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Evolve Your Business to Succeed in an App-Centric World


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The IT service delivery landscape is changing. To keep up, you need a game plan that exceeds the expectations of your customers and empowers the end-users you serve. The future success of IT service providers will rely on the combination of aggregated cloud offerings, cloud-based productivity tools and cloud management capabilities. It’s survival of the fittest and your business needs to evolve.

The LogMeIn Elevate Channel Program Gives You the Power. In this session, participants will:
Understand the transformation occurring in IT service delivery
Identify strategies for increasing profitability and customer satisfaction by leveraging the cloud
Discover a new channel program designed to help you succeed in the BYOD/BYOA era that is upon us

[Presenter: Ted Roller, LogMeIn]

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Evolve Your Business to Succeed in an App-Centric World

  1. 1. Elevate your Business Ted Roller, Vice President, Channel Development #LMIwebinar
  2. 2. Who is LogMeIn? IT Management Cloud Connected Object Cloud Service Cloud Collaboration Cloud
  3. 3. My Day
  4. 4. Post PC Era
  5. 5. Users have changed BYOD/BYOA
  6. 6. Connected World
  7. 7. Millennials
  8. 8. Inside the Minds of your customers • Work on any device • Work anytime • Work from anywhere • Use products that make my life easier
  10. 10. “Shadow IT”
  11. 11. LogMeIn Elevate Program Mission ● Help you reign in control of “Shadow IT” ● Empower your End-Users ● Provide products and tools allowing you to identify and drive new revenue streams
  12. 12. Today’s Answer The common MSP Value Proposition: “We will take care of your network, you take care of your business”
  13. 13. Your Challenge… Make the user more productive!
  14. 14. CEO calls up and needs some help… Your Customer Needs Support…
  15. 15. Time to Evolve MSP of tomorrow will Enable the User , not just deliver exceptional managed services to them
  16. 16. “We’re in IT Together”
  17. 17. Three core values you must deliver on 1. Superior Support 2. Productivity & Collaboration 3. Cloud Manageability
  18. 18. Empower the User
  19. 19. Rescue Rescue video in Colorado. Screenshot? Reactive Support
  20. 20. Mobile Device Support
  21. 21. Conference Room of Tomorrow
  22. 22. & Cubby synergy
  23. 23. AppGuru: Cloud App Management
  24. 24. AppGuru in Action
  25. 25. Your plan of action for the “New World of IT” Step 1: Identify key vendor partners and channel programs that will help you transition to a user-based IT focus in the app-centric world Step 2: Begin to support devices and apps if you have not already Step 3: Add cloud based products and services to your portfolio Step 4: Manage all apps and devices in your customers’ environment
  26. 26. Elevate Program – What you get ● Products for User-centric IT delivery ● Exclusive Channel Discounts ● Partner Education ● Training ● Dedicated Support ● Margin Opportunities ● Marketing and Sales Tools
  27. 27. Time to Evolve MSP of tomorrow will Enable the User , not just deliver exceptional managed services to them
  28. 28. Thank You