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Impact Design: [Infographic] Global Public Interest Design 100


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Around the world, a growing movement at the intersection of design and social change is taking hold. As is the case in the Autodesk Gallery exhibition on public interest design, we see life-saving products, dignifying environments and places, and more efficient processes, services, and systems--all designed or redesigned for the betterment of all.

Building on the inaugural "Public Interest Design 100, (link to," published in December 2012, the following first-of-its-kind Global Public Interest Design 100 takes an even broader view of the diverse individuals shaping a field and the world. Many are architects and designers, but they are also crucial communicators, connectors, educators, and funders with no design training whatsoever. Instead, they are crucial advocates.

This global list was compiled by Autodesk's own John Cary in his capacity as founding editor of (link to, a website about the growing public interest design field. The selections were based on nominations solicited from a range of leaders across the design fields. The research and work was made possible by the generous sponsorship of Autodesk (link to

Lists of this sort, of course, are inherently imperfect and subjective as well as far more representative than comprehensive. But they are also useful in shining a light on unseen leaders and unheard voices. Between this list of 146 and the inaugural list of 150, nearly 300 people have been recognized--and we are certain there are many more working hard each day to make the world a better place, by design

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Impact Design: [Infographic] Global Public Interest Design 100

  1. 1. 2DemographicsApproachList of 100Where are they?The list of 100 individualsand teams represents atotal of 146 people. Countries representedAustraliaAustriaBrazilCanadaChileChinaColombiaDenmarkFranceGermanyGhanaGuatemalaIndiaIndonesiaItalyJapanKenyaMalawiMyanmarThe NetherlandsNew ZealandNorwayPakistanPalestinePeruPortugalRwandaSouth AfricaSwitzerlandTaiwanTanzaniaThailandUnited KingdomUnited StatesVietnam100 =1463536%28%35%64%ProductRelated 47%PlaceRelated 28%ProcessRelatedSaud Amiry is founder and FidaTouma and Khaldun Bshara areco-directors of the RiwaqCentre for ArchitecturalConservation, focused ondocumenting Palestinian heritageand culture through restorationof the built environment.www.riwaq.org3 Alejandro Aravena is executivedirector of Elemental, a"do-tank" for design projects inthe public interest, particularlyin the areas of housing,infrastructure, and public life.www.elementalchile.cl4 Iwan Baan is an architecturalphotographer whose work isdistinguished by his portrayal ofthe context of architecture,including the environment andsociety that it serves and creates.www.iwan.com5 Shigeru Ban is principal ofShigeru Ban Architects andfounder of the VolunteerArchitects Network (VAN),known for his innovativeconstruction techniques withrecycled cardboard paper tubesas rapid response housing fordisaster victims.www.shigerubanarchitects.com6 Joyce Banda is President of theAfrican country of Malawi,currently focused on reducingmaternal mortality with a majorsystem design andinfrastructure initiative based onthe premise that health anddesign are inextricably Christian Bason is director ofinnovation at MindLab, across-ministerial innovation unitthat involves citizens andbusinesses in creating newsolutions for society.www.mind-lab.dk8 Eve Blossom is founder of LulanArtisans, a social enterprisepartnering with Southeast Asianweavers to work towardseconomic sustainability for localartisans and their communities.www.lulan.com9 Somsook Boonyabancha isdirector of the Asian Coalitionfor Housing Rights and AsianCoalition for Community Action,both focused on "land-sharing"agreements between slumdwellers and squatters as wellas land owners.www.codi.or.thBarbara Bush is co-founder andCEO of Global Health Corps,which places and engagesfellows—like Rwandanarchitects Christian Benimanaand Commode Dushimimana ofMASS Design Group—indeveloping nations to worktowards improving healthoutcomes for the poor.www.ghcorps.orgAlfredo Brillembourg andHubert Klumpner areco-founders of Urban ThinkTank, an interdisciplinarypractice using design as astrategy for sustainable, urbandevelopment and committed tobuilding discourse betweenstakeholders and policy makers.www.u-tt.com1013 Jonathan Cedar and AlecDrummond