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Building relationships for ideal business interactions is vital. Jennifer Kumar helps IT professionals in India understand and communicate better with Americans through cross-cultural, etiquette and language training and executive coaching. Take a look at the PPT for more about her offerings or contact her at

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American Culture Training Consultation & Options

  1. 1. @2014 Authentic Journeys Slide #1 USA Culture & Language Preparation for Indian Professionals Working with Americans Jennifer Kumar Authentic Journeys |
  2. 2. @2014 Authentic Journeys Slide #2 Agenda Points of discussion: • Overview of Voice & Accent/Culture Classes • Examples of Customizations • Review & Recommendations • Gauge of Costs
  3. 3. @2014 Authentic Journeys Slide #3 OVERVIEW OF VOICE & ACCENT/CULTURE CLASSES
  4. 4. @2014 Authentic Journeys Slide #4 Communication Skills Similarities between Business English and Voice & Accent • Highly customizable • Recordings required for spoken English • Strategies for communicating more effectively with Americans • Non-verbal elements for American audiences: body language, tone and word choices • Homework is required between classes
  5. 5. @2014 Authentic Journeys Slide #5 Communication Skills Similarities between Business English and Voice & Accent Class Size & Venue • Individuals & Groups (up to 5) – In person or Voice Chat (Skype, Phone, etc.) • Groups of 6-20- In person only
  6. 6. @2014 Authentic Journeys Slide #6 Communication Skills Business English • Delivered to individuals, small and larger groups • Training can cover spoken, written and non-verbal communication • Review of company communications for analysis often part of individual and small group trainings Voice & Accent • Emphasis on individual or small group (no more than 5) training, to ensure effectiveness • Training is focused on clarity in face to face presentations and over the phone • Participants must be willing to do pronunciation exercises in front of their peers Differences between
  7. 7. @2014 Authentic Journeys Slide #7 Individual vs. Group Training Individual Coaching • Most modules can be delivered through 1:1 coaching sessions • Individualized, goals based on participant’s 360 feedback and other performance indicators • Sessions are confidential, participants are to fill out confidentiality and client contracts • Focus on professional and personal growth Small to Larger Group Work • Small group (2-5) for specialized topics and more individualized attention • Larger group trainings are for 10-25 • Topics delivered to benefit the group as a whole • Focus on professional growth and classroom outcomes
  8. 8. @2014 Authentic Journeys Slide #8 Individual vs. Group Training Individual Coaching • Participants are encouraged to mentor their peers/direct reports on the same skills learned in coaching • Not available as Train the Trainers • Charged hourly, based on number of sessions required Small to Larger Group Work • Focus is on applying skills learnt in training to immediate job tasks/responsibilities • Some opt for large group trainings and individual coaching for select participants • Many modules can be delivered as Train the Trainers • Rates vary on requirements
  9. 9. @2014 Authentic Journeys Slide #9 American Culture Courses Classroom Training • Emphasis on classroom training, group sharing, role plays • Can include elements of Voice and Accent • Flexibility for customizations – pp 8-11 or tailor-made • Train directly to employees or Train the Trainer Online Training • Emphasis on individual learning, introspection, self- discovery • Includes language elements, but no Voice and Accent • Customizations are limited • Employees train online, Train the Trainer fully online or hybrid online/in-person
  10. 10. @2014 Authentic Journeys Slide #10 CUSTOMIZATIONS
  11. 11. @2014 Authentic Journeys Slide #11 Customizations • Diversity training based on demographics of company/clients/area of the country • NRI cross cultural concerns • Creating orientation information for employees, spouses and families on specific US cities • Creating role plays that mirror the company’s culture, experiences, and guidelines. (Often previously used role plays are enhanced or new ones are created.) • Tailoring particular sections with a good understanding of the company’s culture, expectations, and current guidelines • Games and interactive sections added depending on other soft-skills that are identified as training goals
  12. 12. @2014 Authentic Journeys Slide #12 REVIEW & RECOMMENDATIONS
  13. 13. @2014 Authentic Journeys Slide #13 Review & Recommendations Want the following training programs reviewed: • American Culture • Business Etiquette with American Clients & Colleagues • Small Talk & Conversations With Americans • Business English for Americans • American Accent Classes Jennifer is available for consultation, review and updates to your company, as your personal American Culture Expert.
  14. 14. @2014 Authentic Journeys Slide #14 Review & Recommendations • What are the portfolio of programs that are to be reviewed? • Why is a review important? What may be missing? • Is there a gap between the training outcomes and the application to the work environment? • Has the audience profile changed? • What is going well with your current training portfolio? • What would be the benefits of enhancements? • Would you prefer enhancements of current training modules or new modules altogether? What are the benefits and disadvantages?
  15. 15. @2014 Authentic Journeys Slide #15 GAUGE OF COSTS
  16. 16. @2014 Authentic Journeys Slide #16 Gauge of Costs Before gauging the costs and giving estimates, the following need to be explored and addressed: • What are the priority projects? • What is the audience profile to attend the various training modules (this will help to understand any customizations needed)? • What are the deadlines to deliver the final products?
  17. 17. @2014 Authentic Journeys Slide #17 FEEDBACK/QUESTIONS
  18. 18. @2014 Authentic Journeys Slide #18 Thank you Feel free to contact Jennifer Kumar anytime with your comments, questions, or feedback at: E-mail: Website contact page – click here. Browse the website: Browse the blog: