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Gould Composite Handout Booklet For Dealers


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Gould Composite Handout Booklet For Dealers

  1. 1. Volume 6 • Issue 8
  2. 2. FS featuresolution SusanGivens PROMOTING ALL PROFIT CENTERS WITH RESULTS. PERIOD. If your dealership has a Web site, but it is not looking for a partner to aid your dealership in and to drive loyalty and frequency to sales generating results—not building value and increasing leads, sales, profits and customer and service departments,” Decker said. He increasing revenue in all the profit centers loyalty, you probably will look for a firm with shared the following key elements of the BZ within your dealership—it’s probably time advanced technology capabilities in order to strategy. to look for a professional online marketing use the Internet to grow your business. In firm to customize a digital marketing strategy the highly competitive online automotive The Solution at a Glance that’s right for you. If you’re like most industry, I have discovered that it takes more BZ Results realizes that buying a vehicle dealers who are searching for a marketing than just technology to drive business to your is an emotional experience, and they have partner, the choices can be overwhelming. dealership—It takes automotive marketing designed their digital marketing strategy At the 2008 NADA Convention, held in San savvy. One such marketing firm that is around this truth. The BZ system WOWs Francisco last month, I was astonished at the currently helping dealerships across the the customer by giving them more than 700 exhibiting companies showcasing the United States and Canada find, sell and keep just information and static text. Instead, latest industry products and services. In more customers profitably is BZ Results, an they engage their customers by giving our ongoing commitment at AutoSuccess to ADP Company. them a unique purchase experience through assist dealerships by providing innovative, high-impact digital marketing tools like solution-based resolutions to help them animation, 3D, Flash, video, eNewsletter increase sales, profits and customer and Live Chat to capture prospects. In short, satisfaction, I have many opportunities to the BZ solution builds value in the people, engage with not only hundreds of dealers the product and the process, driving revenue from across the country, but with many to all profit centers within the dealership. digital marketing vendors as well, all who are striving to successfully leverage the power I found that one of BZ Results’ core secrets is of the Internet and capitalize on effective a comprehensive five-phase process to help digital marketing initiatives to drive results dealers achieve their goals and complete their for car dealers. mission: 1. Define, 2. Design, 3. Develop, 4. Deliver, and 5. Measure and Improve. Top-performing dealers have successfully partnered with digital marketing firms, Comprehensive and Complete harnessing their knowledge, experience Solution and resources to achieve continued success. A recent acquisition by ADP has placed BZ So what makes BZ Results unique? I Dealers who have implemented advanced Results in a new class with the ability to reach have found that BZ offers one of the digital marketing platforms are generating dealers worldwide. I visited with Daymond most comprehensive and complete digital substantial returns on their investments Decker, product marketing and development marketing systems available on the market. and are promoting all profit centers—New, manager at BZ Results, to gain some insight Capitalizing on the power of the Internet Used, F&I, Parts and Service—for less cost into the BZ processes and offerings that to market dealerships, their staffs and their than traditional advertising media. top-performing dealers are using to increase products, BZ offers the following arsenal of traffic and generate more revenue into all digital marketing solutions: It may not be important to be the best departments of their dealership. “The goal marketer; but it is important to hire one of of BZ Results Digital Marketing System BZ Custom Web Sites the best. When selecting a marketing firm, is three-fold: to aid dealerships by creating The BZ Virtual Dealership promotes all of keep in mind that you are establishing what more quality traffic while reducing costs; your dealership’s profit centers on the Web should be a long-term business relationship, to increase sales by increasing closing 24 hours a day, seven days a week—New, and these are always built on trust. When percentages, average gross profits and CSI; Used, F&I, Service and Parts. BZ’s Virtual
  3. 3. Dealership builds value in your dealership, people and products. Skilled programmers can take your site beyond the templates offered with custom designs, splash pages, animation, audio/video extras and more. BZ’s award-winning sites feature high-end graphics, animation and 2D and 3D graphics, and many other interactive features like online credit apps that create an incredibly positive experience for the automotive customer and a positive result for the dealer. Each site comes with a Content Management system which facilitates edits to your Web site with an easy-to-use tool than anyone can use to create and edit specials, dealership information, inventory information and more. A handy BZ Lost Customer Coupon System captures customers’ contact information by offering them a printable discount coupon. As a result, Tasca currently sells 100 online units per month, and customer surveys Bonjour! Hola! To accommodate their conducted by the dealership show that up Buzzlot module features a VIN decoder, rapidly growing number of clients