US Culture Training Program Syllabus and Options


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Jennifer Kumar, an authentic American lives in Kochi, Kerala, India. Through her firm, Authentic Journeys, she provides fun, interactive and thought-provoking cross-cultural, communication, and soft-skills training and coaching. The focus of her coaching is to help Indians in offshore, outsourced teams to understand the cultural and linguistic approaches of their American counterparts and colleagues to improve office communications and work delivery. She provides 1:1 corporate coaching, small group communication coaching, and larger groups (up to 25-30) American culture and professional readiness training programs. See her website at http:/// for more.

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US Culture Training Program Syllabus and Options

  1. 1. Jennifer Kumar, MSW, CC OWNER AND PROGRAM DIRECTOR, AUTHENTIC JOURNEYS | ©2013 Do not reprint without permission. Understanding Americans and American Culture A Cross-Cultural Training A unique one-day program to expose US facing employees to best practices when interacting with US colleagues and clients. Presented by Ms. Jennifer Kumar American Client Interaction & Customer Service Skills Training Morning (8am-1pm): Introductions & Small Talk with US Clients Demos on best practices for in-person, phone, and e-mail introductions & small talk US Workplace Values Discussion Participants will hold lively discussion and demos to understand US work culture on a deeper level. Group Discussion Skills for In-person and Phone Meetings Module to facilitate best practices for presenting oneself in in-person and phone meetings with colleagues and clients. Meeting Etiquettes & Skype Best Practices Lunch Time: Free Time OR Short introduction to mealtime etiquette Afternoon (2-6pm): Indian English to American English translation exercise (1 hour) Role Plays & Group Activities
  2. 2. Jennifer Kumar, MSW, CC OWNER AND PROGRAM DIRECTOR, AUTHENTIC JOURNEYS | ©2013 Do not reprint without permission. Optional Half-Day Training Programs E-mail Etiquette (4 hours) Best practices for email will be discussed and practiced in this seminar. Delivered through lectures, group activities, and case studies. Topics Include: Basic Etiquette Language Skills Formatting & Signatures Greetings & Salutations Small Talk Responsiveness/Timeliness Meeting Requests Use of Thank You in an E-mail Indian vs. American English Avoid Mother Tongue Influence Etiquette for Language Usage Ordinary vs. Technical English Basic Sentence Construction Language for Difficult Situations Requesting & Providing Feedback ***Additional Materials for Participants*** This module will require additional materials. Please review in the “Remuneration” section. Presentation Skills (3-4 hours) Goals: (1) To learn in-person presentation skills and American small talk topics (2) To review and reinforce presentation and voice projection skills taught on day 1 Module Delivery: Trainees will learn about American holidays and small talk in hands-on workshop activities that include discussion, crafts, demos, and role-plays. **As an added bonus, the trainer will record through voice and/or video the role plays on both days so that the groups can get a better feel of their own presentation skills as an observer. These recordings will be sent privately to the trainees. **Additional and custom made modules available upon request.
  3. 3. Jennifer Kumar, MSW, CC OWNER AND PROGRAM DIRECTOR, AUTHENTIC JOURNEYS | ©2013 Do not reprint without permission. Facility Required Trainer Provides: Computer (MAC with adaptor) for playing PowerPoint/videos, etc. Handouts/worksheets as required Company Provides: Facility for showing the PowerPoint (screen/projector) Speakers/sound system for playing videos with sound (Ideal for accent modules) Room arrangements for training to take place Remuneration – Grid 1 of 2 Training Name Hours / Days Fee Base # Participants Additional Participants American Client Interaction & Customer Service Skills Training 8-9 hours Full Day E-mail Jennifer for your team’s custom package. 20 25 maximum participants. Rs. XXX per each additional participant E-mail Etiquette** Additional fee for materials, see below ½ day, 4-5 hours 20 30 maximum participants Rs. XXX per each additional participant Presentation Skills ½ day, 4-5 hours 10 14 max participants Rs. XXX per each additional participant
  4. 4. Jennifer Kumar, MSW, CC OWNER AND PROGRAM DIRECTOR, AUTHENTIC JOURNEYS | ©2013 Do not reprint without permission. Remuneration - Additional Expenses: Mandatory Additional Expenses: If the company is located more than 2 hours away from Infopark, Kochi, the company will bear the travel expense for the trainer. Travel expenses include round trip transport/airfare from Kochi, hotel stay, and transportation to and from the hotel to the training venue. Optional Additional Expenses: E-mail Etiquette Training materials Additional Expenses: YES Take note: the materials enhance the training experience. If neither option is chosen, the trainer will rely on PowerPoint and the trainees taking notes, writing down most of the material. Take note: Fees are set after collecting all of the client’s requirements. Option 1: Hard-Bound Book Limitations:  No e-formats allowed with this purchase option  Fee includes royalty for reuse for up to 1 year  Company cannot take extra printouts or use material for training redelivery E-access Limitations:  No hard bound copy will be given during in person training delivery  Delivered in PDF formats  Printouts allowed  Redistribution to those outside the company or for use as training redelivery not permitted
  5. 5. Jennifer Kumar, MSW, CC OWNER AND PROGRAM DIRECTOR, AUTHENTIC JOURNEYS | ©2013 Do not reprint without permission. Testimonials "Through the role play, I could learn what the U.S. people like and dislike, the gestures to be made, and how to start a conversation, how to greet people, how to start a voice mail, and finally how to talk to a U.S. college through the phone." ~Maria, Media Analytics Company, Infopark “The activities in the session make the sessions more alive. I like your way of talking as it encourages us a lot.” ~Rishi, Infopark “We could express our feelings and opinions freely in your class. The activities are really good, so the classes are not boring.” ~Preethi, Kochi “After your sessions, I can understand a little better how the US and Indian cultures work. I have also learned some important conversational skills (greetings, goodbyes, tones, etc.) that will help me understand and communicate with US clients better. Thank you for helping us to understand ourselves better.” ~Ajith, UST Global