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Auto Parts Network - Presentation

  1. 1. What is is the physical portal for the programIt will allow for: – Dealers to sign up for three different programs to increase sales, earning, and customer base – Dealers administer any of the program they participate in
  2. 2. What is AutoVend®? APN’s AutoVend® software powers the electronic product ordering experienceThe Unified Catalog – Automotive Industry AAIA / ACES / PIES Compliant – Online electronic catalog – allows Consumers and Dealers to accurately look up, view and purchase auto parts, accessories, tires and wheels electronicallyThe E-Commerce System – Orders can be fulfilled automatically from the Unified Catalog to a choice of multiple manufactures direct and fee based warehouse drop ship vendors - allowing for a complete list of product brand parts in the catalog
  3. 3. APN – Vision• To revolutionize the Automotive Service Industry by providing innovative IT services• To capitalize on an untapped market opportunity, while providing huge value to our dealers and their customers• To be the leader in B2B2C product distribution through unique patented technology provided to service dealers to help grow their businesses• To align ourselves with the service industry and further develop industry programs through technologies and create mutual incremental revenue streams
  4. 4. OpportunitiesIdentify Opportunities By:• Providing software solutions backed by integrated distribution that no other IT company provides• Intergrading with non-competitive third party IT companies and accessing their customer base• Carving out niche market opportunities through relationships and extensive knowledge of the Automotive Industry
  5. 5. The Dealer – Auto Shop Owner The auto service center, dealership that provides specialty automotive services• Franchise, Dealer Groups and Independent Service Centers, etc.• Independently owned and operated shop such as “John’s Auto Repair”• Specialty Service Shops, such as window tinting, car electronics, etc.• Collision Paint and Body Service Shops• Car Dealerships – New & Used Service Centers
  6. 6. The Customer The person who wants to buy auto parts and/or services• Purchase online and have it shipped to their house• Purchase online and have it shipped to an auto repair shop near them for installation (“shipped to the dealer”)• Purchase products at the service dealer and have installed at the dealer• Purchase at the dealer, pick up later or have it delivered to their home• Schedule an appointment for an automotive service online or in the repair shop
  7. 7. The APN Program• The Problem: Disconnect between the online world and brick and mortar world resulting in: – Lack of an automated solution to have parts installed by professionals – Lack of communication between online users and dealers – Loss service dealers sales due to not being able to offer products locally that are in the online catalog• The Solution: Offer services that allow online consumers and brick and mortar stores to communicate seamlessly and connect with one another.
  8. 8. B2B2C Model Consume rs House
  9. 9. B2B2C Central Repository
  10. 10. - Webstore Webstore Features • Auto Parts & Accessories Webstore • Simple for dealers • Unique products offered • Consumer-focused shopping • Incremental Sales • No cost to you • Products will be sent to you directly • Collect labor charge from customer • Receive quarterly profit payments • Simple tracking and accounting • Gain New Customers • Gain a powerful market segment • Gain a stronger Internet presence • Gain new customer that ONLY buy parts online • Compete effectively with big-name retailers • Open 24/7/365
  11. 11. - Webstore B2C Consumer Webstore• Complete online auto parts, accessories & tires webstore through the AutoVend® patent pending transaction fulfillment and unified product catalog system.• Auto Parts Network® system is supported by a strong network of manufacturers and warehouse distributors powers
  12. 12. - Webstore combines easy online ordering with a sophisticated website design fully and supported; ordering, sales, accounting, maintenance, and delivery into one highly integrated process. Just as technology carries the consumer from first contact through installation, APN’s internal applications automatically make all phases of the transaction smooth and simple for the dealers and consumers
  13. 13. - WebstoreUnique products offered through a “YourStore” branded online store• APN’s customer service will provide dealers full phone and email support• Dealers will have a support of a comprehensive strategic marketing campaign and advertising efforts – all handled by APN• The closest center in the group to where the products are delivered will receive the profits for the sale• Dealers decide which products to offer and sell – so only products that dealers are currently NOT carrying or that have limited or no access to will be sold.• Over 800 Brands: Auto Parts, Performance, Accessories, Wheels, Tire, Body Parts, Mobile Electronics, Car Care Products
  14. 14. - Webstore A complete, consumer-focused shopping experience• Convenient online ordering – 24 hours a day• Online credit card processing via PCI (payment Card Industry) compliance and security• Collection of state taxes• Ability to locate local dealers and optionally send products to center for installations• Opt-in communication for future offers and new products• Unique products not currently offers in-store• 1-2 day delivery with FREE SHIPPING options
  15. 15. - Webstore Simple Steps to Incremental Sales Receive Products – products will be sent to you directly – schedule the installation with customers Make Your Sale – collect labor charge AND receive monthly or quarterly payments on the profit of the pre-sold inventory parts
  16. 16. - Webstore Simple Steps to Incremental Sales – Continued Easy Accounting – simple tracking and accounting for sales made via the Webstore admin account login Gain New Customers – connect with a powerful market segment online and benefit from a stronger Internet presence
