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Forge - DevCon 2016: Drawings! Drawings! Everywhere!


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Abhishek Singhal, Riversoft
Ben O’Donnell, BIMobject
Albert Szilvasy, Autodesk
AutoCAD DWG files are widely used in many industries today, the Forge platform provides REST APIs to unlock the data inside them or to create new ones. This class will show how to securely connect Forge to various data storage services where your DWGs reside. It will demonstrate how to access a database while processing a DWG, a critical piece for many customers who embed database keys in their  DWG files. Finally, we will look at how a real world customer uses the Design Automation APIs today.

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Forge - DevCon 2016: Drawings! Drawings! Everywhere!

  1. 1. Albert Szilvasy, Autodesk Abhishek Singhal, Risersoft Ben O'Donnell, BIMobject Drawings! Drawings! Everywhere!
  2. 2. Agenda • Overview of Design Automation API • Demo • Clients • Risersoft • Bimobjects
  3. 3. AutoCAD.IO Design Automation API Forge DAA Nicely captures the simplicity of this API As in: It is simple!
  4. 4. The problem • There are billions of DWG files “out there” • Lot of people want DWG files • You need AutoCAD to access/create DWGs • Requires HW, license, personnel to maintain
  5. 5. Solution: Design Automation API • A simple DWG processing service • Simple: • Input url(s) + output urls(s) + autocad commands • Service: • no license, no hw, no maintance • Available since November 2014 • Daily volume of over 50,000 dwgs
  6. 6. The API HTTP Endpoint /Activities /WorkItems /AppPackages /Engines Programmingconcept Function definition Function call Shared library Instruction set AutoCAD concept Script file Script execution Plugin (crx) AutoCAD version
  7. 7. DAA: output = f(input) (r1, r2, r3) f(p1, p2, p3…pN) { inst1 p3,p2 inst2 p1, r1 … } Activity: • sequence of commands to execute + formal parameters/return value decl • Engine: version of AutoCAD to use • AppPackage: code for custom commands Activity Named file Named file AutoCAD commands Name Function Input parameter Return value(out parameter) Instructions Name
  8. 8. Notes on f() • Activities like functions are stored and reusable. Create once use many times. • AppPackages like shared libraries are stored and reusable. Upload once use many times. • Engines are like CPU architectures. Clients can enumerate them.
  9. 9. DAA: output = f(input) var v = f(https://xyz, https://qfq, https://lsf ) • WorkItem: • invoke f() with concrete input/output arguments (URLs + headers). A function call. • Input/outputs are NOT stored, they are downloaded/processed and THROWN AWAY
  10. 10. Demo: Your data at the center If it is accessible over HTTP then it works for us: • AWS • Azure • Forge Data Management API • …
  11. 11. Abhishek Singhal CEO, Risersoft UnitCAD Automate your drawings
  12. 12. About Risersoft Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions © 2016 Autodesk Parametric Enterprise Jet-Set-Go With Cloud Engineering Driven Manufacturing Enquiry to Cash
  13. 13. About Risersoft Maximprise Enquiry to Cash solution The complete flow actually consists of several sub flows: Enquiry to Quotation Enquiry  Engineering  Quotation Order to Planning Customer Order  Engineering  Planning Procure to Pay Planning  Procurement  Receipt  Payment Order to Cash Planning  Production  Dispatch  CashEngineering is at the center of universe (Of Operations)! Planning
  14. 14. UnitCAD Architecture Easy Automation AutoCAD and Inventor GUI based rule entry Excel Formula Language Database Storage 1. Rules Driven Creation of CAD Models and drawing 2. Replaces Programming paradigm with a) Familiar Excel like Formula Language b) Database c) Front end GUI
  15. 15. AutoCAD IO – Enabling new UnitCAD workflows •Browser based •Based on Web API •List Rules •Generate Output •Call UnitCAD API in your own apps •Based on Web API •Generate Output •Standalone App •Based on Web API •Create Rules •Generate Output •AutoCAD Environment •Based on AutoCAD API •Create Rules •Generate Output Add- In Win App Web App Web API
