National Harvest Guide 2013


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A Guide about all the farms in Australia.
The most easy way to get your second Working Holiday Visa!

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National Harvest Guide 2013

  1. 1. ON ON TII IIT ED ED h th 8t10 2013
  2. 2. NATIONAL HARVEST GUIDETABLE OF CONTENTS AcknowledgementIntroduction 1 The National Harvest Guide has been produced with the financial assistance of the General Information 2 Commonwealth Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations Harvest Trail 5 (DEEWR). However, DEEWR does not accept any responsibility for the contents of this Handy Hints 8 publication and any actions taken in reliance of its contents.New South Wales 9 DisclaimerNorthern Territory 38 The National Harvest Labour InformationQueensland 42 Service believes that all information supplied in this Guide to be correct at the time ofSouth Australia 70 printing. A guarantee to this effect cannot be given however and no liability in the event ofTasmania 87 information being incorrect is accepted.Victoria 98 The Guide provides independent advice and no payment was accepted during its publicationWestern Australia 117 in exchange for any listing or endorsing of any place or business. The listing of organisationsWool Harvest 132 does not imply recommendation.Grain Harvest 138 This Guide does not take the place of current and accurate advice. For the latest information on harvest labour opportunities please WELCOME TO THE FREECALL 1800 062 332. NATIONAL HARVEST GUIDE PublishedMonthly updated text of this guide is also December 2012 10th Editionavailable ‘free of charge’ on the internet Revised November 2012Click on ‘Download the National Harvest GuidePDF’ © National Harvest Labour information Service 2012• Left click to read*• Right click to save* This work is copyright. You may display, print and reproduce this material in unaltered* Note: the National Harvest Guide is in pdf form only (retaining this notice) for your format - please use appropriate software to personal, non commercial use or within your read and save. organisation. Apart from any use as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968 all other rights are reserved. FREECALL 1800 062 332
  3. 3. IntroductionTHE NATIONAL HARVEST LABOUR The National Harvest TelephoneINFORMATION SERVICE Information Service FREECALL 1800 062 332 IntroductionThe Department of Education Employment This service operates weekdays from 8.00amand Workplace Relations contracted MADEC to 8.00pm throughout the year, to answerAustralia to establish a National Harvest queries related to harvest labour and toLabour Information Service to coordinate and connect callers to appropriate providers.distribute information on harvest labour in Call Centre Operators are in contact withAustralia. The service commenced on 1 July growers, labour providers and job seekers.2003. The National Harvest GuideAs growers often have difficulty finding The National Harvest Guide provides jobsufficient workers at harvest time, this service seekers with concise and comprehensivehelps to match an itinerant pool of workers information about harvest work opportunities,with variable seasonal work. A diverse range working conditions, transport andof organisations, growers and job seekers use accommodation. It is available free of charge tothis service. job seekers across Australia, both in hard copy and on the Harvest Trail WebsiteThe National Harvest Labour Information is operated by MADEC Australia. HARVEST FEEDBACKEstablished in 1969 to explore the delivery ofalternative adult education programs to groups If you wish to provide feedback regarding youror individuals in the community, MADEC experience on the Harvest Trail, or lodge aAustralia has established itself as a viable, complaint about an aspect of the Horticulturecommunity based organisation providing a Industry including wages, working conditionsrange of services to regional communities. and/or accommodation, you have threeEmployment and Harvest Labour Services options:are currently delivered by MADEC Australiasites extending across three states. This is 1. Complete a feedback form which is locatedsupported by MADEC’s Community College the front page of the Harvest TrailUnit which delivers accredited and non- Website, Click onaccredited training. the tab on the left menu titled ‘Feedback’, complete the feedback form and press theThe work of the National Harvest Labour ‘Send’ button. Please note that responses toInformation Service includes: emails can take up to five working days.Harvest Trail Website 2. Send your feedback/complaint via to the National Harvest Labour InformationThe website provides comprehensive Service at about harvest opportunities,harvest locations, accommodation, transport 3. Contact the National Harvest Labourand other requirements. Job seekers are Information Service onreferred to harvest vacancies listed by Job FREECALL 1800 062 332.Services Australia Providers and growers. If you are dissatisfied with how the NHLIS responds to your concerns or feel that you cannot discuss the issue with the NHLIS, you can contact the DEEWR Customer Service Line on 1800 805 260. FREECALL 1800 062 332 1