spanning to 80 percent of their customers say that the 15,000+ stock image library, and a Web- North America, BZ Web sites are now Virtual Dealership influenced based management tool to edit information offered in English, Spanish and French. their buying decision. from any location. BZ Automated Specials Updater module automatically updates your Bobby Tasca III of Tasca Auto Group shares BZ Virtual Salesperson specials and aging inventory to be displayed in the excitement of the BZ Web site design. Delight your online shoppers with the BZ within your Virtual Dealership. The BZ “Our Virtual Dealership is designed around Virtual Salesperson, a video tour guide that Automated Notification System will notify our mission to serve our customers, and leads your customers through the Web site customers of any new vehicles that are a in so doing, it generates massive amounts (available in English, Spanish and French). close match for what they want, and with the of Internet leads and phone traffic,” said Many dealers have opted for tour guides BZ Inventory Leak Stopper module, you can Tasca III, “Our customers rave about our presented by celebrity hosts like Ali Landry. capture customer’s e-mails when they leave Web site because they can research, build your pre-owned inventory search without and compare cars, view new or pre-owned BZ Online Inventory submitting a lead. vehicles, buy parts, schedule service I am sure your dealership takes great care in appointments and more.” assuring that the inventory on your lot is the BZ Credit Online best it can be. Your online inventory is just as Today’s customers are demanding and important. BZ has an entire suite that includes enjoy conveniences like being able to apply solutions to help you manage your online for credit online from the privacy of their inventory efficiently and professionally. own homes. Dealerships can increase their The BZ Virtual Inventory module promotes finance lead conversion with Credit Online, every model available and never tells your a step-based finance application plug-in customers you do not have a vehicle in stock. with dealer-controlled pre-approval rules This module moves each customer through based on real-time receipt of the Consumer the steps of the sale including scheduling Credit Report. A Virtual Presenter a test drive, applying for credit, getting guides customers through the process of a trade evaluation and more. BZ Buzzlot completing an online application from Inventory Manager module enables the the convenience of their home, utilizing a posting and display of your actual inventory secure environment for sensitive customer in your Virtual Dealership. This module data. A customer account saves the finance automatically extracts inventory data from application for review, edit, or withdrawal. your DMS and allows customers to submit This module allows your prospects to get multiple inquiries for specific vehicles. BZ instant online approvals.
  4. 4. FS featuresolution can view the live inventory that matches with Marketing and Aftermarket BuzzMails. the vehicle they built. Paragon Honda in New York has had great success with BuzzMails, and e-mail BZ Auction Manager marketing has been a critical component to eBay is the world’s most popular online their success. Their BDC has had incredible auction site, and BZ Auction Manager results from targeted bulk e-mail marketing, provides your dealership with all the tools generating up to 40 extra units sold from a needed to sell your new and used slow- single campaign without spending any extra moving inventory on eBay. BZ Auction money on advertising. “We recently sent out Manager not only puts your new and pre- an e-mail promotion to 80,000 addresses in owned products up for sale, it does so with our database. It took our Internet Manager advanced technologies that strengthen your 25 minutes to create and the cost was zero presence while simplifying the process. dollars,” said Vice President Brian Benstock. Add sales appeal with audio, video and “Other dealerships probably spend up to slide shows. Save time with automated $10,000 to send out 15,000 pieces. We inventory and photo integration with your sent out 80,000 BuzzMails and it took no data provider. Take control by scheduling time, no additional money and it generated outstanding results.” BZ WebCrawler E-mail Append BZ WebCrawler enables you to seamlessly migrate your valuable offline customers online. By matching an e-mail address to your customer within your DMS or CRM database, you ignite new possibilities for more intimate, more profitable relationships. The solution includes over 70 million e-mail addresses, all of which are 100 percent opt- in. Since BZ WebCrawler only compiles those sources with opt-in permission, you can immediately start an online dialog with your customers. Decker reports that you can expect match rates between 10 to 20 percent on average. BZ WebCrawler has emerged as an industry leader in managing, understanding and setting standards for privacy within the e-mail channel. “We sent out 80,000 BuzzMails and it took no time, no additional money and it generated outstanding results.” - Brian Benstock, Paragon Honda or saving auctions for later listing. Keep BZ Multimedia BuzzMails track of bids and bidder activity. Create and and E-mail Marketing manage a professional Web presence and BZ offers the most comprehensive collection maximize your auctioning ability with this of media-enriched mini-commercials called robust technology. BuzzMails. Use these traffic generating promotions campaigns for monthly, seasonal BZ Virtual Sales Manager and sales events. A custom suite of animated The BZ Virtual Sales Manager is a module BuzzMails include “Why Buy,” “Why that helps salespeople and