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Fiona dolan conference


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Fiona dolan conference

  1. 1. Fiona Dolan, National Manager for Australia Day
  2. 2. Last night’s poll0102030405060A day to celebratebeing AustralianUnites/Brings ustogether asAustraliansA day for familyand friendsIts a publicholidayRecognises ourdiversity andvaluesCelebrates thefounding of ournationInvasion/SurvivalDayOtherReasons we think its important to celebrate Australia Day
  3. 3. General Public response
  4. 4. Inspire national pride and spirit to enrich the lifeof the nation
  5. 5. How are we going?• 93% of Australians consider Australia Day to be ourmost important national celebration• 78% of Australians celebrated Australia Day in someway in 2013• About a quarter of all Australians attended anorganised event.
  6. 6. How are we going?• The majority of Australians have consistentlypositive attitudes towards Australia Day.• Attitudes appear to be driven by two factors:– A need for belonging and being part of acommunity– A need for entertainment
  7. 7. How are we going?• People are participating strongly in Australia Day butdon’t always feel an emotional connection to theday, or feel that there is any strong ‘tradition’attached to it
  8. 8. The Brand
  9. 9. The Brand
  10. 10. Key MessagesTaglineCelebrate what’s greatPrimary key messageOn Australia Day we come together as a nation tocelebrate Australia and being Australian
  11. 11. Key MessagesSub messages• Let’s celebrate all the great things about Australia: for example our sense of community, ourdetermined spirit, our support for each other when times are tough, our fair go attitude, ourdiversity, and our democracy.• Australia Day is a day to reflect on our national journey: acknowledge our past, reflect on ourpresent and look together to our future.• Australia Day is a day for all Australians.• On Australia Day, let’s recommit to making Australia an even better place.• Australia Day is more than a public holiday• Family, fun and free
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  14. 14. Open Discussion