief: Read More, Get More Details • Great subject line! E-mail Best Practices
  185. 185. @blakepappas22 Campaign-Based Automation Complete a Conversion Path (Form fill or download) Lead Nurture Email #1 Lead Nurture Email #2 Lead Nurture Email #3
  186. 186. @blakepappas22 Trigger/Behavior-Based Automation Behavior Trigger (View pricing page, # of pages, etc) Lead Nurture Email #1 Lead Nurture Email #2 Lead Nurture Email #3 Further Action Track 2 – Email #1 Track 2 – Email #2
  187. 187. @blakepappas22 #DSDC 47% Of Emails Are Opened On A Mobile Device 80% Delete Emails That Do Not “Look Good” On Mobile SOURCE: LITMUS
  188. 188. @blakepappas22 #DSDCNewsletters 57% of businesses vote that email newsletters are the best type of content for lead nurturing. SOURCE: Marketing Sherpa
  189. 189. @blakepappas22 #DSDCUpdates New or expanded• products/services Discounts & price changes• Internal shifts & hiring• Conferences & workshops• Case Studies•
  190. 190. @blakepappas22 #DSDCPOV’s • Point of View that includes: your response, opinion, solution, expertise • Shows you are up to date, have your customer’s best interests in mind, and are an authoritative source of information
  191. 191. @blakepappas22 #DSDCA/B Test Your Emails
  192. 192. @blakepappas22 #DSDCAutomated Lead Nurture
  193. 193. @blakepappas22 #DSDC 25Homework
  194. 194. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  195. 195. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  196. 196. @blakepappas22 #DSDC SOURCE: Kissmetrics Blog “Focus, analytics, and pour money into the things that are working best.” [When asked what 3 things he learned from Reed Hastings] – Mitch Lowe (Netflix co-founder)
  197. 197. @blakepappas22 #DSDC “What gets measured gets done.” -Peter Drucker
  198. 198. @blakepappas22 ● Measure for successes… and failures ● Check your rankings, traffic, conversions and other key metrics ● Focus on the strategies that are providing the best ROI and keep publishing Measure!
  199. 199. @blakepappas22 Metrics that Matter for Content Goals Primary Content Goals Corresponding Metrics Improve SEO Keyword rankings, Average SERP position, SERP CTR, organic pageviews and organic sessions Educate audience Avg. time on page, pages viewed per session, return visitors, external link, brand awareness lift Drive qualified leads Conversion rate (CVR), Cost-per-lead (CPL); Cost-per-Customer-Acquisition (CPC) Encourage social sharing Social shares, comments, mentions Start/own the conversation Comments, external links, shares, email forwards Personalize brand N/A - Conduct qualitative research following content campaigns Increase brand following Direct traffic, Email subscription growth, Unique open rate, Unique CTR, brand mentions, external links
  200. 200. @blakepappas22 ● Where are you in relation to direct or indirect competitors? ● Guide your strategy with this data to find gaps or to play catch-up Competitive Analysis PAGES INDEXED KEYWORDS IN POSITIONS 1- 20 KEYWORDS IN POSITIONS 1 -100 RATIO OF RANKED KEYWORDS (POSITIONS 1 - 20) TO INDEXED PAGES HTTPS:/ Y OUR DOM A I N. C OM / 118 22 208 0.19 HTTP://WWW.C OM PET IT OR- ONE. C OM 46 190 1052 4.13 HTTPS:// SU BDOM AI N.C OM PETIT O R- ONE.C OM / 1720 3650 7316 2.12 HTTP://WWW.C OM P ET IT OR-T WO. C OM / 26 158 482 6.08 HTTP://C OM P ETIT OR-T WO. C OM / PA GE 478 1439 4480 3.01 HTTP://SU BD OM AI N.C OM PETI T OR-T WO.C OM 258 1834 3976 7.11 HTTP://WWW.C OM PET IT OR-T HR EE.C OM 40 127 357 3.18 HTTP://WWW.C OM PET IT OR- FOUR.C OM / 10300 264 1859 0.03
  201. 201. @blakepappas22 ● Where are your traffic/leads/contactscoming from? ● How can you optimize your sources to improve? Sources Organic 17% Referrals 29% Social 8% Email 4% Paid 14% Direct 26% Other 2%
  202. 202. @blakepappas22 Results 4,286 visits 1,829 downloads 786 new contacts 2 new customers
  203. 203. @blakepappas22 Opened email, clicked, visited 2 linked resources Visited landing page, downloaded hub The Content Journey to Conversion Forwarded an email promoting hub, clicked CTA
  204. 204. @blakepappas22 Visited multiple site pages, including branded content Sent direct email to marketing, handed to sales The Content Journey to Conversion Read 3 onsite blogs
  205. 205. @blakepappas22 The Content Journey to Conversion Became a customer! December – End of February Read blogs, watched videos, attended webinars, downloaded hubs
  206. 206. @blakepappas22 #DSDCSources: Conversion Rate ● Once someone is on your site, how likely are they to convert? ● Can you optimize conversion rate by source or overall?