managers solve the Service,” “Certified Pre-Owned,” and many most common challenges on the showroom more BuzzMails that automatically respond BZ Search Optimization floor that hurt sales, profits and customer to all lead types. The BuzzMail library has a SEO is a fundamental element of every Web satisfaction. The BZ Virtual Sales Manager full suite of promotional BuzzMails for every site designed by BZ Results with the goal has multimedia presentations that build holiday and virtually any sales event you can of advancing the Web site by improving value in all areas of your dealership. These imagine, such as an SUV Sales Event or Key the position of its organic search results for presentations are made available for your for Key Sales Event, etc. a wide variety of relevant keywords. BZ showroom customers via kiosks or plasma Search Engine Optimization submits your screens strategically displayed in your sales, Drive business into your Service Department optimized site to a large number of search finance, service or parts departments. with animated Sold Follow-up, Service engines to make your site more attractive
  5. 5. to search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Your search engine listings will increase traffic to your Virtual Dealership, showroom, phone and fixed operations by jumpstarting your campaign with immediate placement for key phrases on top-tier search engines. BZ boasts that your dealership will receive the absolute latest SEO strategy in the automotive industry, extensive reporting and constant improvement in both your Web site performance and search engine ranking. BZ Results’ success comes from using cutting-edge optimization techniques and sophisticated performance monitoring with frequent adjustments for maximum optimization. The results aid your dealership in striving for leadership within your geographic region. Search Engine Certified You can trust that all BZ Search Engine professionals are Google AdWords certified and highly trained to utilize the most powerful techniques and technologies for driving targeted traffic to a Web site. These experts have passed a demanding exam, as well as proven their proficiency by managing Google AdWords campaigns for clients for a minimum of three months. Qualified Google AdWords professionals can effectively design and manage the most “With BZ Buy Online, consumers have the option to complete efficient solution for their clients. the transaction online, or visit the dealership for closing and BZ Search Marketing delivery.” – Daymond Decker, BZ Results BZ pioneered the technology of Search Marketing in the automotive industry, and targeted consumers; search engine marketing vehicle-specific, keyword-rich micro sites BZ professionals possess a vast working to deliver high-quality leads directly to your and landing pages to successfully drive knowledge of the automotive industry and Web site; Pay-Per-Click advertising to reach a more targeted traffic through to the main have a strong level of experience in contending broader audience searching for vehicles using dealer Web site. As a companion to digital online for competitive automotive search specific key words, providing the best results marketing initiatives, BZ’s top quality terms within different markets. Their basic at the lowest cost; and your own personal micro sites and landing pages are optimized knowledge of trends, along with cutting- digital advertising consultant — someone for search engines and take on a presence edge technological advances, drive the most who has years of experience in this discipline beyond your initial marketing campaign. successful online automotive marketing — who will plan, execute and measure the Professionally designed creative builds initiatives. Benefits include keyword phrase results on a monthly basis for you. brand, respect and trust, resulting in higher- research — using sophisticated analysis quality conversions. tools — BZ will develop the ideal set of BZ Online Advertising Network code editing to promote your site, first page The power behind the BZ Digital Advertising Omniture Analytics placements among the major search engines, solution is its premier Advertising Network, Dealerships are unique and, in many cases, optimal keyword selection for your market, which includes hundreds of popular Web require customized reporting. BZ offers and detailed ranking reports displaying your sites, provides maximum exposure for your Omniture Site Catalyst—an enterprise-class results among engines like Google, Yahoo dealership, generates high lead conversion reporting system that is the most robust Web and MSN. rates, and guarantees premium placement on analytics solution on the market. Standard the sites your shoppers visit most frequently. reports include metrics on unique visitors, BZ Digital Advertising Creative These sites are geographically and leads generated, and conversion rate. BZ The BZ Digital Advertising solution is a demographically targeted to your dealership can also respond to your dealership’s soup-to-nuts implementation of everything and include online local newspapers and specific needs with highly customized dealers need to perform like a pro on the other popular sites where the customers in reports. Omniture Site Catalyst is used to Internet to attract and engage more leads your area are visiting like ESPN, Martha track search marketing stats, impressions, than ever thought possible. The solution Stewart, and Car & Driver. clicks and CTR, leads and conversion rate, includes: the creation of high-end, media- ROI, visitor profiles, referring domains, enriched graphic or video banner ads and BZ Micro Sites and Landing Pages popular pages and click paths, and annual micro sites that highlight key “in market” BZ design teams capitalize on the selling trend reporting. consumer buying behaviors to capture very opportunities the Web affords by developing