  4. 4. Introduction GENERAL INFORMATION can be repetitious and tiring. From grape harvesting in Berri, to mango Crops are collected in various ways. Produce picking in Darwin, each year thousands is often placed into buckets, tubs or lugs. It can of people find work helping to bring in the be cut, clipped or picked and placed into a bag fruit and vegetable harvests. The Harvest strapped to the shoulders. On some occasions Trail gives them the opportunity to combine produce can be harvested in bunches and seasonal harvest work with travel around placed onto trays or placed into bins. Australia. Start time is usually from early morning and The Trail offers a way for anyone eligible to often the work is late into the day. Some work in Australia, be they young, middle aged evening and night time work can be required, or older to finance travel around the country. especially in the packing of produce harvested By working and following the Harvest Trail job earlier in the day. There is often work seekers from Australia and overseas find a associated with the harvest in packing sheds, great way to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. canneries and other processing plants or They are able to meet people from around factories. Australia and the world. They can travel and see Australia at their own pace while working HARVEST CROPS and earning money. There are a variety of crops listed on the Harvest Trail. These are regularly being added As you travel around Australia you might to. The list of crops shows the towns where encounter different driving conditions and these crops are grown and the approximate traffic laws to those you are used to. To keep time during the year that labour is required for yourself safe remember the following: you harvesting or other crop duties. must wear a seatbelt in a passenger vehicle (car, van or bus) whether you are the driver or a There are other activities required for crop passenger; driving without a licence is against production besides the picking of produce. the law; do not use a mobile phone or device These activities are available on the Trail and while driving; observe speed limits at all times; include pruning and trimming vines and trees, and you must wear a helmet when riding a thinning and trimming flowers and bunches and bicycle. general crop maintenance work. There is of course not just one Harvest Trail, Most crops and harvesting jobs are very but many. Harvest workers can choose to dependant on local weather conditions. The circle the continent or follow the sun. They size of crops and when they are harvested are can go south from the wet tropics of Far North often controlled by local weather during the Queensland to Tasmania’s Huon Valley or year. Considerable variations can occur and it east from Western Australia’s Margaret River is most advisable to check with local harvest to the Riverina in NSW. In some locations services for correct information. it is possible for workers to follow seasonal activities through much of the year on a trail Some crops cannot be harvested whilst the within kilometres of their doorstep. produce is wet and many others are affected by very hot or extremely cold conditions to a HARVEST WORK point where harvest is not possible. Harvesting of fruit and vegetable crops around However, remember not to rely on general Australia can often involve working individually, talk. ALWAYS contact a local harvest service in pairs or teams. The job can involve climbing for up-to-date and accurate information. The ladders, standing, kneeling, laying or sitting National Harvest Labour Information Service while moving through the crop or undertaking a on FREECALL 1800 062 332, can help to range of duties in a harvesting team. The work connect you to these people. 2 FREECALL 1800 062 332
  5. 5. IntroductionTOWNS possible. Many harvesting jobs require working six days each week, with Saturday often beingThe location of harvest work opportunities is the “day-off” to meet market requirements. Introductionlisted by towns across the States. You should Usually the long hours of summer daylight arebe aware that many of these areas are known used to advantage to harvest the crop.locally by regional names such as the Riverina,Far North Queensland, the Barossa Valley and Transportthe Riverland. Always ask if you are unsure. Air, rail and bus services generally operate throughout Australia between state capitalsThe information listed under the town names and larger regional centres.will assist you with travel, accommodationand important local contacts. Also check the There are also regular local public services insmaller localities included in the town listing. many regions. Check the Towns list for localMany crops are planted in large volumes in details or call the National Harvest Labourspecific areas and as such harvest labour Information Service.requirements can be spread over a number oftowns in a region at the same time. Remember that many jobs are located on farms some distance from the harvest townHARVEST WORK OPPORTUNITIES where public transport is often not available.Generally placement is easiest for job Where possible this guide will includeseekers that have their own transport and information on the types of transport availableaccommodation but both may be available at to each town or region. Transport types aredifferent locations, particularly during peak depicted by the following symbols:harvest times. Arrival at the right time isextremely important. Being early means limitedwork and unless