are co-founders andEthan Kay is Director ofEmerging Markets at BioLite, asocial enterprise that createdthe Biolite HomeStove, which runson clean fuel and provides off-gridpower in remote villages.www.biolitestove.com16 HRH The Prince of Whales isfounder of The PrincesFoundation for CommunityBuilding, working to createsustainably planned, built, andmaintained communities, witha belief that living better at alocal level is a solution tobroader global challenges.www.princes-foundation.org17 Allan Chochinov iseditor-in-chief of,which frequently celebratessocial impact design,particularly through its Core77Design Awards program, as wellas co-founder of the MFA inProduct Design program at theSchool of Visual Arts.www.core77.com20 Elizabeth Crossman is chair,Jonathan Reckford is CEO, andPresident Jimmy Carter is anambassador of Habitat forHumanity International, foundedon the conviction that every man,woman, and child—regardless ofreligion—should have a decent,safe, and affordable place to live.www.habitat.org15 Aziza Chaouni is a professor atthe University of Toronto andprincipal of Aziza ChaouniProjects, a multidisciplinarystudio dedicated to improving thebuilt environment for all people.www.azizachaouniprojects.com18 Colleen Clines is co-founderand executive director of theAnchal Project, which mergesdesign, business, and educationto empower marginalized andexploited women in Indiathrough the production oftextiles—"designing change,stitch by stitch."www.anchalproject.org14 Fred Gelli is principal of TatilDesign and a founding partnerof Cria Global, a socialenterprise design consultancydedicated to moving beyond thefor-profit/nonprofit constraintsof business to create solutionswith shared value for Hilary Cottam and HugoManassei are co-founders ofParticiple, an organizationcommitted to designing,developing, and scaling newways for individuals andcommunities to impactgovernment and thepublic realm.www.participle.net30 Peter Frykman is founder andCEO of Driptech, working toalleviate poverty by creatingextremely affordable, waterefficient irrigation solutionsfor small-plot farmers indeveloping nations.www.driptech.com21Sharon Davis is principal ofSharon Davis Design, which hasspearheaded the design of aWomen for Women Internationalopportunity center in Kayonza,Rwanda, and inspired her toco-found the nonprofit BigFuture Group, focused oninternational development.www.sharondavisdesign.com26 Maria Eitel is president, whileTom De Blasis and ColmanChamberlain are the directorand manager of designinnovation for the NikeFoundation, which brings a"co-design" approach toissues affecting women andgirls with a goal of eradicatingglobal poverty.www.nikefoundation.org22Steve Davis is CEO of PATH,an international nonprofitorganization that transformsglobal health throughinnovation, focused ondelivering high-impact,low-cost, life-saving devices,developed collaborativelywith communities.www.path.org23 Gabriele Diamanti is anindustrial designer based inMilan and creator of theEliodomestico, a solar waterdistiller designed to convertseawater into drinking water,without the aid of electricity,filters, or maintenance.www.gabrielediamanti.com24 James Dyson is founder of theDyson company of The JamesDyson Foundation, which aimsto create a generation ofengineers to address the 21stcentury challenges ofsustainability and housing.www.jamesdysonfoundation.org25 Alejandro Echeverri is prinipalof Alejandro EcheverriArquitectos, which partnerswith local designers andcommunity members to buildlibraries, schools, parks, andcultural centers in some ofthe Medellins mostimpoverished neighborhoods.alejandroecheverriarquitectos.tumblr.com28 Paul Farmer is founder ofPartners in Health, whichprovides healthcare tounderserved communities indeveloping nations, includingRwanda where PIH is theprincipal client for the ButaroHospital and ongoing work byMASS Design Group.www.pih.org27 Robert Fabricant is vicepresident of creative at frog,where he leads numeroussocially oriented initiative andprojects such as ProjectMasiluleke which combats HIVand AIDS in South Africa.www.frogdesign.com29 Martin Fischer is co-founderand CEO of Kickstart, whichdesigns, promotes, and mass-markets simple, money-makingtools that small-holder farmersbuy and use to lift their familiesout of poverty.www.kickstart.org36 Viktoria Harrison is creativedirector of charity: water, anonprofit whose mission is tobring clean, safe drinking waterto people in developing countries,with design and storytellingbeing key to the organizationsmyriad