  17. 17. - Webstore Your Branded Online revenue-sharing store built to drive traffic and sales to dealers• No additional advertising, sales or inventory cost to dealers• Exposure to thousands of new customer that ONLY buy parts online• Increase your sales through add-on sales and repeat business• Open 24/7/365 – so you never miss a chance for a sale• Leverage your company or franchise brand-name to compete effectively with discounters and big-name retailers
  18. 18. B2B Wholesale Dealer Parts Ordering B2B Features • Dealer Dashboard User Interface • Process orders and track returns • Show your customer products with hidden and/or marked up prices • APN 800# parts Mgr. finds any part • POS Point of Sale Integration • Add catalog parts into your estimate • Order parts while in the estimate • POS process and restocking bulk inventory orders • Schedule your appointments online • See Direct Installer appointments • Track co-op and commissions • AutoVend lowest part cost in stock of 800 Brands real-time inventory • Buy direct from manufacturers with over 300 national warehouses • More Meineke dealers means more buying power to lower prices
  19. 19. B2B Wholesale Dealer Parts Ordering B2B Dealer Parts Ordering System Geared towards Dealer Wholesale Buying with:• Wholesale Pricing with warehouse direct and local delivery option• Dashboard user interface built for dealers• All the same features and support as the Webstore, plus dealer features• Coop management features
  20. 20. B2B Wholesale Dealer Parts Ordering Dashboard Online User Interface Allows Dealers To• Manage multiple dealer center accounts via a single login• Show your customer products at the counter computer with hidden or marked up prices• Schedule online appointments, process order and track returns• Access certified parts managers at APN (800) 734-5874 to find any part you need• Have real-time inventory access to over 300 national warehouses and over 800 Brands• Keep track of all your co-op rebates, webstore commissions and national accounts• Find the lowest price for items “in stock”; sort and group them by brand or any number of options for the given application
  21. 21. B2B Wholesale Dealer Parts Ordering POS Computer – Catalog Link Integration• POS Parts Catalogs with over 800 Brands (No need for monthly catalog $150 Fees)• Lookup parts from within your computer Point of Sale System• Choose parts from the catalog and bring them into your estimate• Order parts while you are in the estimate with a click on your mouse• Place bulk inventory orders – for complete restocking• Parts Catalogs include actual cost pricing, list prices, detailed descriptions and detailed product images• ALLDATA and Mitchell Labor Integration
  22. 22. B2B Wholesale Dealer Parts Ordering Gain access to huge wholesale products directly• Buy direct from manufacturers to get lower costs.• Control your buying power for all dealers• Manufacture Direct Programs Include: – Store POS materials, marketing programs, co-op funding, product training, leads, tech support – National Account pricing, get listed on manufactures brand website for both Authorized Dealer and Installers
  23. 23. Direct Installer Program Direct Installer • Dealer Dashboard User Interface • See Direct Installer appointments • Schedule your appointments online • Track co-op and commissions • APN (800) customer service • Dealers signup for services they perform • Get listed on dealer locators for installation services • Consumers buy online and have participating dealers install the parts • Parts are shipped to the dealer • Customer pays the dealer directly for installations • Commission on the parts is paid to the participating dealer • Acquire new business and sales • New service relationship referrals • National Account Opportunities
  24. 24. Direct Installer Program Direct Installer - Installation Services Drive more new customers and profits to your center:• Get new customers that pay dealers directly for installations• Get commissions on parts purchased from the website by consumers• Dashboard user interface built for dealers to manage customers and profits• Acquire new business and sales• Manage online appointments
  25. 25. Direct Installer Program Provides online consumers with access to installation services that dealers offer• Dealers sign as a participating Direct Installer for installation services they perform.• Consumers buy from or affiliate websites and can optionally have participating dealers install the products they purchase. Consumers choose a participating dealer in their local area for installation.• Products are shipped to the dealer and customers pay dealer directly for installations.• A commission on the parts purchased from the website is paid to the participating dealer when the consumer chooses that dealer for installation.
  26. 26. Direct Installer Program The Direct Installer Program Will Allow You To• Become an installer for other lead generating websites with online product sales• Build brand awareness for your store all over the Internet as a reliable installer• Establish a new service relationship and generate referrals beyond your existing customer base without turning any sales away• Acquire new customers and new incremental business• Profit from sales commissions on products not even sold at your own store• Profit from labor to install parts without any product costs sold• Sell additional products and services to consumers at your center
  27. 27. Get Connected today…
  28. 28. – Webstore DemoFind Installer Services… Get Connected today…
  29. 29. – Webstore DemoCheck Installer Reviews… Get Connected today…
  30. 30. – Webstore DemoGet Directions – See Shop Pictures… Get Connected today…
  31. 31. – Webstore DemoGet Quote – Make Appointment… Get Connected today…
  32. 32. – Webstore DemoSave As My Installer – Get Coupons… Get Connected today…
  33. 33. – Webstore DemoStart Shopping… Get Connected today…
  34. 34. – Webstore DemoStart Check Out… Get Connected today…
  35. 35. – Webstore DemoDealer Logs In For Appointments … Get Connected today…
  36. 36. – Webstore DemoDealer Business Portal… Get Connected today…
  37. 37. – Webstore DemoDealer Business Portal… Get Connected today…
  38. 38. – Webstore DemoTransaction Center… APN’s Business Portal manages everything: • Order Parts next day and local same day • Respond to customer quote requests Get Connected today… • Set up and manage appointment Callender • View commissions from purchases on line • Access marketing and Training collateral