  6. 6. FS BuzzTrak CRM and Virtual featuresolution BDC Manager BuzzTrak is a complete customer relationship management and prospecting tool that helps dealerships manage and measure all of their Internet, phone and showroom customers. The Virtual Business Development Center Manager creates daily business plans, generates letters, schedules activities, and provides practical reports to help measure your productivity. The Virtual BDC Manager creates more quality traffic and sales by automating your e-mail contacts, follow-up, correspondence and reporting. The best part about BuzzTrak is the automation that does the work of five to 10 full-time employees, thus freeing your staff to make better use of their time interacting with customers and selling more cars. BZ AdTracker With unique nationwide toll-free 800 numbers, BZ AdTracker will track marketing mediums to “We have tons of contacts from our Live Chat button — service, parts and sales leads enable you to monitor which are giving you the — probably about 500 to 600 clicks a month.” – Roy Reutter, Sheehy Automotive greatest results. The system will automatically e-mail you a report that lets you know where your marketing money should be spent to more. Messages are automatically left on your new outsourced sales and marketing solutions maximize your return. BZ AdTracker will customers’ voicemails on your behalf, and you can plan, execute and report on your customer not only track your ads, but it will also track can use “ventriloquist” technology to have all communications with fully managed and your people and the process they use to handle of the calls made in your voice. executed customer communications services your valuable customer calls to ensure they are that generate a steady stream of revenue, being handled properly. The best part is that The ultimate goal of the BZ Virtual Phone delighting your existing customers and creating you can listen in on any call at any time to make Manager is to automatically execute extraordinary customer value. sure your customers receive the experience thousands of daily calls to keep in contact you want them to. BZ AdTracker maximizes with your customers, build relationships, set CustomerTouch services utilize four powerful the effectiveness of your marketing spend by appointments, create quality appointments and communication methods — direct mail, capturing more phone opportunities than ever to sell and service more vehicles profitably for e-mail, voice and mobile marketing to reach before. If there is a missed call, BZ AdTracker less cost. your targeted customers. See maximum will automatically forward the phone number results from integrated and effective customer so you will not miss any opportunities. Virtual Marketing Representative (VMR) communications. How would you like a personal consultant to BZ Virtual Phone Manager manage all of your digital marketing initiatives? Outsourced Direct Mail Marketing The BZ Virtual Phone Manager automates BZ Results’ VMRs are not only trained Direct mail is one of many channels BZ thousands of calls for every aspect of your marketing professionals; they also know your has available to deliver revenue-generating business, doing the work of 10 to 20 full- business. They will work with you to review campaigns to your target audience. Whether time telemarketers without the overhead. your customer demographics and buying you want to drive business into the sales, service These automated phone campaigns are used patterns, identify and evaluate tactics you have or F&I office, BZ can produce professional for sold follow-up, service reminders and executed in the past and pull together a plan that campaigns in a multitude of print formats makes sense for your market. From campaign including small and jumbo postcards, bi-fold identification all the way through execution or tri-fold brochures, or self-mailers. The and measurement, whether the campaign is sent campaigns are produced, printed and mailed for through direct mail, e-mail, mobile marketing or you, and monthly ROI reports are provided so Internet-focused, the VRM team has the tools, you know what is working and what’s not. training and marketing savvy to deliver high- quality marketing and advertising solutions that Outsourced Direct E-mail Marketing will deliver results back to you. VMR activities If you prefer to reduce the cost of your marketing include: market segmentation and prospect campaigns – or just want to reach your target targeting, differentiation and positioning, audience directly through e-mail, BZ can do marketing plan development and execution, that for you. Again, as with the direct mail and measurement and metrics reporting. campaigns, BZ produces the piece and sends it out for you, and reports back to you with the Outsourced Sales and results at the end of the month. Marketing Solutions Outsourced Direct Voicemail Marketing Capitalize on key sales and marketing The CustomerTouch program also has opportunities with high-impact direct mail automated and live voice capabilities for letters, voice and cost-effective e-mail service reminders and service/sales surveys. campaigns with CustomerTouch services. BZ’s
