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Christmas 2012 powerpoint


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Christmas 2012 powerpoint

  1. 1. Merry Christmas From Melissa and Craig
  2. 2. Merry Christmas to One and All! 2012 has been a blessed year, with everyone healthier, wealthier and hopefully wiser too! Melissa and I celebrated our three-year anniversary over Labor Day weekend. Every night before I fall asleep, I always thank her for a “wonderful date.” It’s true! If you want pictures from our year, visit my Facebook and “friend” me for continuous updates. Our lives, and 800 million other’s lives are an even more open book these days, it seems.
  3. 3. A Year of Some Moves… 2012 growth included NO moves for us but many moves for the sibs. Graham and Gavin have moved to separate apartments in Lincoln Square. Courtney is still residing in Lincoln Park, and David and Katie keep their nest across from Holstein Park. Melissa and I still live on Millennium Park in a place we “can’t refuse.” We love the location and will remain until we figure out what we want to do when we grow up. We have no plans to retire, and love doing just what we do. Our address, if you don’t have it is: 130 N. Garland Court, #5105, Chicago, IL 60602
  4. 4. Staying put on Millennium Park…
  5. 5. A Year of Development! David Wilson grew with Groupon, and is still developing the NW Suburbs of Chicago and working on the Groupon Presents team. =en_US&trk=tyah More importantly, after last year’s wedding to Katie Freese at Salvage One, they wasted no time and had Winnie Mae Wilson—our first grand baby, and grand she is. Katie had her baby and retired from St. Vincent de Paul. She LOVES her job as a full-time mom.
  6. 6. David and Katie at the Altar!
  7. 7. David and Katie after the Altar! (One year later)
  8. 8. Everyone welcome Winnie Mae Wilson!
  9. 9. A Year of Promises Fulfilled! Graham is pursuing many passions, including working as an energy analyst for eZing Inc. and becoming a landlord. If you’re looking for an energy audit for your home/business contact him, his firm is more thorough than the IRS. Graham and Nicol are anxious to get out into the snow this winter and have plenty of skiing planned, Tahoe for one. 2013 will bring the arduous Architect Registration Exam for Nicol and some type of epic adventure for the both of them when it’s through. Canoe the Mississippi? Bicycle across New Zealand? Sail from Cali to Fiji? Time will tell. Graham was Gallagher for Halloween. Nicol was a mime.
  10. 10. And more promises yet to come!
  11. 11. A Year in Review! Gavin is the managing editor for, He also contributes articles to Spin Magazine, CenterStage and many other venues. Check out his personal website for more! Gavin is also pursuing a certification as a Cicerone. With the advent of micro beers, a Cicerone can evaluate beers from brewing and regions, as well as suggest perfect meal pairings. His girlfriend Katie Simon just joined Whitney Young as their teacher for the deaf.
  12. 12. Gavin and Winnie!
  13. 13. Kate and Gavin 
  14. 14. A Year of Education! Courtney spends her days shaping the young minds of Americas future as a special education teacher at the University of Chicago Charter School in Woodlawn. They achieve amazing results. After the last bell rings, Courtney swiftly snaps into beast mode as she dedicates her time to training for battle against the possibility of a zombie apocalypse, by going for long runs and sculpting her guns at the gym.
  15. 15. A Year of Education (Continued) Courtney has also joined a band that will be gracing the cover of Rolling Stone in no time (or at least playing the Chicago club scene in 2013). She still resides in Lincoln Park with the company of her three-year old baby, Bevo.
  16. 16. Craig and the future Dr. Courtney!
  17. 17. A Year of Placements! My recruiting business had another record year and now has a staff of seven. We have grown into new markets and are likely to have a promising 2013, fingers crossed. I hope to have a publisher pick-up Gig early next year, but I’m already busy writing a new book at Melissa’s urging— Dating for Life. Melissa says that I could be a Dr. Phil on the subject. Interestingly, a lot more people are interested in the subject of dating than my recruiting or rock and roll! My website should be finished in January and the book will debut on Valentine’s Day. Single or married, everyone dates. You do too!
  18. 18. A Year of Creativity! Speaking of books, Melissa’s Networking is Dead including an endorsement by Ken Blanchard rolling out December 18. Keep your fingers crossed that it hits the best seller lists. She also collaborated with three other girls and writing a hot new book, Shy Town Girls best described as Sex in the City for Chicago. It was JUST RELEASED. There is a series, so buy the first one before the second one comes out. Melissa is thrilled to be a book publisher and if I don’t sign with the two I’m pursuing, I’m likely to sign with her as well. She promises to take good care of me as a client. 
  19. 19. Creative Partners!
  20. 20. The best creation of all!
  21. 21. God fills our lives with love. I wish you a Christmasfilled with JOY and a New Year embracing theunique possibilities this crazy world brings us eachand every day.MERRY CHRISTMAS AND AHAPPY NEW YEAR!