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Ed burckhardt Misconceptions About Social Media


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So many small business owners are still having so many misconceptions about Social Media. I really hope this presentation helps clear some of them.

After providing online marketing solutions, exclusively for auto repair shops for over 12 years, I find so many that are still fearful of using social media for their businesses. They don't mind posting to their personal profiles in Facebook, but shy away from having an Business Page presence, either in Facebook, or Google+. If they could only realize the tremendous potential, and benefits, that interacting with their customers, or providing helpful answers to their questions, could have in their business.

Posting helpful articles and videos in your blog, ex., then posting them weekly to your own business branded social channels, can produce results that will surprise you. Your online presence, directly related to the services you provide, keeps growing exponentially.

One of the (many) great results, search engines will love you, they'll gladly keep on indexing all your blog pages and videos. After a while you end up with over 100 pages indexed by them.

Aside from the great exposure, how does this help you? Car owners searching with long tail keywords (which many use), such as "need to replace my BMW cabin air filter", might come across your blog article and video, explaining why you need to replace your cabin air filter.

If you would like to find out more, about how to implement it for your shop, email me at:, or feel free to call me at: (800) 520-9498. Don't worry, I don't believe on "sales pitches", I only deal with facts.

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Ed burckhardt Misconceptions About Social Media

  1. 1. Top 10 Misconceptions about Social Media Presented by: Ed Burckhardt (800) 520-9498 www.
  2. 2. Misconception #1 The FACTS: Social Media Is a Fad For Teenagers  Adults are Responsible for Driving Social Media Growth World-Wide  Approximately 67% of Online Adults Use Social Networking Sites
  3. 3. Misconception #2 The FACTS: Social Media is Too Time-Consuming and Hard To Manage  Doesn’t Take Long to Set Up; After That, it Only Requires On-going Management  Social Media Posts and Updates Do Not Require a Lot of Time, but Be Consistent
  4. 4. Misconception #3 The FACTS: Social Media Is Expensive  Using the Social Networks is Free  The Only Real Investment is “Time” or Hiring Someone to Help You  Overall, Social Media is Less Expensive than Traditional Forms of Marketing and Advertising
  5. 5. Misconception #4 The FACTS: Social Media: Just Set It And Forget It  Do Not Stop at Setting Up Your Social Media Profiles  Post Valuable, Relevant Content on a Regular Basis  Communicate and Engage with Your Audience Often
  6. 6. Misconception #5 The FACTS: Social Media Replaces Your Company Website  Social Media Should be Used in Addition to Your Website  Connect Your Website to Your Social Media Profiles and Vice Versa  This Cross-Promotion is a Win-Win Situation
  7. 7. Misconception #6 The FACTS: Social Media Takes Too Long to Generate Sales  Social Media isn’t All About “Selling”  It’s About Building Relationships with Consumers that Ultimately Lead to Sales
  8. 8. Misconception #7 The FACTS: You Have to Post a Lot to Get Results  There is No Need to Post Several Times per Day  Over-Posting Could be a Turn-Off to Your Audience  Determine a Schedule that Makes Sense and Make Sure Posts are Valuable to Your Audience
  9. 9. Misconception #8 The FACTS: You Need a Lot of Fans and Followers to Get Sales  It’s More About “Quality” than “Quantity”  Target Followers and Fans Who Fit Your Profile for Potential Sales  Targeted Social Media Engagement Boosts Conversions
  10. 10. Misconception #9 The FACTS: You Need to be on Every Social Media Site  Start with Just a Few Social Networking Sites and Build From There  Where is Your Target Audience Spending Time?  Branch Onto Different Sites Once You Have a Handle on the Sites You Started With
  11. 11. Misconception #10 The FACTS: Social Media Isn't a Good Method for Your Type Of Business  Don’t Make the Mistake of “Assuming” without Finding Out for Sure  If Your Business Needs More Exposure, More Leads, and More Customers, Social Media Can More Than Likely Help You Achieve Those Goals
  12. 12. Helpful Tip Combine good quality content, such as articles and videos, that will be informative for your customers. Then post them to your branded Social Channels weekly, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, and the search engines will love you. Some of our clients have over 120 pages of their website, indexed by Google, Bing, etc.
  13. 13. Upcoming FREE eBook! I am finishing a 40 page eBook “60 Ways Social Media Can Grow Your Local Business” that will guide you step by step on the most effective way to use Social Media for your business. If you would like to receive a free copy, go to my blog, sign up to get a free copy in your email. No Selling – No Sales Calls, Just Helping!
  14. 14. Presented by: Ed Burckhardt (800) 520-9498 www. Thank You for Viewing Our Presentation! Contact Me for More Information