  7. 7. Many dealers are starting to warm up to the idea of using chat or instant messaging on their Web sites to communicate with their prospects, gathering vital information without requiring them to submit completed forms. “Chat is a product that gets us extra contact with customers. We look at it as a lead-generation tool — another way to capture leads off our Web site. It’s sort of like an add-on feature — like air conditioning on a car,” Reutter said. “We have tons of contacts from our Live Chat button — service, parts and sales leads — probably about 500 to 600 clicks a month.” BZ Training and Consulting The BZ Digital Marketing Training Workshop includes the BZ Strategy Boot Camp and the BZ Internet Sales Training Workshop. BZ Strategy Boot Camp is a two-day off-site event that will prepare you with a custom business plan and strategic blueprint for implementing a successful digital marketing strategy within your dealership. The BZ Internet Sales Training Workshop gives your people the knowledge and skills needed to get the results you want to receive. BZ will plan and execute the campaigns for produce the newsletter and send it to your list of you, and report on the results at the end of the clients and prospects, and even provide you with Ongoing evaluation and consultation by month. With the call “loopback” feature, your monthly reports on what articles your customers experienced automotive professionals is customers will be directly connected to your liked best, open rates, and click-through activity. available with a performance-enhancing dealership if they have any follow-up questions The information is used to continually improve workshop that begins with a detailed assessment or actions based on an automated call they have newsletter effectiveness. and ends with the creation of an action plan for received from your dealership. improvement, including Mystery Shop and Site Vice President Bobby Tasca III reports that Analysis. Outsourced Mobile Marketing Tasca Automotive Group, located in Rhode It is projected that by the end of this year, Island, recently launched their first eNewsletter 43 percent of US marketers will be using the to over 12,000 customers with a remarkable mobile channel as a direct line of marketing 27.2 percent total opening rate within the first communication with their target audience. 24 hours. Roy Reutter, with Sheehy Auto Store, That’s amazing, and it’s no surprise that BZ reports that their customers receive a digital is announcing the addition of a brand new newsletter that can be measured, tracking every customer communication channel – Mobile single person who reads it, what they read, Marketing. This technology: and how much time they spend on the articles. • produces higher response rates than even “New or used vehicle sales are our main e-mail campaigns objective, but our biggest benefit has been in • encourages the audience to take action the parts and service revenue that is generated • facilitates an immediate granular as a result,” said Reutter. response information • reaches customers, anywhere they are Outsourced Live Chat • complements other media - TV, radio and Every day, you make sure visitors to your print dealership have a great customer experience. • provides high speed to market Why not take the same care with your online visitors? With BZ Live Chat solution, your Conclusion Outsourced eNewsletter customers get the same experience as when they In addition to the many offerings outlined My personal favorite in the BZ arsenal is the visit your dealership. BZ takes time to learn above, Decker is excited to report that BZ eNewsletter. The BZ eNewsletter solution is a your dealership’s brands, personality, inventory Results continues to develop fresh and fully managed monthly interactive eNewsletter and methods before their trained agents engage exhilarating products to help dealers sell and product that is polished and professional, your customers. The new Live Chat service service customers more profitably. BZ Results’ complete with banner and graphics customized to is available for any type of dealer Web site to award-winning and result-oriented products and reflect your brand identity, increasing customer professionally handle inquiries about inventory, solutions provide dealers across North America awareness and loyalty by enhancing the brand vehicle price and service requests, turning them with practical marketing tools and strategies to and image of your dealership. There is absolutely into “ups” and service appointments within help them promote all areas of their dealership no work on your part. BZ will write the articles, minutes of opening a dialog. while achieving measurable results. Period.
  8. 8. 5 COMPONENTS TO DIGITIAL MARKETING There are FIVE key components, FIVE main areas that must be in place for any dealer to succeed in the world of Digital Marketing/E-Business/CRM/Internet Sales and Marketing…. 1- -“You have to get them to find your virtual dealership”…..customers have to be able to find your virtual dealership….just like a physical dealership, location, location, location is important…placement on the search engines, and correct and relevant placement is critical…. 2- “They have to visit, and want to visit your virtual dealership”……you have to be able to get customers to visit your virtual dealership, and to want to want to visit the dealership….all the SEO in the world is worthless, if once they see your dealership on the initial page impressions, they don’t click through and visit the virtual dealership. They have to see relevant ad copy on the search pages, and then they have to visit, and stay on the site for at least 10-15 minutes. Unique visitors is the most important component of the strategy….low unique visitor count, low submission rate, low sales. 3- “You have to get them to submit a lead, or call on the phone”- Once they visit your virtual dealership, they have to be entertained, enthralled, and compelled to leave their lead information, or, to pick up the phone and call….all the SEO in the world is totally worthless, if you can’t get them to visit the site, then stay on a long time, then leave the lead or call the phone. 