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Male Health In Australia: A Call For Action


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A summary of the Australian Men's Health Forum's 2016 position paper "Male health in Australia: A call for action", prepared by
Associate Professor Gary Misan PhD, for and on behalf
of AMHF.

Published in: Healthcare
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Male Health In Australia: A Call For Action

  1. 1. Acknowledgement The Australian Men’s Health Forum acknowledges the traditional custodians of this land and pay respect to the elders past and present.
  2. 2. : Male Health in Australia Prepared by Associate Professor Gary Misan PhD January 2016
  3. 3. Despite three decades of adverse statistics, the lack of any male health policy by state or federal government, continues to fail Australian males 65 now – M: 84 / F: 87 years Fed Govt - AIHW
  4. 4. The National Male Health Policy (NMHP) released in 2010 lacks endorsemen t, an action plan or
  5. 5. No Australian State or Territory Government has a specific, active male health policy Conversely, Offices for Women exist in every State & Territory ... & at Federal level
  6. 6. Males have:  a shorter life expectancy;  higher rates of death from most non-gender specific causes across all age groups;&  higher lifetime risk of many cancers & chronic conditions
  7. 7. Standardised mortality rates indicate 23,000 excess male deaths per year in Australia, compared with women
  8. 8. ...leading causes of male deaths in Australia are ischaemic heart disease, cancers, respiratory system disease, prostate and lymph system disease, cerebrovascular disease, suicide and endocrine disorders, which together account for about 60% of male deaths
  9. 9. Males account for 93% of all work-related fatalities Males experience 70% of work related injuries Males account for 75% of completed suicides nationally
  10. 10. Key risk factors include...  socioeconomic disadvantage  social isolation  smoking  high blood pressure  overweight /obesity  low levels of physical activity,  high cholesterol,  alcohol / substance abuse,  poor diet  risky health behaviour and  occupational exposure to hazards.
  11. 11. For adult males the leading causes of years lost to disability are:  Anxiety or depression  Type 2 diabetes  Adult onset hearing loss  Asthma and dementia
  12. 12. Mental illness over the life course affects just under half of the Australian male population; about 1 in 6 males reported experiencing a mental illness in the previous 12 months Almost two-thirds of males have big gaps in their health knowledge
  13. 13. The National Male Health Policy (NMHP) released in 2010 lacks endorseme
  14. 14. :