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Chinese Investment in South Australia


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Australian Business Forum helps Australian SMEs and businesses to understand the Chinese market and refine their China strategy.

Angela Wang, of Australia China Business Council (ACBC) South Australia, presents two case studies of Chinese investment in South Australia, covering the visa categories and investment types they pursued.

The Australia China Business Council (ACBC) is the premier business organisation dedicated to promoting business and trade between Australia and the People’s Republic of China -

Originally presented at Australia-China BusinessWeek 2015 Adelaide.

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Chinese Investment in South Australia

  1. 1. Australia China Business Week 澳大利亚中国商务周 Angela Wang, ACBC 王勋,澳大利亚中国商业委员会 10 July 2015 2015年7月10日
  2. 2. 1 • 成功的中国企业家,在多个领域均有投资 • A successful entrepreneur in China, with diverse business interest. • 通过已在南澳定居的朋友介绍而得知南澳州 • Heard about SA through friends who were already here • 来到南澳访问,领略了南澳美丽而纯净的风景、干净 的空气、丰富的美食和美酒,并看到了投资和为家人 提供安稳生活的机会 • Came to SA to visit, saw SA’s beautiful pristine landscape, clean air, great food and wine and saw opportunity for business and long term security for his family 案例1 Case Study 1
  3. 3. 2 • 访问了著名的巴罗莎谷并且看中了一家有发展潜质的 酒厂,但酒厂急需资金投入 • He visited the Barossa Valley found a winery, with great potential but in need of capital injection. • 仔细调查了这次投资机会和商业可行性,并且与当地 的潜在合作伙伴见面 • He researched the opportunity and business viability, and met with potential local partners. • 与南澳移民局的代表见面,通过州政府担保申请了132 签证,来到南澳定居和投资。 • He met with representatives from Immigration SA and applied for a 132 visa – was granted state sponsorship to come and do business in South Australia. 案例1 Case Study 1
  4. 4. 3 案例1 Case Study 1 • 在2013年年底向酒庄注入了100万澳币,用以振 兴酒庄的生意 • In late 2013 he invested around 1 million into the business, and was able to revive the winery. • 公司聘请了巴罗莎当地的工人来管理酒庄、葡 萄园和葡萄酒的生产 • They have hired local Barossa workers, who manage the wineries vineyards and production.
  5. 5. 4 案例1 Case Study 1 • 公司开始经营后,增加了酒庄的产量,向中国进 行出口,通过中国的经销网络进行销售 • They have since increased the winery’s production and are now exporting the wine produced to China through his distribution networks. • 通过他的生意来满足联邦移民局和南澳移民局对 132签证的法规要求,并永久的居住在澳洲 • Through this process he was able to meet the Department of Immigration and Border Protections visa Subclass 132 regulatory requirements and permanently reside in Australia.
  6. 6. 5 案例2 Case Study 2 • 一位成功的中国房地产开发商 • A successful property developer in China. • 来到南澳为了确保孩子能够在最好的环境下接受 最好的教育 • Came to South Australia to ensure his children had access to the best environment and schools. • 获得132签证并来到南澳投资 • Was granted a Subclass 132 Visa to invest in South Australia.
  7. 7. 6 • 购买了一家本地零售企业并积极发展公司规模,与 此同时在南澳 的房地产开发领域 持续发展 • Acquired business interests in an existing local retail company which had aspirations for expansion and continued to operate in the property development industry here in SA. • 公司主要参与阿德莱德地区民用住宅的开发,并且 开始公司第一个大型房地产开发项目 • The company is primarily involved in residential property development in the Adelaide region and is now involved in their first large-scale project. 案例2 Case Study 2
  8. 8. 7 • 通过与多个本地承包商和专业顾问紧密合作,公司可以 良好的保护自己的权利和利益 • The company has protected their interest by working with a broad range of local contractors, consultants and advisers. • 公司现在与本地的国际学生沟通,通过雇主担保的方式 让留学生毕业后留在南澳,使他们在工作过程中可以利 用自己的能力和中国的关系 • The company is now engaging within the local international student community and is sponsoring a number of graduating students to remain in South Australia and is leveraging their skills and connections back to China. 案例2 Case Study 2
  9. 9. 8 谢谢 Thank you!