4- “You have to get the them to make an appointment, and to actually show up”- Once they leave the lead, or call on the phone, you actually need to have the necessary tools, techniques, pieces and process in place, to be able to set the appointment. Once you set the appointment, you need to be able to have all of the marketing tolls and pieces in place to make sure that they show up and work a deal. All the SEO in the world will go to waste if you can’t get them to visit your site, stay on for a meaningful time, leave a lead or call in, then set an appointment, then actually show up. 5- “They have to come to the dealership, to actually buy a vehicle” –They have to come in, and you have to be able to sell them a vehicle. Once they come, having the proper knowledge of how to work these type of customers, having the right process for working them, and in the event they don’t buy, having all the tools, techniques, marketing pieces, and process items in place to follow up, and get them back in, is what make a completely and highly successful strategy. All of the SEO in the world will not matter if you can’t get them on the site, can’t get them to stay on for a while, can’t get them to leave a lead or make the call, can’t make the appointment, if they don’t show up, if they don’t buy, and if you can’t market and follow up to them on a consistent basis. BZ Results is the Number One, the leader, and the most experienced company, in the world of Digital Marketing. No other company has the number of dealers, the years in the business, the experience base, and the staff, that BZ Results has. If the key components, described above are important to you, please don’t forget that WE INCLUDE ALL OF THEM…we provide the ENTIRE DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY…not just a piece of it. By the way, we do include a web site! David T. Gould, RSA (609) 964-9198 ADP Digital Marketing
  9. 9. Digital Marketing Evaluation BZ Results VS. the Competition (Prepared your careful consideration of all aspects involved with partnering up with a True Digital Marketing Solution Provider. Note: Considerations are combined… some may apply to one competitor and not another…) BZ Results (ADP) is the Automotive Digital Marketing and Support proven industry leader. We currently service twice as many dealers as our closest competitor(s) in providing: Automotive Dealer: Web Site creation / support Automotive Dealer: CRM / ILM follow up tool * Auto Dealer Monthly May 2008. BZ Results (ADP) is the Digital Marketing and Support proven leader in: Generating Unique Visitor Traffic. Web Visitors To Leads Conversion Rates. Leads To Appointments Conversion Rates. Resulting in More Sales For Our Digital Marketing Partners Across North America (USA / Canada).
  10. 10. Digital Marketing Evaluation BZ Results VS. the Competition Past Twelve Month Rolling Results % UV from Unique Conversion Organic Month Visitors Leads (UV/Lead) Search May 2007 1517651 86238 5.7% 29.9% Jun 2007 1453907 82331 5.7% 32.5% Jul 2007 1533546 91884 6.0% 35.0% Aug 2007 1561974 91081 5.8% 36.2% Sep 2007 1473793 85505 5.8% 36.7% Oct 2007 1538978 88029 5.7% 37.1% Nov 2007 1477683 79458 5.4% 35.6% Dec 2007 1449392 74784 5.2% 34.4% Jan 2008 1700677 89202 5.2% 37.9% Feb 2008 1681600 86163 5.1% 36.8% Mar 2008 1822712 93066 5.1% 38.9% Apr 2008 1736380 90374 5.2% 39.9% Past 12 Months BZ Results Has Generated 18,948,293 Unique Visitors For Our Digital Marketing Partners. (Unique Visitor Is 30 Day From Same URL). Our Automated Unique Visitor to Lead Conversion Rate Averaged 5.49%... Three times the industry standard (not including phone or walk in traffic). Typical BZ Results Partner Automatically Generated 75 Additional Focused Buyers To Their Showroom Floors… Additional Sales From 5- 25 / Month. (Just from this one part of the BZ Results Total Digital Marketing Solution). We generate more quality showroom traffic while providing tracking and reporting that maximizes our Partner’s Digital Marketing Strategies. BZ Results Empowers Users, By Way Of Our “BuzzTrak” Lead Management Tool, With Total Disclosure Reporting That Allows Monitoring Of All Digital Marketing Efforts (including us).
  11. 11. Digital Marketing Evaluation BZ Results VS. the Competition Head To Head BZ Results Leads The Competition By Providing Total Solutions To All Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy Requirements By Bringing You… • A Knowledgeable Sales, Technical and Customer Support Staff. Prompt courteous service and answers on your time zone. • Your Own Dedicated Design Coordinator. From inception to launch. • Focuses On Marketing Your Dealership Brand. • Your Own Boot Camp (2) day Training Session with Blue Print. • Your Own Raving Fan Manager (30) days following “Virtual Dealership” launch. • Access To In House Training via phone / MS Live Meeting. • Web Site Updates and Assistance. Call direct to us here in US. • Buzz Control Center - 80% Plus Flexibility Of Site… You Quickly and Easily Can Edit and Up Load Changes Online. • Automated Start / End Dating For Promotions. • BuzzTrak – The #1 automotive customer tracking support tool in todays automotive market place. • Buzz Lot Pro – A Pre-Owned On-Line Auction Expediting Tool that saves you time and makes you money. • BZ Ad Tracker – Call Source. Phone integration into your Digital Marketing Strategy. • Buzz Mails / Virtual Test Drives – Proprietary e-Mail Interactions That Turn Your “Virtual Dealership” Visitors Into Buyers. • Automated DMS Data Polling That Works Your Existing Customer Base To Generate More Sales and Higher Satisfaction. • Annual Web Site Over Haul At Your Discretion. • Continual Improvements On All Of The Above… All with no additional charge(s)… No Surprises… Just Results… Period.
