Can Social Media help your Auto Repair Shop?


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Dedicating Time for Social Media

If you’re considering social media for your business, chances are you’ve already heard how powerful these platforms can be as a marketing tool and for customer engagement.
However, creating your profiles is just the first step; consistent dedication and effort is needed in order to truly be successful. In fact, several tasks need to be done on a regular basis, so you’ll need to figure out exactly how much time you can dedicate to your social media marketing campaigns.
Consider the following tasks, and determine an actionable plan to put forth the effort. Chances are that you cannot personally put in the time it takes to manage your accounts and will need the help of a partner, or a professional social media manager to get the job done.
• Setting up Accounts: Before you get started, you’ll need to take the time to properly set up your accounts. The good thing about this step is that once you’ve gotten it set up, the longest process is done. It usually takes a few hours to go through all of the details in order to get familiar with the site and provide all your pertinent details. Keep in mind that this is a crucial step. No one wants to visit a company profile that doesn’t list business details and service information. Take the time to make sure your account is completely filled out before moving on.
• Content Sharing: Consistent, yet engaging, content is by far one of the most important things that must be done to grow your business. Without it, people will quickly lose interest and move on. This doesn’t mean you’ll need to write long stories every day. A few hundred words on a blog post, a quick company update, and other tidbits of information will suffice as long it’s regular, authentic material. You should expect to spend about an hour or less per blog posts and updates. Longer articles, such as tutorials and descriptions, could take a few hours.
• Answering Questions and Comments: You’ll need to check your social media accounts periodically throughout the day for questions and comments. There is no set rule as to when you should check, but it’s a good idea not to keep your followers waiting too long. There is also no set amount of time it takes to go through each question and comment as it will greatly depend upon what topic you’re replying to. For example, someone may just need to know if you’re open on Saturday. Yet, another person may want a detailed description of a new service you’re offering. Leaving questions unanswered and ignoring comments you’d rather not reply to is a surefire way to lose interest from potential customers. Therefore, it’s imperative to take the time each day, even if it’s just once a day, to answer questions and reply to comments.

If you would like to get more information on how Social Media Marketing can help your auto repair shop, feel free to contact me for a free evaluation.

Ed Burckhardt
(800) 520-9498

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