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F flack ands_ttt2_perth_phrn_17 may 2018_v1.0


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PHRN - population health research network - presented by Dr Felicity Flack at the Accelerate your Data training event in Perth 17 May 2018

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F flack ands_ttt2_perth_phrn_17 may 2018_v1.0

  1. 1. Population Health Research Network Dr Felicity Flack, Manager Policy and Client Services, Population Health Research Network Accelerate your data skills training: top tips for content and delivery 17 May 2018
  2. 2. What is the PHRN?
  3. 3. PHRN Facilities Facilities and Services
  4. 4. Self Directed Learning
  5. 5. Online Training The Secure Unified Research Environment (SURE) requires completion of an online training program before access. The modules presented in the training program are: oData linkage research in Australia oResponsibilities of a researcher oInformation security oStatistical disclosure analysis
  6. 6. Face to Face Training One day face to face workshop for human research ethics committees covering: What is data linkage? Data linkage in Australia Key ethical issues: risks and benefits Key ethical issues: waiver of consent Tan KM, Flack FS, Bear NL, Allen JA. An evaluation of a data linkage training workshop for research ethics committees. BMC Medical Ethics 2015, 16:13
  7. 7. Any questions?