you have money and wish tobe a tourist for a short while. Do not arrive in Planea potential work town prior to the availabilityof work. Late arrival of course, can mean thatmany of the jobs are taken. Always contact the BusNational Harvest Labour Information Servicebefore moving to a harvest area. TrainWORKING CONDITIONSWeather CarMost harvesting jobs are done outdoors withlittle or no protection from the weather. Manyjobs are in locations where extremely high Accommodationtemperatures are common. Harvest workers with caravans, campervans or tents can be accommodated on manyPhysical / Personal properties and there are commercialMost harvest jobs require a reasonable level of accommodation, caravan parks or backpackerindividual physical fitness. The job can involve hostels in most areas if on farm facilities areclimbing ladders, standing, kneeling, laying or not available.sitting while moving through the crop. Liftingis often a required activity. The work can be Some farms provide basic accommodation withrepetitious and tiring. beds, food storage and cooking facilities. You may need to provide your own bedding, butTimes again check before you arrive.When the crops are ready they must beharvested as quickly and as efficiently as FREECALL 1800 062 332 3
  6. 6. Introduction Where possible this guide will include OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY information on the types of accommodation available in each town or region. Most matters of Occupational Health and Accommodation types are depicted by the Safety are regulated by law. Make sure that following symbols: the farmer or work supervisor gives sufficient instruction into what is required of you in the job, particularly in matters of personal safety and safety of others in the workplace. Take Motel / Hotel particular notice of the instructions as they apply to your operations and how they apply to work colleagues. Make sure that your Backpacker Hostel mind is clear about what is required of you when working particularly with, on, or around machinery. For further information and online Caravan Park service visit the DEEWR’s website at www. Camping Ground SUPERANNUATION Superannuation is a form of savings where Farm Stay money is set aside by your employer and invested for your retirement. Under the Superannuation Guarantee scheme, Pay rates and conditions employers must pay workers’ superannuation Pay rates and calculations vary from crop to contributions of nine per cent of the crop and may include: employee’s earnings base, but are not required to pay superannuation contributions where • wages paid on a weekly basis. employees are paid less than $450 in a • casual work paid on an hourly basis. calendar month or aged 70 years and over. • piecework paid on a per unit harvested basis. • negotiation agreed on a start to finish basis. Eligible temporary residents can access their superannuation (subject to withholding tax) Rates and conditions are based on registered when they permanently leave Australia. While awards that are binding on the farmer and they are in Australia they must be made aware you. It is extremely important that you seek of: the correct information from local employment offices and farmers before commencing work. • the superannuation fund their employer is contributing to on their behalf WORKERS COMPENSATION INSURANCE • the amount of superannuation they have • that they should contact their It is a requirement of law that all workers superannuation fund before they leave are covered for workplace injury by the Australia to check if they are eligible to employer. Make sure that you are properly access their superannuation benefits. instructed in all aspects of the work before commencing your actual employment. Take Most employees are able to choose their super adequate care, through your own actions, of fund. If you don’t choose a super fund, your yourself and others in the workplace. Talk to superannuation contributions will be paid into the farmer about any matters which you are a fund chosen by your employer. While you not sure about and ask for further instruction can choose a fund at anytime, your employer from the farmer if you are not clear. It is has to accept only one choice from you in a your responsibility to follow all health and 12-month period. safety instructions and to report any injury immediately to the farmer. 4 FREECALL 1800 062 332
  7. 7. IntroductionFurther information on superannuation is Immigration & Citizenship (DIAC). For furtheravailable from the Australian Tax Office information and online service visit the DIACSuperannuation Information Line: 13 10 20 or website You can link Introductionat the superannuation home page which is part directly to this website site from any of theof the Australian Tax Office web site at Towns and Crops listings via the Harvest website information is provided by Prime Super, a HARVEST TRAILnot for profit Industry Superannuation Fund.This article contains general information only To follow a “Harvest Trail” can be a greatand does not take account of your personal adventure as an individual, a couple or as acircumstances. You should obtain personal group.advice where appropriate. Prime Super (ABN60 562 335 823) is issued by Prime Super Pty A Harvest Trail can be anything you want itLtd (ABN 81 067 241 016, AFSL 219723). A to be, from a short haul close to yourProduct Disclosure