  12. 12. Digital Marketing Evaluation BZ Results VS. the Competition ADP’s Digital Marketing Efforts Now Include: • Radio Marketing – (30 second spots) • Banner Ads • Pay Per Click • VMAR – Professional Ad Designers • Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns • Professional Ad Time Slot Procurement • Website Creation • E-Mail Marketing Campaigns • CRM / ILM Tools To Manage Leads / Traffic • Industry Leading Report Generating Software • Digital Phone Strategies and Systems • DMS Compatibility / Integration • Dealer Service Training and Support • Flexibility and Knowledge With All Of The Above Only ADP / BZ Results can provide all of your dealer Digital Marketing needs with automotive experienced professionals for a lower cost per unit sold and greater advertising ROI.
  13. 13. DIGITAL MARKETING PROPOSAL Dealer Partner Terms Virtual Dealership Platinum Package – (replaces current websites) Virtual custom website platforms w/embedded multimedia presentations o Hosting & maintenance (new website refresh annually o Buzz Control Center, website editing & reports module o Search Engine Placement / Optimization o Creation of own Regional Buying Service – drastic reduction in 3rd party leads (Autobytel, Vehix, Dealix, Autotrader) o BZ Merchandising / Advertising Suite (see below) o Virtual Service Dept w/online appointment module (eliminates 3rd party service marketing (Newgen, RPM, Auto Revenue, On Station) o Parts depts. w/special pricing offers & accessories o F&I Online loan application & payment calculator • Virtual Test Drive (animated walk-around presentations) 360 degree spins • Virtual Inventory (every vehicle is “available”) “never out of stock” • Buzzlot Inventory Manager - o auto-inventory updates from DMS, images, VIN decoder, editing o includes BZ Auto Manager - allows remote updates & editing • BZ Ad Tracker (800 toll free number(s) tracks web traffic & advertising $$$) – (replaces Who’s Calling, Callsource, Call Bright) • Automated Specials Updater (aged inventory) Automatic updates of used specials on site • Inventory Leak Stopper captures emails after inventory search (“Didn’t find what you were looking for”) • E-business advertising & Merchandising suite o Custom Branded Showroom & Exit Brochures o Eliminates outsourcing of Direct Mail Marketing o Includes Billboard Advertising Suite • Automated Notification System (close match notifications) • Lost Customer Coupons (pop ups capture info via printable coupons) • BZ BuzzTrack Marketing & BDC/CRM Manager (Replaces AVV, Elead CRM etc) • APS Engine Automation (90% automated outgoing email communications) • BuzzMail Marketing Enriched Compressed Multimedia Library – Over 200 custom multimedia flash embedded marketing email messages for outbound marketing and branding for unsold, sold, F&I, Parts & Service. BZ Strategy Bootcamp & Continuous In Dealership Internet Sales Training Workshops • Conduct in depth process mapping and flow session with key dealership managers- obtain buy in on overall process • Provides Custom e-Business , CRM Plan & Strategic Blueprint
  14. 14. • Conduct in dealership training with management and sales staff on tools and best practices. • Develops Knowledge & Skills to maximize results • Includes UNLIMITED phone/online training on websites, back end controls, web analytics, process and CRM tools. Additional Products/Services- Optional: • Virtual Phone Manager (replaces Who’s Calling, Call Command) o Create Custom sales, service & parts marketing calls • Virtual Salesperson o “Mr. Opportunity” type virtual spokesperson • BuzzTrack Unlimited Trackers – o Unlimited Access by dealership personnel to Buzztrak • Buzzlot Pro o Allows inventory distribution to other websites & 3rd parties • DMS Consumer Data polling o Allows automated customer polling via email & phone o Initial DMS data download into CRM tool o Nightly DMS data download, deduping and matching • Special Finance Site o Custom built Micro site to showcase special finance ops o Included hosting and maintenance o Requires paid search campaign The above proposal is designed to assist you with eliminating the following vendor(s)/expenses that you may currently be using: Third Party Lead Providers like Autobytel, Dealix, Vehix, Car buying secrets, invoice dealers etc. Website Development / Maintainance – Replaces current website provider with state of the art Digital Marketing Virtual Dealership. Advertising and phone recording vendors such as: Who’s Calling, Call Source, Call Bright Outbound Customer Call software such as: Call Command Internet Lead management/ CRM tools such as AVV, iCarMagic, Nitra On Station – Buzztrak will market to both sales and service customers. Thank You For Your Valued Time and Consideration, BZ RESULTS… period. (a division of ADP Digital Marketing)
