Thoughts On Culture Shock


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Are culture shock life transitions in disguise? Or are life transitions culture shock in disguise?

Listen to a few thoughts I have on this question and share yours!

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Updated June 2011

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Thoughts On Culture Shock

  1. 1. What does “culture shock” mean to you?<br />Thoughts on ‘culture shock’ and <br />‘natural life transitions’.<br />Jennifer Kumar, Cultural and Life Transitions Coach<br />©2011 Authentic Journeys<br />
  2. 2. What does culture shock mean to you?<br /> I think culture shock means different things to different people.<br /> And, that is OK! We all experience life differently, so this is natural. Some of us may refuse to call it ‘culture shock’ because it is just ‘a part of life’. Some of us may not like the term ‘culture shock,’ because as with any life transition- moving to another city or country is just ‘par for the course’ and we would naturally face some challenges in adapting to any new environment.<br />©2011 Authentic Journeys<br />
  3. 3. Some of us may further argue that even if we never moved from our village or town or city, we would face ‘culture shock’ but not really call it that as culture shock is generally thought of as happening when moving to another place altogether.<br />However, as we move through life- from childhood to adulthood, from being single, to being married, to being a parent, to being a career-oriented person, to being retired, to being an in-law, to being retired, widowed and the multitude of other roles we play in our life- moving through all roles is a life transition.<br />Photo credit: Ski Tripper @flickr<br />©2011 Authentic Journeys<br />
  4. 4. Each life role has a ‘culture’ associated with it- a set of rules, a lifestyle, a way of behaving that we have to adjust to. <br />Hence, transitioning through the roles of life while moving abroad, moving to another city, or staying planted in one place one’s whole life can still be considered cultural change- and bring about the same ups and downs that ‘culture shock’ can.<br />Photo credit: David Boyle @flickr<br />©2011 Authentic Journeys<br />
  5. 5. This is why, I have always believed that culture shock doesn’t end. Many articles out there on culture shock present a bell curve, with a start point and an end point. As though once you finish the bell curve, you understand all you need to know about a culture, then it’s all smooth sailing from there and you won’t face any challenges henceforth. Us Westerners are comfortable with linear thinking, but Easterners often understand more circular logic. This is what I am trying to present here.<br /> I believe culture shock can happen whether we move abroad or stay in our own country- but happens as we experience natural life transitions. And in experiencing both transitions and ‘culture shock’ the stages of adaptation are very similar in my experience.<br />©2011 Authentic Journeys<br />
  6. 6. Questions to reflect on:<br />What are the roles you have played in your life?<br />How has the transition between roles affected you?<br />Do you think your roles would be experienced differently if you lived in your ‘hometown’ your whole life as compared to moving to another city or country?<br />What are some challenges you have faced in transitioning to roles in your life?<br />Do you attribute them to life’s “natural course” or “culture shock” or both, or something else?<br />What are your thoughts? I am happy to hear about your experiences.<br />I am happy to meet with you to discuss and sort out your experiences.<br />Thanks for reading.<br />©2011 Authentic Journeys<br />
  7. 7. Would you like to participate in cross-cultural or life transitions mentoring? Are you adjusting to new roles in life and want some guidance? I can help you assess where you are, where you want to be and help you create and achieve goals to help you achieve the life you want! <br />Website at Jennifer Kumar, Lifestyle and Cultural MentorAuthentic JourneysKochi, Kerala, IndiaThank you for spending your time with me today.<br />©2011 Authentic Journeys<br />