Convince, Influence & Negotiate with US Americans


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A one day seminar designed for learning and applying concepts and conversational techniques in conversational English to influence and persuade Americans.

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Convince, Influence & Negotiate with US Americans

  1. 1. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #1 CONVINCE, INFLUENCE & NEGOTIATE WITH US CLIENTS Jennifer Kumar Authentic Journeys |
  2. 2. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #2 Introduction Does your team want to learn how to “push back” with US or Western counterparts? Convincing Western counterparts is a learned skill. This one-day session will expose participants to the psychological, communication and cultural skills that help to persuade Americans.
  3. 3. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #3 8-Hour Program Syllabus Participants will learn, discuss and practice: • Myths of Negotiation • 6 Ways to Persuade – Emotionally Based • 7 Ways to Convince – Factual Based • Learn & Apply Diplomatic Phrases for Negotiation & Relationship Building • 3 Phases of the Negotiation Process - Preparation, Negotiation, Follow-Up
  4. 4. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #4 Audience Profile Audience Profile • Sessions tailored for professionals with 5-25 years of experience. • Interaction with US/Western Native English Speaking counterparts via phone, email, or in-person • A maximum of 20 candidates can attend this session.
  5. 5. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #5 Customizations • Customized role plays Trainer will work with team leads or HR to create custom role plays or mocks based on your specific client need. • Recordings during the training.** Trainer will record groups enacting mocks/role plays and give more detailed feedback • Recordings outside the training Trainer will have access to recordings of client phone calls for analysis of real time communication • Select employees can continue 1:1 or small group work with the trainer after the classroom sessions end
  6. 6. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #6 Gauge of Costs Session fees are set based on: • Current rates • Number of Participants • Customizations Please contact Jennifer with your group details and requirements for your quote.
  7. 7. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #7 What People Learned “How to say yes and no in a diplomatic and professional way.” “How our voice and words impact the tone of a message.” “Now I understand negotiation is a communication skill. I have to keep learning and practicing to get better!” Participants from UST Global, Kochi & Bangalore
  8. 8. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #8 Other Related Programs • A 10-Week Program: Customer Service & Rapport Building With Americans • Rapport Buidling with Americans – Understanding US Office Culture • Accent Training Programs • Individual coaching for select participants Contact Jennifer Kumar for more information on these and other related programs.
  9. 9. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #9 Book Your Session Today! E-mail: Website contact page – click here. Browse the website: Browse the blog: