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Start thinking about the winter months now and ensure your family has safe travels for the holiday season and a safe vehicle for winter time.

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  1. 1. TOWINTERIZEYOUR CARORTRUCK... Emergency Kit A winter safety kit is the perfect winter traveling companion, while providing you with all the essentials. STEP01 STEP02 STEP03 STEP04 STEP05 STEP06 If your neck of the woods gets hit by hard winters, you might consider buying the following items designed for winter weather and keeping you and your family safer during travels. CREATED BY © 2017 All Rights Reserved CARQUEST LEARN MORE Steps 6  Snow Tires Install winter tires the special rubber compound allows them to stay flexible & grip the road for optimum traction. Get Your Battery Tested or Replaced Don't let your car battery die this winter and leave you stranded in the cold. Prepare for winter weather today. Change Your Oil Some mechanics recommend switching to a thinner oil if you live where temperatures drop below freezing. Top Off Fluids Ensure you have ample amounts of window washer fluid and anti-freeze for the winter months ahead. Window Wiper Blades Nothing is worse than trying to drive in winter weather with the worry of not being able to see the road.