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Zeigler se ooverview

  1. 1. SEO Overview Overview Audit Results Strategy History SEO is simply a process of improving a page's attributes and content value – geared towards impressing the search engines in return for some highly ranked listings. It’s nothing more, and nothing less. While this sounds simple enough, many believe that SEO consists of using Overture’s keyword bidding system, or paying Yahoo! to be listed in their directory. SEO is none of these things. These other services can be combined with optimization in order to help retain great ranking across the board and to reach a targeted market, (SEM), – but SEO, at its core – simply does not incorporate these processes. After truly achieving organic optimization a home page should consistently show up within the top 10 search results on each major search engine. (I'm not happy with less than a top 5 result). "Sponsored results" listings don't count. Web surfers preferred and converted on organic search results over sponsored results nearly 80- to-1 last year. Read this excellent study on organic vs. sponsored search results Can we get your website a top organic ranking on the major search engines? In most cases yes, but not always. It depends upon how competitive your industry is on the Internet and how competent your competitor's Webmasters are. Based on the competitor sites that I have visited in your geographical area, you don't have much to be concerned with. Some Webmasters will attempt to cheat the search engines by spamming their crawlers with hundreds of keywords, using multiple "doorway" pages or even by utilizing a competitors corporate identity as keywords. These attempts at higher rankings are a sign of incompetence. The following keywords are currently in the HTML code of the framed home page at http://MidwayChev.com: <head> <title>Midway Chevrolet - Phoenix #1 volume Chevy dealer in Arizona with the Best Prices on New Chevy Cars and Trucks in the West </title> <meta name="keywords" content="Midway Chevrolet; Chevy dealer; Midway Chevy phoenix; used cars; parts; service; body shop; finance;special financing; Cobalt; Colorado; Corvette; Malibu;Impala; Chevrolet Silverado 1500;Chevy Silverado; Silverado Pickup; Chevy Suburban; Phoenix Chevrolet Dealer; Midway Chevrolet Arizona;
  2. 2. Midway Chevrolet AZ; Chevy Trucks; Chevy Cars; HHR; SSR; Uplander; Trailblazer; Courtesy Chevy; Courtesy chevrolet; Freeway chevtolet; Freeway Chevy; Sands Chevrolet; Sands Chevy " /> A Webmaster who can't optimize without cheating should, in my opinion, be run out of town on a rail. Paste the following keywords into the DOGPILE search bar located below. (DOGPILE searches Google, MSN, Yahoo and Ask Jeeves all at once). They will produce search results that lead to organically optimized sites with global listings on the major engines: JC Hurst Ziegler NSA Go Fetch! Both BZResults and CDMdata have excellent products. Because your pages that navigate to their servers utilize redirects, (HouseOfCourtesy & CarsOnBell), it would be next to impossible for you to achieve maximum SEO on those pages. I ran two auditor scripts on Chevrolet-USA.com and 2007Tahoe.com to determine the following: • “On-the-page” factors that are influencing your search engine ranking • Density analysis results for the Document Title, META Keywords and META Description tags that are influencing your search engine ranking (I hope you don’t mind. You can rest assured that this information is for your eyes only). Results - Chevrolet-USA Results - 2007Tahoe If you read the advertising of many SEO and SEM providers, you will notice that many are offering to do what Google says not to do - such as check your ranking daily, with automated software programs. This is a violation of Google's Terms of Service. Many SEO and SEM providers will offer to mass submit your site to zillions of search engines and directories, even though every major search engine and directory refuses to accept these automated submissions. We believe that submitting a site to search engines is a total waste of time. We do submit our clients to the Yahoo and
  3. 3. ODP/DMOZ directories (the search engines crawl the directories daily and follow the links). This will cause Google, Yahoo and MSN to notice your website within 72 hours. Every good SEO or SEM consultant should keep up with the public advice given by Google, Yahoo and MSN. We obey the rules. This helps us, and it helps our clients. Read what Google has to say about SEO: Google's Statements About SEO. What MSN says about Search The most accurate information on the subject of MSN search is published by MSN. This guides us, so we will know what needs to be done for correct MSN Search Engine Optimization. SEO is slightly different for each search engine. What works well on Google does not work the same on Yahoo or MSN. These are not secrets. This information is made public by MSN for your protection. Click: MSN Policies, and read what Microsoft has to say. Read More Advice From MSN Here is another link to a Microsoft page where they give free advice to website owners. Overview Audit Results Strategy History