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Digging in


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Interactive workshop on data visualisation presented by Dr Tom Honeyman to Reference at the Metcalf at the State Library of NSW on 17 May 2018

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Digging in

  1. 1. Digging in Dr Tom Honeyman, NSW Outreach Officer,
  2. 2. Hurricanes
  3. 3. Hurricanes What is the “story” in this visualisation?
  4. 4. Hurricanes What are the information components of the graph?
  5. 5. Hurricanes What groupings of numbers are shown in the graph?
  6. 6. Hurricanes What data is recoverable? What data is lost or omitted?
  7. 7. Hurricanes What is potentially misleading about the graph?
  8. 8. How could this graph be better?
  9. 9. Reflection
  10. 10. More hurricanes and cyclones Lots of graphs of the same data at storytelling with data: The Saffir-Simpson Windscale:
  11. 11. Southern Hemisphere?