Working With Americans in India - Understanding Americans and American Culture


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Jennifer Kumar, a cross-cultural trainer from the U.S., based in Kochi, India provides interactive training programs for your India-based employees working with Americans offshore or preparing to travel to the U.S.

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Working With Americans in India - Understanding Americans and American Culture

  1. 1. ABOUT YOUR TRAINER Jennifer Kumar, standing below in a group photo with her trainees, is an American citizen who has lived, worked and studied between the United States and India since 1998. She has the relevant cross-cultural experience, professional expertise and tools to help you cope successfully between these diverse cultural landscapes. Jennifer can help you to understand and bridge the cultural gaps to help you work and communicate effectively with Americans working offshore in India or onshore in the U.S. UNDERSTANDING AMERICANS AND AMERICAN CULTUREPB NO 3124, “Through role plays, we learned about body language,Kakkanad, Kochi 682030, India posture, and how to behave with Americans in in-India: +91-484-401-9152 person meetings and conference calls.”USA: (607) 428-8836authenticjourneys@gmail.com
  2. 2. What’s in it for you? The information in the training wasUnderstanding American Culture valuable. The sessions were really good, and we enjoyed having you P R E S E N T E D B Y MS JE N N I F E R K U MA R Working with Americans in the U.S. and offshore from India is a reality around. A unique two-day program to expose participants to the lifestyle, workplace for many Indian professionals. Understanding the U.S. culture is critical - Aswathy culture, mindset, behaviors, traditions, and culture of the United States of to career and business success. Interactive role plays facilitated by an America. American expose your employees to the soft-skills and employability skills needed to reduce culture shock and increase cross-cultural The sessions helped my team under- CULTURE C O M MU N I C A T I O N understanding when working between Western and Eastern cultures. stand the basic dos and don’ts of e- American Values Small Talk and Pleasantries mail and phone communication and Holidays Presentation Skills hoe to paraphrase. TECHNIQUE -Akhil NP Diversity Listening Skills  ROLE PLAY EXERCISES Stereotypes Phone Skills  PRESENTATIONS  GAMES  DEBRIEFS We were enlightened on American Cross-Cultural Training  DISCUSSSIONS OTHER SERVICES values, how to communicate with people across borders, eating for your business needs   DEMONSTRATIONS INTERACTIVITIES  Individualized coaching for employees working with American clients manners and so on. - Laxmi WORK LIFE  SELF- ANALYSIS  Group and individualized coaching for Meeting Time Etiquette Area-Specific Orientation  VIDEOS Spoken English, Accent and Phone & Conference Call Skills Emotional Intelligence  CERTIFICATES** Pronunciation, American Business Games on presentations and Written & E-mail Communication Safety Tips summarizing helped me to raise my **SELECT PROGRAMS ONLY Communication Skills, and more! confidence level. Your Customer Service Skills Meal-time Etiquette in the US encouragement was absolutely Visit: Small Talk & Conversational Skills Hotel and Rental Home Basics fantastic for me! - Shijina Understanding our communication styles helped me to give more directions to discussions with my India-based staff.” - Job Smulders