campaigns.www.charitywater.org31 Bill and Melinda Gates areco-chairs of the GatesFoundation, dedicated toaddressing global health, poverty,development, and education,working to fulfill the belief thatevery life has equal value.www.gatesfoundation.org32 Jan Gehl is a founding partnerof Gehl Architects, an urbanresearch and designconsultancy focused on therelationship between the builtenvironment and people’squality of life.www.gehlarchitects.com33 Andreas Gjertsen and YasharHanstad are co-founders ofTYIN tegnestue Architects,working in developing countriesto build knowledge and honethrough the construction ofbeautifully designed, low-costpublic spaces and amenities.www.tyinarchitects.com3534 Fritz Haeg is a trainedarchitect and artist who worksin a wide variety of disciplinesand mediums to explore therelationship between designand context with an emphasison sustainability.www.fritzhaeg.comKate Hanisian and Ramsey Fordare co-founders of Design Impact,which embeds designers incommunities to address pressingsocial needs by partnering withorganizations already engaged inunderstanding and addressinglocal community needs.www.d-impact.org4443 Sarah Ichioka is director of TheArchitecture Foundation, anonprofit agency that advancesarchitecture and urbanism to enrichlife and improve the quality of thebuilt Ierodiaconou and AlastairParvin are designers at 00:/(zero zero) and core teammembers of Wikihouse, an opensource construction set thatallows anyone to design,download, and printCNC-milled houses that can beassembled by anyone.www.wikihouse.cc37 Arif Hasan is chairman of theUrban Resource Centre and anadvisor to an array ofinternational organizations,including various United Nationsagencies as well as The OrangiPilot Project, a multi-partprogram focused on squatterareas of Karachi.www.urckarachi.org38 Massoud Hassani is theinventor of the Mine Kafon, acrowd-funded, low-cost,wind-powered mine detonatorfor use in Afghanistan, which heconceived of and built based onthe design of a childhood toy.minekafon.blogspot.com39 Anna Heringer is an architectwho works in developingcountries, building homes andother spaces entirely withlocal materials and labor,resulting in what she calls"handmade" architecture.www.anna-heringer.com40 Jonathan Hursh leadsINCLUDED cities, which worksto engage urban leaderstowards creating inclusive citiesfor migrant slums and throughsocial and educationalprograms and the constructionof community centers.www.included.org41 Maxwell Hutchinson is founderand director of Article 25, anonprofit that providesarchitectural, engineering, andconstruction services inpartnership with communitiesin areas affected by extremepoverty and disaster.www.article-25.org42 Kigge Hvid is CEO of INDEX:Design to Improve Life, aDanish nonprofit that confersthe €500.000 INDEX DesignAward, focused on developingsustainable solutions to globaland local challenges.www.designtoimprovelife.dk45 His Highness the Aga Kahn is thehead of the Aga KahnDevelopment Network, whichworks to improve the welfareand prospects of people in thedeveloping world, as well asconfers the $1,000,000 Aga KahnAward for Jeroen Koolhaas and DreUrhahn are co-founders of theFavela Painting Project, whichcreates massive artworks andmurals in collaboration withlocal people, using art as a toolto inspire, create beauty,combat prejudice, and attractattention to slums.www.favelapainting.com46 William Kamkwamba is aninventor who built a windmill thatbrought electricity to his homeand village in Malawi, and founderof the Moving Windmills Project,which supports rural economicdevelopment and educationprojects in the country.www.williamkamkwamba.com47 Diébédo Francis Kéré is principalof Kéré Architecture, a firmworking to promote sustainableand community-driven projectsthat emphasize developmentthrough architecture, andfounder of the nonprofitSchulbausteine für Gando.www.kerearchitecture.com48 Surkhab Khan is the founder ofPAKSBAB, which offers greenbuilding solutions using locallabor and renewable materialsto provide affordable housingespecially suited for seismic andsevere temperature regions ofdeveloping countries.www.paksbab.org49 Gina Klein Jorasch is thedirector of the Stanford Institutefor Innovation in DevelopingEconomies (SEED), a $150million fund to design, develop,and scale innovative solutions torelieve poverty Cynthia Koenig is founder andCEO of Wello, a social venturereframing the water crisis as anopportunity by redesigning andproducing the WaterWheel as anincome-generating tool to lifttheir families out of poverty.www.wellowater.org57 