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Why Wollongong? Lee Cramer


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Why Australia? Why Wollongong? originated more than 15 years ago when two Australia Day committee members attended an annual women's luncheon at Parliament House. Now each year at our Australia Day dinner "Why Australia? Why Wollongong?" captures brief stories of three to four residents' journeys to Australia and then their stay here in Wollongong. Some stories are presented with emotion, others with humour - but all share one passion of living in Wollongong.

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Why Wollongong? Lee Cramer

  1. 1. Welcome to Wollongong
  2. 2. City of WollongongAustralia Day Overview
  3. 3. Australia Day Dinner Australia Day Awards Why Wollongong / Why Australia speakers An opportunity to host sponsors Showcase performers
  4. 4. Why Australia Why Wollongong
  5. 5. Why Australia Why Wollongong Our Special highlight - “Why Australia Why Wollongong” captures brief stories of residents’ journeys to Australia and then their stay here in Wollongong It has become an important part of our Australia Day dinner as it captures the essence of what Australia Day is all about in a multicultural city
  6. 6. Population Base Bureau of Statistics Census 2006 show a total of 72.1% people living in Wollongong were born in Australia and 21.6% were born overseas. Dominant non-English speaking countries were Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Italy and China. Other dominant countries were New Zealand, Germany, Croatia, Portugal and Netherlands.
  7. 7. How do we get our Speakers Local newspaper articles & local contacts University of Wollongong Multicultural Ethnics Council SCARF (Strategic Community Assistance to Refugee Families) Living Library Council’s Community Services Division
  8. 8. Where have our Speakers come from Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Libya, Chile, Ghana, Kenya Turkey, Macedonia, Afghanistan, Lebanon England, United States of America China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Iraq, Bosnia French Canadian, Italy, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Malta
  9. 9.  Tshibanda Gracia Ngoy Why Australia Why Wollongong presentation in 2009 Young Citizen of the Year 2010
  10. 10. THE END RESULT Our guests leave on an emotional roller coaster from the highs and lows as presented by our speakers It emphasizes the diversity of our city and how important Australia and more importantly Wollongong, is to them Reinforces to us all what we take so easily for granted – our freedom and our beautiful country and city
  11. 11. Why Australia Why Wollongong