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About Authintic (long version)


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What is predictive analytics? How can retailers harness big data to drive sales? And how does data privacy fit into all this?

Welcome to Authintic, analytics technology for permission marketing. Want more sales from site and social? Read on.

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About Authintic (long version)

  1. 1. more sales from site and social TM
  2. 2. In 2012, Target sent baby product coupons to ateenage girl in Minneapolis*.Her father angrily asked the store manager, “Areyou trying to encourage her to get pregnant?” *Source:
  3. 3. Two days later when the store manager followed up,the father had a surprising response. “She’s due in August. I owe you an apology.”
  4. 4. Marketers were vocal with their disapproval. “Privacy breach...” “...Disturbing” “Creepy...”
  5. 5. But behind closed doors they asked, “How can we do that?”
  6. 6. Why is this valuable? Because people buy onhabit. And outside of a few brief windows inlife, it’s hard for marketers to break those habits. The early days of parenthood are one of those windows. The key is to reach them before the baby is born and the parentsget flooded with advertising.Enter predictive analytics. Target’s data scientistsbuilt a model to identify pregnant women based onpurchases like unscented lotions andsoaps (2nd trimester), hand sanitizersand washcloths (3rd trimester).
  7. 7. Big retailers now have data scientists on staffturning data into recommendations to drive sales. data recommendation shopper recommendation engine
  8. 8. “It’s like an arms raceto hire statisticiansnowadays.”- Andreas Weigend, former Chief Scientist, Amazon
  9. 9. Three companies used predictive analytics toredefine retailing for books, movies, and music......while others are simply storing data or followingdashboards. What does it take to do big data right?
  10. 10. Making data work takes three disciplines pursuingthe same goal under one roof. Data Technology Marketing SciencesAnd you need the right data. On the right terms.What does that mean? ...
  11. 11. Seth Godin summarized it best in his 1999 bookPermission Marketing. The strongest messages are relevant personalized anticipated
  12. 12. The best data is private. Itrequires permission.Scraped data isn’t oftenaccurate or complete. Andcookies are more thanjust creepy - The FederalTrade Commission andthe EU are clamping downhard on privacy policies.Respect for privacy is one of our founding pillars.Want proof? Our Chief Science Officer helped writethe privacy act for the Digital Analytics Association.
  13. 13. The auth-in is the key. Really valuable data can’t bescraped or bought; it needs to be user-authorized. auth-in data recommendation shopper recommendation engine
  14. 14. Will people auth-in? Yes, if they find value. eMailmarketing and loyalty programs prove it.How many of your fans and customers will auth-in?Every brand is different. We’ll find out before webuild anything.
  15. 15. Auth-in... authentic data... see what we did there?Welcome to Authintic. We are Analytics technologyfor permission marketing. more sales from site and social
  16. 16. Andrew Cherwenka CEOOur CEO was an agency exec handling digital for the world’s top brands.He has been working closely with Facebook since 2007.
  17. 17. Christopher Berry Chief Science OfficerOur Chief Science Officer is a rare breed of data scientists. He’s a pioneerin making unstructured social data useful while respecting privacy.
  18. 18. One size rarely fits all in retail. Even less so withpredictive analytics. Here’s how we handle everyengagement.Step 1: Assess. Before committing to anything, lets see howpredictive analytics can help you. Well cover off a series of question setsused to identify opportunities in driving more sales from your site and yoursocial presence.Step 2: Analyze. If the assessment uncovers opportunity then welltake a sample dataset to see what evidence stands out. Can social behavioraldata drive sales? Is Facebook a valuable channel? It could be as simple asinviting your fans into your email channel or as intimate as serving thempersonalized recommendations on any device.Step 3: Implement. This could be anything from a report to arecommendation engine built as a stand-alone plug-in. But you don’t committo anything until the assessment and analysis shows it makes sense.
  19. 19. Interested? Let’s talk. Andrew Cherwenka Christopher Berry Co-Founder, CEO Co-Founder, Chief Science Officer cell: 647.455.1352