Bernard Amadei and CatherineLeslie are the co-founder andInternational Secretariat ofEngineers Without BordersInternational, a globalinternational developmentorganization that providesengineering services todisadvantaged communities.www.ewb-usa.org56 Massimo Lepore, RaulPantaleo, and Simone Sfrisoare partners of Tamassociati,a design studio workingtoward architecture as a civilright, with sustainabledevelopment achieved throughparticipatory processes andethical guiding principles.www.tamassociati.org59 Mugendi M’Rithaa, Byron Qually,Roelf Mulder, Richard Perez, andHugo Van Vuuren are co-foundersof Design With Africa, an initiativeof XYZ Design that developsinnovative solutions to pressingsocial challenges in a wide varietyof contexts.www.dddxyz.org58 Chawanad Luanseng isco-coordinator of theCommunity Architects Network,which connects architects andcommunity groups to engage inparticipatory planning in ruralareas of more than 10 countriesthroughout Asia.www.achr.net53Michael Kuany is founder andpresident, and Jill Kurtz isboard chair of Rebuild Sudan,focused on building a primaryschool prototype for Sudaneserefugee children in the hopes ofimproving literacy rates andpromoting equality.www.rebuildsudan.org54 Panthea Lee and Zach Brissonare co-founders and principalsof Reboot, which designs andimplements systems that workin the publics interest to enablecitizens and institutions toengage one another in tacklingsocial challenges.www.thereboot.org55 Andres Lepik is Chair ofArchitectural History &Curatorial Practice at TheTechnical University of Munichand a leading voice aboutarchitecture and design for thepublic good, stemming from his2010 MoMA exhibition, SmallScale, Big Change.61 Carlos Enrique Marroquin Machanis founder of Maya Pedal, whichdesigns, builds, and deploys"bicimaquinas" (bicycle machines)to assist in the daily lives of ruralGuatemalans, while facilitating thedevelopment of micro-enterprises.www.mayapedal.org60 Ezio Manzini is the internationalcoordinator for DESIS (Designfor Social Innovation towardsSustainability), a network ofuniversity-based design labs,actively involved in promoting andsupporting suvstainable change.www.desis-network.org6663 Giancarlo Mazzanti is principal ofMazzanti Arquitectos, focused onrevitalizing the slums of Bogota byturning crime-ridden public spacesinto delightful community centers,like Cubierta Cazucá, a shadedsports court and public plaza.www.giancarlomazzanti.com62 Bruce Mau is founder of BruceMau Design, a multidisciplinaryfirm responsible for projectssuch as Massive Change, TheSecret To Making A Difference,and The Third Teacher.www.brucemaudesign.com65 D.R. Mehta is founder ofBhagwan Mahaveer ViklangSahayata Samiti (BMVSS), widelyknown as Jaipur Foot, is theworlds largest organization forthe disabled in terms of freefitment of prosthetic limbs.www.jaipurfoot.org64 Cathleen McGuigan iseditor-in-chief of ArchitecturalRecord magazine, whichrecently dedicated its March2013 issue to "Sheltering theWorld," building on itsgroundbreaking "Building forSocial Change" a year earlier,among other crucial coverage.www.archrecord.com69 Ravi Naidoo is founder anddirector of Design Indaba, aconference and platform built onthe belief that creativity will fueland already is fueling an economicrevolution in South Africa.www.designindaba.com68Luyanda Mpahlwa is thefounder of Design Space Africa,pioneering a new style ofarchitecture that integrates andelevates African-inspired designin both rural and urban settings.www.designspaceafrica.comToshiko Mori is principal ofToshiko Mori Architects andfounder of VisionArc, a think tankdedicated to exploring the role ofdesign within complex social andenvironmental issues.www.visionarc.orgAna Morgado, Lara CamillaPinho, Carmo Sousa MacedoCaldeira, and Maria da PazSequeira Braga areco-founders of BlaancBorderless Architecture, aninternational design teamfocused on sustainable buildingand betterment livingconditions globally.www.blaanc.com6771Jo Noero is principal of NoeroArchitects, a community-basedpractice rooted in values ofempowerment and service,distinguished for working withdisadvantaged populations inSouth Africa.www.noeroarchitects.com70 Lanvy Nguyen is founder ofFashion 4 Freedom, a socialenterprise dedicated to ethicalgarment manufacturingpractices that supportcommunity development andempowerment of young women.www.fashion4freedom.com73 Chelina Odbert is co-founder andprincipal of Kounkuey DesignInitiative, a network committed totransforming impoverishedcommunities by collaborating withresidents to create