Cross-Cultural American English Language Training


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Accent Neutralization & Mother Tongue Influence (MTI) Training Overview- For Indians working with Americans from India or onsite in the US on temporary assignment will find this training to be a practical introduction to listening comprehension and clear speaking with US Americans. Hands-on activities with practice and real-time feedback from a native American English speaker will build your confidence for face-to-face, phone and other types of business communications.

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Cross-Cultural American English Language Training

  1. 1. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #1 Accent Neutralization & Mother Tongue Influence (MTI) Reduction Seminar Overview Jennifer Kumar Authentic Journeys |
  2. 2. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #2 Agenda Points of discussion: • Introduction • 2 Day Training Program Flow/Syllabus • Customizations • Gauge of Costs • Outcomes • Book Your Session Today!
  3. 3. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #3 Introduction The goal of this two day training program is to introduce employees to clear speaking techniques, improve conversational fluency and listening skills with native speakers. Focus on Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi Mother Tongue Influence (MTI) reduction techniques is unique to this training. Enhanced, targeted individualized communication coaching is also available to comprehensively address the needs of employees requiring additional, focused attention.
  4. 4. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #4 2 DAY TRAINING PROGRAM FLOW/SYLLABUS
  5. 5. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #5 Day 1 of 2 Class extends from 9am to 6pm Pronunciation & Listening Exercises – To Tune Indian Accents 13 consonants and introduction to vowel sounds in English Mixed Sounds, Liaisons, Understanding fast speech Listening Comprehension in songs/speech Spelling / Pronouncing Letters Articulation Exercises Pacing, Intonation, Breathing and Voice Projection Exercises Conversational Exercises Small Talk, Introductions Practice giving numbers, addresses, names, etc.
  6. 6. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #6 Day 2 of 2 Class extends from 9am to 6pm Pronunciation & Listening Exercises – To Tune Indian Accents Review yesterday’s lessons for accuracy 10 more consonants and vowel practice Articulation Exercises Review yesterday’s lessons Phone skills for clear speaking, listening, responding Conversational Exercises Indian vs. American English words, Idioms Role Plays
  7. 7. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #7 CUSTOMIZATIONS
  8. 8. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #8 Customizations • Customized role plays Trainer will work with team leads or HR to create custom role plays or mocks based on your specific client need. • Recordings during the training. Trainer will record groups enacting mocks/role plays and give more detailed feedback • Recordings outside the training Trainer will have access to recordings of client phone calls for analysis of real time communication • Select employees can continue 1:1 or small group work with the trainer after the classroom sessions end
  9. 9. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #9 GAUGE OF COSTS
  10. 10. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #10 Gauge of Costs Before gauging the costs and giving estimates, the following need to be explored and addressed: • What is the audience profile to attend the various training modules (this will help to understand any customizations needed)? • What are the deadlines to deliver the final products? • What aspects will require customization? • Others
  11. 11. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #11 OUTCOMES
  12. 12. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #12 What People Learned • "I learned tips on how to talk in English more slowly and clearly so Americans can understand me better." Praveen PS, Global Force, Inc., Ernakulam • “After taking sessions with Jennifer I can now hold conversations with American clients. Before the training, I was unable to understand their accent through listening. I also had no confidence to respond. Now I am handling client demos! Thank you, Jennifer for helping me achieve this goal!” ~Cabot Solutions Employee, Infopark
  13. 13. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #13 BOOK YOUR SESSION TODAY!
  14. 14. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #14 Thank you E-mail: Website contact page – click here. Browse the website: Browse the blog: