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Forge - DevCon 2016: Building Data Centric Applications on Forge


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Boris Shoov, AMC Bridge; Oleg Shilovitsky, openBoM

The Forge Data Management and Model Derivative Service APIs allow you to connect to design data in ways never before possible, allowing for the construction of new services and applications with data at the center of your design.  This class will inspire your future creations by demonstrating and dissecting a series of design data-centric sample applications that use these APIs.

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Forge - DevCon 2016: Building Data Centric Applications on Forge

  1. 1. Oleg Shilovitsky, openBoM CEO / co-founder Building Data Centric Applications on Forge Boris Shoov, AMC Bridge Executive VP
  2. 2. Hello, I’m Oleg … and we’re Boris & Andrey
  3. 3. Contact: Boris Shoov <> About AMC Bridge
  4. 4. About openBoM and Newman Cloud Inc Contact: Oleg Shilovitsky <>
  5. 5. Hardware Startup: prototype to production Prototype development & Small batch production
  6. 6. Story from design to sourcing and production... 3D Design Review Bill of Materials Production
  7. 7. Fusion: federated design data source
  8. 8. Import 3D design from design contractor
  9. 9. Design collaboration
  10. 10. Preparing Bill of Materials for RFQ
  11. 11. Sourcing collaboration with CM and suppliers
  12. 12. Demo video and product presentation
  13. 13. Let’s talk about code...
  14. 14. Code: Import CAD data to Forge
  15. 15. Code: Extracting component list to openBoM
  16. 16. Conclusion: design data centric federation 3D design BOM collaboration CAD1 CAD2 CAD3
  17. 17. Q & A