low-cost,high-impact built environments.www.kounkuey.org72Jacqueline Novogratz is founderand CEO of Acumen, which hasinvested over $50 million insocial ventures serving the poorand recognized that entitiessuch as d.light bring dignitythrough beautiful andfunctional design.www.acumen.org75 DK Osseo-Asare and Ryan Bollomare founding principals and AshleyHeeren is a partner in Low DesignOffice, a design/build architecturestudio dedicated to achievinghigh design through low cost,low energy, and lowenvironmental impact solutions.www.lowdo.net74 Ogheneruno (Runo) Okiomah isfounder of Maa-Bara, aminimal-waste, closed-loopsustainable agricultural modelthat utilizes kitchen scraps togrow healthy, fresh fish andvegetables, through low-tech,low-cost kits for aquaponics inthe developing world.www.maabara.org77 Kelly Ratigan is principal ofFormworks Architecture, whichhas undertaken array of work inthe areas of aging, health, drugand alcohol rehabilitation, andsocial housing, buttressed by abelief that “design is for all." Petrescu and ConstantinPetcou are co-founders of Atelierd’Architecture Autogérée, acollaborative platform forexperimentation and renewal ofderelict urban spaces.www.urbantactics.org79 Quilian Riano is founder andprincipal of DSGN AGNC, aresearch and design studio thatworks with civil society groups tocomprehensively address issuesthat negatively affect marginal andimmigrant communities.www.dsgnagnc.com78 Naveen Rao is president, PriyaAgrawal is executive director,and Celina Schocken is directorof external partnerships forMerck for Mothers, anunprecedented commitment tomaternal health focused in parton the design and construction ofmaternal waiting homes andhealth worker housing.www.merckformothers.com81 Sanjit “Bunker” Roy is founder ofBarefoot College, which servesrural communities with theobjective of making themself-sufficient, using a systemsfocus that touches on issues suchas energy, health, water, andwasteland development.www.barefootcollege.org80 Peter Rich is principal of PeterRich Architects, acommunity-based practicededicated to the creation ofauthentic contemporary Africanarchitecture that empowerslocals, contributes to thedevelopment of communities, andbuilds Elizabeth Scharpf is founder ofSustainable Health Enterprises,which provides women in Rwandaand other developing countrieswith greater access to healthproducts, including a menstrualpad made from banana tree fibers.www.sheinnovates.com84 Abby Sarmac is a program officerof The Lemelson Foundation,which supports invention-basedsocial enterprises addressingsignificant human needs indeveloping countries.www.lemelson.org83 Zainab Salbi is founder, AfshanKhan is CEO, and KarenSherman is Rwanda’s directorof Women for Women,Itnterational, providing womensurvivors of war and otherconflicts with the tools andresources to move from crisis tostability and self-sufficiency.www.womenforwomen.orgDonald and Shelly Rubin areco-founders and Bruce Payne isexecutive director of the RubinFoundation, which works tosupport the arts, to meeturgent human needs, to defendliberty, and to promote socialjustice, with a special focus onsafe buildings.www.sdrubin.org8287 Kirtee Shah is principal of KSADesign Planning Services anddirector of the Ahmedabad StudyAction Group, which promoteslow-cost housing for urban andrural poor to improve quality of lifeand campaigns against child labor.www.ksadps.com86 Edward Schwarz is generalmanager of the HolcimFoundation, promotingsustainable responses to thetechnological, environmental,socioeconomic, and culturalissues affecting building andconstruction.www.holcimfoundation.org90 Ratan Tata is head of The TataTrust, a foundation focused in parton the maintenance of physicalinfrastructure, such as hospitalsand schools as well aspost-disaster relief.www.srtt.org89Kevin Starr is managing directorof the Mulago Foundation,focused on health, poverty, andconservation in the world’spoorest places by fundingorganizations working towardsmaximum social impact with thepotential to go to scale.www.mulagofoundation.org94 Marcus Veerman is founder andCEO of PlaygroundIDEAS, whichworks to improve the educationand wellbeing of children inunder-resourced communitiesthrough training and resourcingcommunities to build beautiful,safe playgrounds.www.playgroundideas.org93 Greg Van Kirk is co-founder ofCommunity Enterprise Solutions,which has pioneered themicro-consignment model todesign and implement responsesto long-standing developmentchallenges aimed at alleviatingpoverty sustainably.www.cesolutions.org97 Amos Winter