  15. 15. DEALER DIGITAL MARKETING ANALYSIS Completed By: _______________________________ Date: ____________________ Contact Phone: __________________ Contact e-Mail: _________________________ Dealership________________________ DP Name__________________________ Dealership Phone___________________ DP Phone__________________________ Primary Contact_____________________ eMail Address______________________ Monthly Ad Budget (all sources):_______________ % Print________ %Radio _________ %TV_________ % Direct Mail ________ % Digital________ Website Provider:_________________ URL:______________________________ Monthly website expense: $__________ / month. Balance of contract: ________ months. Using Third Party Lead Providers: AutoTrader Autobytel Vehix Dealix $ $ $ $ AutoUSA LeadPilel PriceWheels DrivingLeads $ $ $ $ Autotropolis AutoMart Kelley Blue Book $ $ $ $ Black Book AutoInternet Blue Sky Other $ $ $ $ Other Other Other Other $ $ $ $ Approximate Monthly Spend on 3rd party leads: $_______________________________ Confidential Document Expense Analysis Review 1 of 3 FAX COMPLETED DOCUMENTS TO: (609) 844-9826 or 1-866-505-0084 ATTN: DTG
  16. 16. DEALER DIGITAL MARKETING ANALYSIS Internet Lead Management (ILM) tool used: ____________________________________ Cost of ILM tool / mo. $_________ Balance of contract: ________ months BDC Trainer: ________________ Cost of Training / mo.$_________ Unique website visitors: ___________ Conversion to Lead Ratio: __________ Internet leads per month: ___________ Appointments made %: ___________ From website: ____________ Appointments Show %: ___________ Closing Ratio: ____________ Internet sales per month: ___________ Current ILM Process: BDC Internet Specialist Open To Floor Describe internet lead sales process: __________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Desired Internet sales per month:______________ Total N/U sales per month:________ Total Internet Parts Sales per month_____________ Monthly Online Service appts;_____ Using: Who’s Calling Call Source AutoRevenue Newgen $ $ $ $ Call Command DirectMail Newsletters Call Bright $ $ $ $ Dealer Specialties ProMax TimeHighway Trademotion $ $ $ $ J&L Marketing ClickMotive Toll Free #’s Live Chat $ $ $ $ Credit Online Buy Online Other Other $ $ $ $ Confidential Document Expense Analysis Review 2 of 3 FAX COMPLETED DOCUMENTS TO: (609) 844-9826 or 1-866-505-0084 ATTN: DTG
  17. 17. DEALER DIGITAL MARKETING ANALYSIS Your Current Website: Does your current website “brand” your dealership and provide all the tools necessary for a consumer to purchase their next vehicle without exiting your site? Do you like the ability to control the look, feel and content of your web site or do you prefer to have your vendor manage that for you? Are you trying to reduce and/or move away from traditional media spending? Do you have a specific internet / e-Commerce / e-business strategy that has been updated recently? Do you have the tools (reports) to verify your Digital Marketing efforts? Are you happy with your current e-Marketing strategy to date? For your franchise(s), what percentage of customers use the internet to shop for a vehicle? In your opinion, is your dealership’s web presence, among the Top 5, out of your closest competitors? ______ Which dealers would you list as your Top 5 competitors? 1. _______________________ 2. _______________________ 3. _______________________ 4. _______________________ 5. _______________________ What role do you see Digital Marketing and the Internet playing in your sales, service, and parts business in the years to come? How do you feel about your Overall Digital Marketing Presence: Likes/Dislikes___________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Notes:__________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Confidential Document Expense Analysis Review 3 of 3 FAX COMPLETED DOCUMENTS TO: (609) 844-9826 or 1-866-505-0084 ATTN: DTG
  18. 18. Digital Marketing Notes: 1. _____________________________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________________________ 3. _____________________________________________________________ 4. _____________________________________________________________ 5. _____________________________________________________________ 6. _____________________________________________________________ 7. _____________________________________________________________ 8. _____________________________________________________________ 9. _____________________________________________________________ 10. _____________________________________________________________