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A few things I've learned about Blogging in the 2 years I've been blogging.

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Lat12 Blogging101

  1. 1. LATISM 2012 BLOGGING 101(A Few Things I’ve Learned About Blogging In The 2 Years I’ve Been Blogging )
  2. 2. Know Before You Blog• Blog name, Twitter handle, Pinterest, Facebook Page, Google + &Instagram – They should make sense to your overall theme and the same name. You want people to find you. Consistency is key.• WHY? – Blogging/Social Media is a choice. Write down WHY you want to blog and remember it.
  3. 3. The 5 C’s of Blogging• Content – If you want people to read your blog your content needs to be good. – Be yourself. Don’t try to copy someone else’s style or look.• Creativity – There is no set way to write a blog post. It can be a picture (Wordless Wednesday). It can be a list (10 thing you shouldn’t do when you’re hungry). It can be an response to something you saw in the news or on Twitter written in open letter form.• Consistency – If you want people to return to your blog, you need to be consistent(especially in the beginning). – Set a schedule of when you will write and stick to it. – Don’t feel you need to write everyday if you can’t. Start off slow – maybe 2 days a week. Incorporate your blog posting somewhere on your page so readers will know when to return.• Comments – You want people to comment (share, like, tweet your stuff) – you need to be ready to do the same. – Find 3 or 4 bloggers you like and comment on their posts. But don’t just write “love it” or “great post” – add your own personal insight or what you really liked – pull a quote from the post and respond to it. Start a dialogue.• Community – Blogging is an online community – you start building that community with your comments and social interaction. Join a network (i.e. Latina Bloggers Connect). Connect with local bloggers in your area. Join a facebook group of bloggers. Better yet – create one of your own.
  4. 4. Don’t Take It Personal• Bloggers are people too. – Ive met some really amazing people through blogging. Id even go as so far to say, Ive made some genuine friends - especially in the autism mom blogger community. And then Ive met some not so nice bloggers. And this may totally surprise you especially if youve follow their blogs and seem like the nicest person on line.• Nasty comments/No comments at all – There will be times when people attack you. My wise creative writing professor (Terrence Cheng) once said, "If you expect to be told what a great writer you are, each and every single you write something - go show it to your mother." The same can be said for blogging. If you are only interested in praise - write for your mother, your husband, your BFF or anyone else who loves you enough to lie to your face or blow smoke up your butt. – There will be times when no one comments. That’s fine. Just because no one comments, that doesn’t mean no one read it.
  5. 5. Blogger Be Certain• Be 100% certain before you hit publish. Once you publish something - its out there. There is no going back to delete. By the time, you second guess yourself and try to hit delete - someone has seen it or taken a screen shot. Someone may have printed it out or cut/copy and pasted into an email or word document. When in doubt about a post - wait until you are absolutely certain you want those words out there.
  6. 6. Blogging is Hard Work• Seriously hard work.• Don’t quit your day job, thinking blogging is the road to riches and free vacations.• It’s time consuming.• Often without a big financial pay off.• But it could be the most rewarding thing you ever do.
  7. 7. If you remember nothing else about Blogging 101 – REMEMBER THIS• Always remember the reason why you started to blog. You may want to write it down and post it everywhere you write because there will be days when you will wonder: – I dont know if I want to do this. – Does my writing even matter? – Why didnt this post get any comments?• Write for yourself. Never write to impress someone else.• Your writing matters. Your voice matters.
  8. 8. LATISM 2012BLOGGING 101