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Zeigler se ostrategy


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Zeigler se ostrategy

  1. 1. SEO Strategy Overview Audit Results Strategy History If I were heading the Internet related marketing efforts for Courtesy Chevrolet, I would utilize the following short-term strategy: Project Objective (Phase 1) - 1. - Organically optimize home pages for each Courtesy Chevrolet domain that will direct traffic to existing sites that are currently located on BZResults and CDMdata servers. 2. - Organically optimize home pages for each Courtesy Chevrolet domain that will be involved in a targeted market Search Engine Marketing campaign. 3. - Teach your existing team members how to properly audit rankings periodically and how to perform "tweak maintenance" to make sure that your sites stay on top. Goal - Once optimized, home pages will consistently appear in the top five results, (I'm making this statement based on what I've seen from your local competition), with the following search engines: Objective Strategy - 1. - Target Audience Review No one knows your business and clientele better than you do. To effectively predict keyword and key phrase search terms I will need to understand your targeted clientele’s user habits and tastes – and of course, be able to cater to them through the Web. 2. - Keyword & Competitor Research You have some competition. Specifically, you have online competition – otherwise you would be at the top already. So, how are your competitors doing it? What tools and approaches are being utilized in other facets of your industry? I will need to analyze and document my
  2. 2. findings. I have already done some competitor probing in your geographical area and have been unable to locate any sites that are truly optimized. 3. - Additional Research Requirements I have learned from experience that once we have gotten through steps 1 and 2, some unexpected issues may have developed. In order to meet your needs or to refine any issues that you may have discovered up until this point – I will undoubtedly need to conduct some more research in order to make sure that your SEO plan is as affective as possible. Phase 1 Conclusion - Once goals and objectives for Phase 1 have been reached, Courtesy Chevrolet would have a rock-solid foundation on which to build a dynamic and successful SEM plan, and it would be an honor to assist you with the deployment of Phase 2, SEM. Fees for SEM would be determined at that point. Our fee for search engine optimization is $1,000 to $100,000 or more per website (not per page). For a local merchant, search engine optimization will cost $1,000 to $2,000. If your business has an eCommerce website selling to consumers all over the world, (global listing), be prepared to spend at least $8,000 - $10,000 and probably much more. Our price is determined by how competitive your keywords are, and how much work needs to be done. We do not charge a monthly fee! The only season for any SEO to charge a monthly fee is so the SEO can retire (500 clients x $100 per month = retirement). We deal in quality text content, not tricks, so there is no need to keep changing the plan. Quality content will always be king. At times, changes are needed because the search engines change the rules, but this is very rare (perhaps once per year) and that is one of the reasons we teach your team members how to audit and perform "tweak maintenance." Our price for search engine optimization is a one time fee. Unless you plan to constantly change your website, there is no reason to pay a monthly fee to anyone. Overview Audit Results Strategy History