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Reflections and ramblings of a newly minted post doc sarah-jane_schramm


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Join the intrepid Dr Schramm on a journey beyond the PhD… what lies out there?

Published in: Science
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Reflections and ramblings of a newly minted post doc sarah-jane_schramm

  1. 1. The Inside Voice Reflections and ramblings of a newly minted post-doc… With sincere thanks to the National Council of Women NSW Olena Pchilka Branch of the Ukranian Women’s Association NSW SARAH-JANE SCHRAMM
  2. 2. Why am I here?
  3. 3. Going global molecular biologist systems biologist
  4. 4. Inspiration Systems biology: an inter-disciplinary field of study that focuses on complex interactions within biological systems, using a more holistic perspective…instead of the more traditional reductionism (thanks Wikster!) Reductionism vs holism…?
  5. 5. Hello, world
  6. 6. Cancer Systems Biologist… pathologist statistician systems biologist statistician biologist (general legend) statisticianbioinformatician (yeast) coding guru melanoma expert (great boss) rookie
  7. 7. Nailed the brief!
  8. 8. Food for thought… • Identify strengths as a researcher and make good use of them. • In the post-genomic era - collaborate or croak! • Publish your first year literature review. • Supervisors/lab heads to enable students/staff to seek out inter and cross-institutional collaboration. • Is generalising a speciality? • Has the dawning of a golden age of systems biology necessitated new roles for generalists who can sit in the space between coders, statisticians, clinicians, molecular biologists et al.?