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If you're considering starting a blog to promote your business or have tried and struggled with blogging, then this Blogging for Business webinar will be extremely valuable to you.

After watching this webinar, you will learn:

You'll understand the three ways blogging can benefit any business.

You'll learn how to plan and prepare to launch a successful blog by understanding the balance between quantity and consistency and learning tricks for generating a consistent stream of article ideas.

You'll discover powerful tips for writing effective blog posts that will attract readers and keep them coming back for more.

You'll learn how to promote your blog across the web and build a loyal audience.

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  • Demonstrate expertise
  • Create links, focus on keywords
  • The first and most egregious mistake I see companies make in social media is that they get talked into employing social media tactics without an Internet marketing strategy. This means understanding how the entire web presence will be used in pursuit of the ultimate goal; gaining customers. The website, search engine optimization and social media strategies must all be aligned and compliment one another before tactics can be considered.
  • According to a report from, 52 out of the Technorati Top 100 blogs use WordPress as their platform of choice, up from 48 blogs last year. Four years ago, that number stood at 32.
  • Rule #1 of sales: ask for it
  • Blogging for Business

    1. 1. Business Blogging 101 (and 102 and 103)
    2. 2. Jon DiPietro
    3. 3. Where does blogging fit? Content Measure Optimize Inbound Marketing Convert Promote
    4. 4. What We’ll Cover Goals Step 1: Plan Step 2: Publish Step 3: Promote
    5. 5. GOALS
    6. 6. Goals: Thought Leadership Demonstrate Expertise
    7. 7. Goals: Search Engine Optimization Link Love
    8. 8. Goals: Drive Conversions Reciprocity
    9. 9. Step One: Plan
    10. 10. “Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat” Art of War by nbarreto on Flickr
    11. 11. Plan: Set Expectations J-Curves
    12. 12. Plan: Content Managemen t System Instant Website
    13. 13. Plan: Content Managemen t System WordPress
    14. 14. Plan: Bolting On www yourcompany com This is your “Google ID” ✔ ✔ ✗ ✗ Don’t split your efforts!
    15. 15. Plan: Outcomes Start with the end
    16. 16. Plan: Keywords Volume Competition Cost Google Keyword Planner
    17. 17. Plan: Quantity More is better, but…
    18. 18. Plan: Consistency Consistency is more better!
    19. 19. Plan: The eBook Trick the chapters Break up and sections Instead of monolithic white papers Smaller, bit sized Into Blog posts eBook to Posts Posts to eBook
    20. 20. Plan: The PowerPoint Trick Turn a Presentation Into a Content Bonanza
    21. 21. Plan: Balance & Variety Think healthy diet
    22. 22. Plan: Editorial Calendar Spreadsheet
    23. 23. Preparation
    24. 24. Plan: ABC Always Be Collecting
    25. 25. Plan: Intelligence RSS, Q&A, Google Alerts
    26. 26. Plan: Tools Evernote
    27. 27. Step 2: Publish
    28. 28. Publish: Storytelling Climax Conflict Inciting Incident Opening Value Closing Value Conflict
    29. 29. Publish: Titles Curiosity Suspense Fear
    30. 30. Publish: Writing Don’t bury the lead
    31. 31. Publish: Writing Readability
    32. 32. Publish: Writing “The effects of the bush fires could be seen thousands of kilometers away and disrupted businesses across Victoria. At Melbourne Airport, flights schedules were disrupted and normal operation was difficult due to low visibility and choking effects of smoke.” “The effects of the bush fires were felt far beyond affected areas.” Photo used under Creative Commons license courtesy of Rusty Stewart (rustystewart) on Flickr Pictures
    33. 33. Publish: Writing © Image Rights
    34. 34. Publish: Writing
    35. 35. Publish: Writing Conversational
    36. 36. Step 3: Promote
    37. 37. Promote: BrownNosing Attract attention of influencers
    38. 38. Promote: Share Schedulers: Hootsuite, Buffer
    39. 39. Promote: Leverage LinkedIn, Quora
    40. 40. Promote: Reuse YouTube, Slideshare
    41. 41. Promote • • • • • Email Signatures Contests Blog Directories YouTube intro video Website Banners Additional Tips
    42. 42. Wrap-Up Planning: When you fail to plan, you plan to fail! Publishing: Invest evenly in writing, title and images. Promoting: Settle in for a long journey!!
    43. 43. Questions
    44. 44. Thank You Email: Blog: Twitter: @JonDiPietro