  207. 207. @blakepappas22 #DSDC 27-28 Putting Everything Together…
  208. 208. @blakepappas22 #DSDC Break! Come back in 15 minutes!
  209. 209. @blakepappas22 #DSDCAll 8 Steps Are Important
  210. 210. @blakepappas22 #DSDC This is not a 30 day R.O.I. But The Long-Term Payoffs Can Be Huge
  211. 211. @blakepappas22 #DSDC Courtesy of The Sales Lion
  212. 212. @blakepappas22 #DSDC Fixed SEO issues and started sporadically posting content Increased blogging to at least 2x per month Organic traffic is up over 1800% by adhering to SEO best practices and posting content Industry: Business Consulting Services: Coaching
  213. 213. @blakepappas22 #DSDC Started posting content weekly Industry: Enterprise Technology Services: SEO, Content Creation Since posting content on a weekly basis, organic traffic has increased 323%
  214. 214. Started posting 3x per month Since posting 3x per month, organic traffic has increased 235% Industry: Outdoor Recreation Services: SEO, CRO
  215. 215. @blakepappas22 ● It takes courage to give away something of value without the expectation of immediate return ● It takes courage to trust that your customers and prospective customers will reward you with attention and sales and loyalty at some point in the future ● It takes courage to play the long game, not the short game It Takes Courage...
  216. 216. @blakepappas22 What if we never used these words again: ● Blogging ● FAQ’s ● Content Marketing ● Inbound Marketing ● Social Media Marketing
  217. 217. @blakepappas22 Listening to What Customers are Telling You● Building your List of Interested Prospects● Communicating on a Regular Basis● Helping Your Prospects Make a Decision● Teaching or Training your Customers● Building a Learning Center● Creating Content People are Actually Searching for!● Instead Talk To Management About:
  218. 218. @blakepappas22 #DSDC “When prospects visit our website, do we help solve their problems better than any of our competitors?”
  219. 219. @blakepappas22 Six Qualities of the Most Successful Content Marketing Case Studies Via the SalesLion 1. Education is Their Primary Focus 2. The Entire Company Believes in Content Marketing 3. They Produce Their Own Content 4. The Content They Produce is Educational, Honest, and Non-Promotional 5. They Aren’t Afraid to Tackle the Big Questions 6. Sales and Marketing are United in Producing Content
  220. 220. @blakepappas22 #DSDC The companies that truly understand these principles are the ones doing incredible things online!
  221. 221. @blakepappas22 #DSDC
  222. 222. @blakepappas22 Our Training and Resources On-Site Workshops Content Coaching
  223. 223. @blakepappas22 What We Do for our Clients Content Marketing Strategy and Development Profit-Driven Pay-Per-Click Management Technical Search Engine Optimization
  224. 224. @blakepappas22 If we were to offer you an online, self-paced, digital marketing coaching program where you would receive: • Online access to everything we just covered • Dozens of videos with short assignments covering each step • Downloadable workbooks with step-by-step training modules • Access to a comprehensive video training library for advanced users • Private webinars • Private, live Q&A sessions every month Question For You: Who would find that valuable? Would you pay $200 per month for it?
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