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23 things for research data management - Natasha Simons


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Presentation as part of the Joint session of Data Fabric, Education - Planning training workshops RDA Plenary 9 in Barcelona. 6 April 2017

Published in: Science
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23 things for research data management - Natasha Simons

  1. 1. Natasha Simons 23 Things for Research Data Management Senior Research Data Management Specialist Joint Session of Data Fabric, Education – Planning Training Workshops RDA Plenary 9, Barcelona 6 April 2017
  2. 2.
  3. 3. 7–11 March 2016 1Getting started with data 14–18 March 2016 2Issues in research data management 21–25 March 2016 3Data in the research lifecycle 2–6 May 2016 7Data citation for access & attribution 9–13 May 2016 4–8 April 2016 4Data discovery 18–22 April 2016 5Data sharing 25–29 April 2016 6Long-lived data: curation & preservation Ready, set, data! Build your knowledge of key concepts and issues in research data management. Repositories for data Learn about repositories for depositing, managing and discovering research data. Catch-ups & MeetUp > Kick-offWebinar (1 March) and Catch-upWebinars on 12 April, 24 May, 28 June, 2 Aug, 6 September, 18 October > Join your local Community Catch-up Group or start a new one > Post a comment on MeetUp Extend your knowledge about data management and gain experience by participating in this exciting community Do it anytime, join in the regular Catch-up Webinars and/or local Community Catch-up, visit things23A u s t r a l i a
  4. 4. The program • Online, self-paced program for anyone interested in learning more about research data management • ‘Do’ one Thing each week • Share! – community groups, online Meet Up boards, catch up webinars, Twitter, Blogs, crash courses and ‘sprint to the finish’ courses #23rdthings
  5. 5. Sample Thing
  6. 6. Learning with the Things • Reading • Reflecting • Answering (and asking!) questions • Exploring resources • Trying new tools • Sharing: blogs, tweets, group discussions, meetup boards, courses & more
  7. 7. Community groups, webinars & crash courses
  8. 8. 23 (rd) Things 984 signed up for Kick off webinar 447 registered for Community webinars 94 registered for virtual health community group 49 community groups 623 people in MeetUp 13,422 views of posts on MeetUp 1,479 newsletter subscribers 2,953 Credly digital badges claimed Participation statistics
  9. 9. What did participants think? I liked the range of resources e.g. videos, documents and data records covering different discipline areas. Staff are more eager to engage researchers in conversation now. My confidence to discuss research data management with experts, students and data librarians has grown - thank you!
  10. 10. Overall shift in the community
  11. 11. Recipe for success 1. It’s all about timing! 2. Provide variety 3. Offer choices 4. Hands on participation 5. Give a sense of ownership 6. Offer rewards 7. Build momentum! Flexible Adaptable Fun!
  12. 12. Crash course (workshop) success • Work with community leaders to set up workshop • Choice: beginner, advanced • Guest speaker: make it real • Lots of interaction • Hands on exercises • Rewards
  13. 13. 23T Re-purpose Toolkit Licensed CC- BY so you can reuse and repack
  14. 14. @n_simons Natasha Simons With the exception of logos, third party images or where otherwise indicated, this work is licensed under the Creative Commons Australia Attribution 3.0 Licence. ANDS is supported by the Australian Government through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy Program. Monash University leads the partnership with the Australian National University and CSIRO.