is a professor at MITand founder of Global ResearchInnovation & Technology, whichuses technology to improvepeoples lives, through productslike the Leveraged Freedom Chair,an all-terrain wheelchair fordeveloping countries.www.gogrit.org95Ian Vincent is founder ofDesigning for Tomorrow a socialnetwork focused on the builtenvironment, uniting peoplearound the world with a passionfor not only shaping tomorrowsplaces and spaces, but also thesocieties of tomorrow.www.designingfortomorrow.org99Jodie Wu is CEO of Global CycleSolutions, a social enterpriseworking to design and disseminateaffordable, quality technology,such as a bike-powered maizesheller, a bicycle phone-charger,and a drip irrigation kit fordeveloping countries.www.gcstz.comMegan Jett is a graphic designer,specializing in infographics, forclients such as the AutodeskGallery,,and TED, among others, on anarray of subjects.www.meganjett.com98Ewa Wojkowska and ToshiNakamura are co-founders ofKopernik, an online marketplacefor life-changing technologiesdesigned for the developingworld such as Q-drum, LifeStraw,and Ad-specs.www.kopernik.infoA world leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainmentsoftware and services, Autodesk helps people everywhere imag-ine, design and create a better world. Autodesk is committed tosupporting a global community of architects, designers, engineers,makers, and artists by providing solutions that enable them tomake better design decisions—whether they’re designing cities,buildings, products, transportation or energy Cary is founding editor andexecutive director of theup-and-coming Autodesk ImpactDesign Foundation.www.johncary.usJim Taylor and Debbie Aung Dinare co-founders of ProximityDesigns, which works with ruralfarming families in Myanmar todevelop technologies and servicesto help alleviate poverty.www.proximitydesigns.org91 Lauren Tavener-Smith, AndreasKeller, and Vanessa von derHeyde are co-founders withBerry Wessels of iShack Living, adatabase on design solutions forinformal settlements primarilyaddressing inadequate housingand services for the urban Brinda Somaya is co-founderand principal of Somaya &Kalappa Consultants, whichundertake projects of all scaleswith an expressed belief that"the architect’s role is that ofguardian; he or she is theconscience of the built andun-built environment."www.snkindia.com92 9411 Alex Cabunoc and Ji A You arethe co-creators of the GiraDora,a foot-powered washingmachine designed to save timeand water, improves comfortand health, and alleviatingpoverty by providing amechanism to generate income.121 Kunlé Adeyemi is principal ofNLÉ, a firm focused on shapingthe physical, human, culturaland economic architectures ofdeveloping cities, best knownfor its Makoko Floating Schoolproject in Lagos, Nigeria.www.nleworks.com100PUBLIC.INTEREST.DESIGNGlobalMakerPromoterOrganizerFunderFacilitatorEducatorConnectorVisualizerPolicy MakerAmbassador52 Lars Kruckeberg, ThomasWillemeit, and Wolfram Putz arefounding partners of GRAFT, acritical design and constructionpartner of Brad Pitts Make ItRight Foundation in New Orleansfrom its,Curator Designerwomenpersonsof colormenmakers76FUNDERSORGANIZERSPROMOTORSFUNDERSMAKERSPOLICY MAKERSCONNECTORSAMBASSADORSEDUCATORSVISUALIZERSEveryone deserves good design.This is the shared belief of a global network of people operating at theintersection of design and service. Building on our popularPublic Interest Design 100, released in December 2012, this secondedition takes a much more global look at the advocates,communicators, funders, makers, and others shaping our 1-2 3-4 5-6 7+CANADA15,62GUATEMALA61BRASIL10,14PORTUGAL66FRANCE76UNITED KINGDOM16,19,24,41,43,44NORWAY33THE NETHERLANDS1,4,38,51DENMARK7, 32, 42GERMANY47,52,55AUSTRIA39SWITZERLAND45,86 PALESTINE2PAKISTAN37 INDIA18,65,81,87,88,90ITALY23,56,60KENYA29RWANDA11,28,83GHANA75TANZANIA99MALAWI6,47NEW ZEALAND95AUSTRALIA77,94JAPAN5CHINA40,96MYANMAR92INDONESIA98TAIWAN100VIETNAM70THAILAND9,58SOUTH AFRICA59,68,69,71,80,91COLOMBIA25, 63PERU12CHILE3UNITED STATES8,11,13,17,20,21,22,26,27,28,30,31,34,35,36,48,49,50,53,54,57,64,67,72,73,74,75,76,78,79,82,83,84,85,89,93,97Hsieh Ying-Chun is an architectworks in rural areas of Asiathat have been decimated bynatural disaster, trainingvillagers to build locallyappropriate dwellings withgreater safety, structuralintegrity, and sustainability.10096Lu Wenyu and Wang Shu areprincipals of AmateurArchitecture Studio, a namethat references the approach anamateur builder takes—onebased on spontaneity, craftskills, and cultural traditions.Sponsor