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Why Not Having a Mobile Website is Costing You Customers

With millions of consumers now turning to their smartphones and portable tablets for product purchases, directions to businesses, and more, there has never been a better time for auto repair shops to have their own mobile website. In fact, not having a mobile website at this point in time runs the risk of losing both current and potential customers.

Local Searches
According to the Local Search Association, one of the world’s largest print, digital, and social media trade associations, the amount of local searches via cellphones and mobile tablets quadrupled in 2012 alone. By the end of 2013, this number is expected to be even higher.

When people utilize their mobile devices to perform local searches, they are typically looking for quick results for their intent, whether it be finding directions to a local business or researching a new product or service before purchasing. If you don’t have a mobile site that’s optimized to be viewer-friendly for consumers, there is a great likelihood that they will continue their local search to a company that does.

Problem Websites
Although mobile users may find your traditional website when performing a search, they’ll more than likely experience slow load times and heavy graphics that aren’t designed for mobile viewing. In addition, if you have Flash on your business website, they may not be able to view your site at all from a mobile device.
Again, consumers will probably seek out another local business that has a mobile website that’s easier to load and view. In fact, at least 72% of all mobile users have stated that they place a lot of importance in their purchasing decisions on mobile-friendly websites that allows them to quickly seek what they are looking for. Furthermore, most consumers don’t return to websites that are problematic.

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Ed burckhardt Auto Shop Mobile Websites

  1. 1. Presented by: Ed Burckhardt (800) 299-8623 How a Mobile Website Can Help You Connect With Local Consumers
  2. 2. What is a Mobile-Friendly Website? A mobile-friendly website is one that loads quickly and is easy to navigate on mobile devices. Tapping on “Call Us” dials directly, on “Find Us” opens a Google Map with your location.
  3. 3. Mobile Website Facts & Trends Every Business Should Know About  More than 6 Billion Mobile Users Worldwide  By 2014, Mobile Internet Usage is Expected to Exceed Desktop Internet Usage  More than 50% of all “Local” Searches are Done from a Mobile Device  9 out of 10 Mobile Searches Lead to Action; Over Half Lead to a Purchase
  4. 4.  Approximately ½ of All Mobile Users Access the Internet from Their Mobile Devices  Smartphones are Now OUTSELLING Personal Computers  Websites That Take More Than 4 Seconds to Load on Mobile Devices Lose Approximately 25% of Their Visitors  70% of All Mobile Searches Result in Action Within ONE HOUR Mobile Website Facts & Trends Every Business Should Know About
  5. 5. Popular Mobile Activities Social Networking 42% Call to Get directions location information 51% Call to schedule an appointment Click to call is one of the most used features on the mobile search engine results page Searching for Local Services 52% Check for business hours 70% of mobile searchers have used click to call Sending and Reading Text Messages What Are People Doing on Their Mobile Devices?
  6. 6. Mobile Technology is GREAT, But It Has Caused Problems for Some Local Businesses… Mobile has changed the way consumers spend their money… It has also changed the way your business can truly CONNECT with your local target market…
  7. 7. TRADITIONAL METHODS MOBILE METHODS • Mobile Websites • Text Message Marketing • Mobile Apps & More! • Yellow Page Books • Newspaper Ads • TV Commercials Traditional Advertising Methods Are No Longer as Effective as They Once Were
  8. 8. You Must : 1. Put your Auto Repair Shop in front of your mobile target audience 2. Spend your marketing dollars where they can yield the best returns 3. Utilize the power of mobile marketing to stay connected to your local market What Does This Mean for Your Business?
  9. 9. Could a Mobile Website Be The Missing Piece of the Puzzle for YOUR SHOP? Mobile Marketing is No Longer a Trend… It’s the NEW Way to Do Business!
  10. 10. Is This YOUR Mobile Audience? Recent studies show that current mobile web-user experiences are overall HORRIBLE when it comes to viewing and navigating websites…
  11. 11. Web Designers Understand How to Build Websites Made for COMPUTERS But a MOBILE PHONE is Not a Computer… Mobile-Friendly Site vs. Traditional Site
  12. 12.  Build Your Brand  Gain the Edge on Your Competitors  Connect with Local Consumers  Generate New Leads & Repeat Loyal Customers Why a Mobile Website? It’s POWERFUL For Helping You…
  13. 13.  Improved Overall Mobile User Experience  Faster Website Loading Speed on Mobile Devices  Location-Based for Geo-Targeting  More Exposures to “On-the-Go” Consumers Benefits of a Mobile Website
  14. 14.  More Traffic to Your Website  Boost Sales and Revenue  Build Your Brand  Stand Out From Your Competitors Benefits of a Mobile Website
  15. 15. Halloween Special!  If your Auto Repair Shop doesn’t have a Mobile Website, you are missing out!  Our fee for designing a mobile website is $399  Only until October 31st you don’t have to pay $399  Save Yourself $150! It’s only $249 (800) 299-8623
  16. 16. Thank You For Viewing Our Mobile Websites Presentation! For More Information About How You Can Lower Advertising Costs and Boost Profits at the Same Time, Contact Me Today! Presented by: Ed Burckhardt (800) 299-8623