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Cloud Computing Empowers Digital Innovation - Aliyun


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Australian Business Forum helps Australian SMEs and businesses to understand the Chinese market and refine their China strategy.

Raymond Ma, Director of AliCloud (Aliyun) International, presents on cloud computing in China and disruptive technologies in the country's 'Internet Plus' age. Presented during the Chinese 'Single's Day' sales "双十一" it outlines the incomparable purchasing power of Chinese consumers.

Originally presented at the China Digital Conference 2015 series.

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Cloud Computing Empowers Digital Innovation - Aliyun

  1. 1. AliCloud Cloud Computing Empower Digital Innovation Raymond Ma Director of AliCloud International
  2. 2. The Largest e-Commerce Festival is Happening Now… 2015 Double 11 Shopping Festival
  3. 3. • Debuted in 2009 and became a strategic BU of Alibaba Group • No.1 Public Cloud vendor in China ( IDC 2014 ), with 1.8M customers, including flagship customers in Public Sectors, Banking/FSI, Healthcare, Retailer, and TMT • 128% year-on-year growth in 3Q 2015, and 106% in 2Q 2015 • 50+ cloud services including Compute, Storage, Database, CDN, Big Data and etc. • $1B investment from Alibaba Group to expand global footprints • AliCloud broke 4 world records in 2015 Sort Benchmark, 100TB in 377 seconds (vs. 1406 seconds in Apache Spark) AliCloud Is The Cloud and Big Data Expert to Make This Happen
  4. 4. “Internet +”Trend : Cloud and Big Data Empower Innovation The best age of innovation. 600 million internet users, 85.8% of them are mobile internet users. New Structure New Infrastructure New Factors of Production Data Internet Cloud Smart Device Platform Economy Consumer Leading Synergy
  5. 5. Help the business to easily facing the huge market request. Website and App PV up to 29.7 billion ( 300K PV/second ) in the peak day. Transportation Service Innovation Leverage cloud elastic feature China Railway Online Ticket System
  6. 6. China Meteorological Administration Weather Public Service Innovation Combined with cloud computing and big data Help to dig out the value of meteorological data to serve the household electrical appliance and clothing industries 60+ years history data 20000+ sites, satellites and radars real time data 300+ application scenarios
  7. 7. TravelHealth Logistics Home life More Disruptive Innovation…
  8. 8. 1 Easy and fast deployment Key Capabilities in “Internet +”Trend Elasticity and scalability2 3 Utilizing big data Cloud without borders Mature and security Low cost but good service 4 5 6
  9. 9. Easy and Fast Deploy Your Website and System Self-service website and get your service run in just 5 minutes
  10. 10. Mature and Verified by Large-scale Case Poly stone Tower (聚石塔) In 2014.11.11, All orders were processed on the Poly Stone Tower Cloud Technology supporting the double 11 shopping carnival 80K transaction/Sec Auto scaling 1000 nodes within 10Min 300M orders at 11/11/2014 day 3500 transaction/sec in average Cloud Shield Defensed tremendous DDos cyber attack every day 75% orders were handled by Alibaba E-business Cloud with 0 order missing Alibaba Finance Cloud supported 20+ banks OrderPayment 9.3Billion USD on 11.11
  11. 11. Big Data Drive Finance Innovation - Ali Small Loan
  12. 12. Goals: • Make it easy to do business anywhere! • Help businesses successfully transition from an era of information technology (IT) to data technology (DT). We aim to remove • Geographic boundary • Technology barrier Cloud WITHOUT Borders Sydney
  13. 13. Cloud Security 10 Years of Defense Forges Cloud Shield Dec 20th-21st 2014 Help a game company defending 453.8G DDoS attack Malicious IP Lib Malicious Acts Lib Malicious Sample Lib Security Vulnerability Lib DDoS Protection Intrusion Protection Vulnerability Scan Threats Analyze on Big Dat a Platform 100TB+ Data Analyze Cloud Platform Security System Data
  14. 14. Help lots of Small Enterprises Reach the Goals of Large Enterprises MomanCamera WiFi Partner Calendar Best Tone CladAssistant 5+ Ikaola Mobvoi On the Road Car Tuobang FACE++ Diandian Home Delivery of Meal ———————— Mobile application ———————— — Great Master God Way Galactic Empire Greatest Traps Demon Online Dragon and Summon DOTA Baby Reversal of the Three Kingdoms, Against War Guess the Name ——————— Game ——————— Low cost but good service
  15. 15. Infrastructure Core Services Administration &Security Platform Services Enterprise Application Technical Business Support Global Availability Zones Regions Compute Storage Database Network Access Control Resource Monitoring Security Support Professional Services Training & Certification Price ReportCloud Architects Enterprise Email Analytics Application Middleware ODPS DPCADS CDP OpenSearch ACE MTS EDAS ONS SLSPTSMQS ECS ESS Batch ComputeSLB OSS OAS RDS OTS OCS KVStore VPC CDNDRDS RAM CMS Yundun AliCloud Services Portfolio
  16. 16. Leverage AliCloud Ecosystem Marketing Support Financial Support Premium SnS Training & Certification • Free online training resources • Offline training resources • Certification Program Key Account 1-on-1 SnS • Pre-sales solution design • Post-sales service and support • Field support for POC • Marketplace & Promotion • AliCloud website co-marketing • Co-branding: “Powered by AliCloud” • Co-host offline workshops and seminars • Funding for startup communities • Funding for AliCloud solution exchanges
  17. 17. Multiple Cooperation Modes of "AliCloud Stack" 33 Cloud infrastructure cooperation: Date Center for Aliyun Cloud platform tools market: Marketplace Cloud Support Service cooperation: Cloud Support Service Solution cooperation: PaaS, DaaS Business application cooperation: SaaS • SaaS service platform based on the AliCloud • Business application product based on the AliCloud • Provide the solution service based on the AliCloud • Provide the upper value-added services for customers adopting the basic service of AliCloud • Provide the application and tools service of support system for the AliCloud customer. • The data center built on bottom layer by the partner • Joint operation of AliCloud and partner • Solution of private domain
  18. 18. Marketplace Alliance Program (MAP) More to come…
  19. 19. The Value of AliCloud to You Dedicated Lease Line On demand dedicated lease line to sync data and app between SG and China Data Security Meet the compliance requirements including regulations and industry practices The Best Cloud Service in China and Global Footprint Six regions in China with the best cloud service, and SG, US regions* Professional Cloud Architect Design and Training Provide free cloud architect design and training service Key Account SnS Post-sales premium 1-on-1 service and support One Account Manage All One billing account to manage all resources in SG and China Big Data Capability Provide out of box big data capability Competitive Price Provide a competitive price with tiered pricing * AliCloud has launched SG and US cloud service, and is going to extend global footprint in ANZ, Europe, Mid-East, Japan and etc.