  16. 16. AutoCAD IO Development and Transition Notes 1. UnitCAD architecture  model-view-controller. The models are reused across variants. 2. UnitCAD engine  split UI and execution. The engine remains same for all variants. 3. AutoCAD IO offline  the engine needs to be provided all data as “in-memory”. 4. Test  Always test in local accoreconsole before testing in the cloud. 5. Test  Crash information is not available when testing in cloud.
  17. 17. UnitCAD Basics • Hierarchy of rules produces hierarchy of AutoCAD Blocks • Rule Types – Parameter, Child, Action, Snapshot • Create geometry such as line, circle, ellipse etc through child rules • Use existing AutoCAD Blocks • Create parametric 3D Solids • Formula Language: • Familiar Excel functions like Engineering, information, logical • Special functions for CAD model query • All variants use same data and backend service
  18. 18. 1. Add-In 2. Win App 3. Web App Demo
  19. 19. Welcome to Office Mix WATCH CREATE SHARE Delete this slide (Delete key) and open a new slide (Ctrl + M) when you are ready to createyour first Mix 1 2 3
  20. 20. UnitCAD API 1. Synopsis • Use UnitCAD in your own apps • Create rules in one of the other variants • Call API and get the CAD model back • Request Data: Startup component and parameter values • Response: URL where result is stored • Pattern: Fire – Acknowledge – Poll • Call pattern similar to AutoCAD IO 2. Demo
  21. 21. Risersoft Parametric Enterprise  Typically, Engineering organization has their own domain specific tools, which are spreadsheet based or custom designed.  Typically, all of that output can ultimately be given as a collection of parameters, ranging from dozens to thousands.  Rules are defined in the familiar easy-to-use Excel like formula language.  Use rules and parameters to create enterprise data in addition to CAD automation. © 2016 Autodesk
  22. 22. Status • App suite under testing • Release within 4-5 weeks • Per user per month pricing • Registration portal with e-commerce: • Buy App suites with auto provisioning on cloud • Manage tiers • Manage multiple users within single account • Manage API Apps
  23. 23. Cloud solutions branded BIM content High prof iled brands Parametric and conf igurable + 4 million articles (sku) Properties and inf ormation , classifications like COBie LOD 100-400 and dy namic LOI Support the entire process Multiple f ormats and 22 languages supported
  24. 24. Mass production of BIM content Industrialise the creation processes Create an unbroken , information chain
  25. 25. BIMscript® An open developer script that enables smart objects in a cloud environment and single source of truth
  26. 26. The process from Mech CAD to BIM objects BOPC™ Properties Downloadable parametric objects for: ArchiCAD Revit Sketchup Viewable and configurable in: Web GL, (on fly creation) Mechanical CAD formats imported into Rhino: IGES Solidworks STEP STL CATIA UG NX Parasolid Alias Inventor PRO E Delete geometry not needed Optimize the geometry Add geometry for LOD 100 Drag drop into script editor Build intelligence test, analyze and upload BIMscript™ to cloud IFC 3DS DWG BIMscript™
  27. 27. User BIMscript to DWG Design Automation API Start Lookup BIMscript for Product page Setup Parameters ofthe Product RequestDWG File of the Product Convert BIMscript to AutoCAD script using Parameters selected Amazon S3 Upload AutoCAD scriptinto S3 with a unique name Save AutoCAD scriptfor later use Return result Create Work Item for Design Automation API referring the AutoCAD scriptin S3 Upload Work Item & Start Polling for the Result Start Work Item
  28. 28. User BIMscript to DWG Design Automation API Finish polling & RequestResult Extract DWG file & Return Result Amazon S3 Save DWG file Lookup AutoCAD script Return Result RequestAutoCAD script Execute AutoCAD script resulting DWGfile Return result Lookup Work Item Result End
  29. 29. @AutodeskForge Get Started