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Geonetwork and the Australian Ocean Data Network - Peter Blain (AODN/IMOS)


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Geonetwork and the Australian Ocean Data Network - Peter Blain (AODN/IMOS)
Presented at the ANDS facilitated GeoNetwork Community of Practice on April 3rd, 2017 in Canberra.

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Geonetwork and the Australian Ocean Data Network - Peter Blain (AODN/IMOS)

  1. 1. GeoNetwork and the Australian Ocean Data Network AODN / IMOS Peter Blain IMOS is a national collaborative research infrastructure, supported by Australian Government. It is led by University of Tasmania in partnership with the Australian marine & climate science community.
  2. 2. What is the AODN and what does it have to do with IMOS? IMOS (Integrated Marine Observing System) is a national program that: ● Deploys observing equipment in the oceans and coastal regions surrounding Australia. ● Makes the observation data freely discoverable and accessible.
  3. 3. The AODN is: ● An interoperable online network of marine and climate data resources. ● The IMOS facility that hosts core IMOS data and information infrastructure. ● Publishes data provided by IMOS and the 6 Australian Commonwealth agencies. ● Publishes data provided by universities and state governments. ● Governed by the National Marine Science Committee (NMSC) Note: Data is available through the aodn portal
  4. 4. GeoNetwork Usage The AODN hosts three production GeoNetwork instances, but it depends on many more.
  5. 5. GeoNetwork Usage - AODN Portal IMOS Web Services IMAS Web Services NIWA Web Services Deakin Web Services etc ... AODN Portal GeoNetwork IMOS GeoNetwork IMAS GeoNetwork NIWA GeoNetwork Deakin GeoNetwork etc Public Private
  6. 6. GeoNetwork Usage - No Portal ● There is a third GeoNetwork available at ● This contains all AODN metadata. 14,185 Metadata records. ● Much of the metadata is very fine grained. E.g. A description of a deployment, or an individual instrument.
  7. 7. Metadata standard IMOS/AODN metadata conforms to ISO19115/MCP2. The AODN will migrate to ISO19115-1.
  8. 8. GeoNetwork Versions ● All three GeoNetwork instances are at version 2.10. ● Catalogue-portal, and perhaps catalogue-imos, are moving to v3. ● Catalogue-portal will run in AWS Elastic Beanstalk.
  9. 9. Peter Blain 03 6226 2527