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R lange ands_ttt2_perth_hacky_hour_softwarecarpentry


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leveraging the community for skills training - presented by Dr Rebecca Lange at the Accelerate your Data training event in Perth 17 May 2018

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R lange ands_ttt2_perth_hacky_hour_softwarecarpentry

  1. 1. Leveraging the community for skills training Dr. Rebecca Lange Curtin Institute for Computation
  2. 2. Leveraging the community for skills training Teaching ★ The Carpentries ★ Research Bazaar Ongoing Support ★ Hacky Hour
  3. 3. ★ teach foundational computational, coding, and data science skills to researchers ★ workshops are in-person events, generally two days long ★ global community of volunteers ★ Carpentry certified instructors are trained in pedagogy ★ lessons are freely available under the Creative Commons - Attribution License
  4. 4. Software Carpentry workshops cover core computing skills for researchers
  5. 5. Data Carpentry workshops are domain-specific
  6. 6. ResBaz ★ worldwide festival promoting digital literacy in modern research. ★ Day 1 & 2: Software Carpentry, Data Carpentry, and advanced stream(s) ★ Day 3: Community Day incl. short tutorials, talks and discussion sessions ★ delivered by data service providers and individual researchers from the local community ★ volunteer driven
  7. 7. Learning to code on your own != trivial
  8. 8. Hacky Hour / Code Review / StandardError What is it? ★ Regular meetup designed to build a community around ○ data ○ coding/programming ○ reproducible research ★ Talk about code & methods ★ Encourage good practices, stylistic choices ★ Ask questions
  9. 9. Hacky Hour / Code Review / StandardError Benefits ★ Learn new packages, best practices ★ See various levels of code and improve your own ★ Have someone to talk to, have help catching bugs ★ Brainstorm design ★ build confidence in new skills (eg after attending a carpentries workshop)
  10. 10. Support from the community! Hacky Hour ★ Curtin: Every Wednesday 3pm-4pm, Library Makerspace, @CUHackyHour ★ UWA: Friday, 10am, Hackett Hall Cafe, @HackyHourUWA ★ QEII: Friday, Coffee Anatomy, @QEII_HackyHour ★ Murdoch: Tuesday, 10am, Launchpad Area A, @HackyH_Murdoch Carpentries Workshops ★ planned for semester breaks ➡ check our webpage ResBaz ★ Planning will commence shortly ➡ possibly at Curtin + worldwide @CurtinIC Join our newsletter!