Statement is available from homebase, or a long journey which may takethe issuer by phoning 1800 675 839. a year to travel and work right around Australia. There are no formal arrangementsPRIVACY required. Join in wherever you are and whatever the season might be. Have a goodPrivacy for yourself and your employer is read of this guide and work out your ownessential. Both you and the farmer have a personal Harvest Trail. Look to take in workdirect responsibility to and for each other in all opportunities and to visit places of interestmatters of privacy. and history wherever you choose to travel.WORK REQUIREMENTS Remember to ask first before moving on, use the FREECALL 1800 062 332 to gatherAustralian Tax File Number (TFN) your information.To work you will require an Australian Tax FileNumber. BIOSECURITYAppropriate taxes are to be paid on all It is illegal to carry some fruits and vegetablesearnings by you. The rate will be determined into the Fruit fly free zones which exist inby your background and the current working southern Australia. Produce must be disposedarrangements. Taxes are collected by the of before entering these zones which are foundfarmer and submitted to the Australian by visiting andTaxation Office. If you fail to provide a TFN you be taxed at the highest rate. Fruit fly does not naturally occur in theA Tax File Number may be obtained from production areas of southern New South Wales,the Australian Taxation Office. For further northern Victoria and South Australia and is onlyinformation and online service visit the ATO ever found because someone has brought it You can link directlyto this website site from any of the Towns and A fruit fly outbreak can close sensitive domesticCrops listings via the Harvest Trail website and export markets leaving the fruit Be aware of the zones as spot fines of up toWORKING VISAS $550 can be issued.If you are visiting Australia and you wish towork you will require a current andappropriate Working Visa. These may beobtained from the Department of FREECALL 1800 062 332 5
  8. 8. Chasing the sun around Australia - example of a 12 month Harvest TrailFebruary to April South Australia Limestone Coast / Riverland / Clare Valley / Adelaide Hills / Grapes / Citrus Fleurieu Peninsula / Barossa Valley Adelaide Hills / Riverland / Limestone Coast Apples / Pears Tasmania Burnie / Meander Valley / Devonport Vegetables / Berries Tamar Valley / Huon Valley Apples Huon Valley Strawberries / Berries Victoria Yarra Valley / Shepparton Apples / Stonefruit / Pears Echuca / Shepparton Tomatoes / Vegetables Yarra Valley / Mildura / Robinvale / Swan Hill Grapes / Citrus Mornington Peninsula Grapes / Strawberries New South Wales Bathurst / Orange / Tumut Apples Sydney Basin Apples / Stonefruit / Vegetables Narromine / Wentworth / Leeton / Griffith Citrus Griffith / Mudgee / Hunter / Tooleybuc / Wentworth / Leeton Grapes Griffith / Swan Hill / Leeton Stonefruit Southern Queensland Boonah / Gatton / Laidley Vegetables Caboolture Strawberry Planting Childers Avocados / Mangoes Chinchilla / St George Melons Gayndah / Gin Gin Citrus Sunshine Coast Ginger / Pineapples St George Grapes Far Northern Queensland Stanthorpe Apples / Vegetables Atherton / Dimbulah / Mareeba Avocados Atherton / Innisfail / Mareeba / Tully Bananas Dimbulah / Mareeba Mangoes / Paw Paws Mareeba CitrusApril to June Northern New South Wales Dubbo / Narromine / Narrabri / Moree / Mungindi / Wee Waa Cotton Ballina / Byron Bay / Coffs Harbour Avocados / Macadamia Nuts Southern Queensland Bundaberg / Gin Gin Avocados / Citrus Bundaberg / Boonah / Gatton / Laidley Vegetables Caboolture Strawberries Childers Tomatoes Mundubbera / Gayndah Citrus Sunshine Coast Pineapples Stanthorpe Apples / Vegetables Northern Queensland Ayr / Bowen Melons / Vegetables Far Northern Queensland Atherton / Mareeba Avocados Atherton / Innisfail / Mareeba / Tully Bananas Atherton Custard Apples Dimbulah / Mareeba Paw Paws Mareeba Citrus6 FREECALL 1800 062 332
  9. 9. June to August New South Wales Sydney Basin Nursery Work / Vegetables / Turf Production Ballina / Byron Bay / Coffs Harbour Avocados / Bananas / Macadamia Nuts Southern Queensland Bundaberg / Childers / Gin Gin Avocados Mundubbera / Gayndah / Gin Gin Citrus Bundaberg / Boonah / Gatton / Laidley Vegetables Caboolture / Sunshine Coast Stawberries Childers Tomatoes Stanthorpe Apples / Pears / Vine Pruning Northern Queensland Ayr / Bowen Vegetables Far Northern Queensland Atherton / Mareeba / Innisfail Bananas / Custard Apples Dimbulah / Mareeba Paw Paws / CitrusSeptember to November New South Wales Dubbo / Narromine / Narrabri / Moree / Mungindi / Wee Waa Grain Southern Queensland Bundaberg / Childers / Gatton / Laidley Vegetables Caboolture / Sunshine Coast Strawberries / Pineapples Childers Avocados Emerald Melons Stanthorpe Stonefruit Thinning /Vegetables Northern Queensland Ayr / Bowen Melons / Vegetables Far Northern Queensland Atherton / Innisfail / Mareeba / Tully / Dimbulah Bananas / Paw Paws Northern Territory Darwin / Katherine Mangoes / Melons Northern Western Australia Kununurra / Carnarvon Bananas / Melons / VegetablesDecember to January Tasmania Burnie / Meander Valley / Devonport Vegetables / Berries Tamar Valley / Huon Valley Cherries / Berries Southern Queensland Bundaberg / Childers Mangoes Bundaberg / Childers / Gatton / Laidley Vegetables Childers / Gin Gin Avocados / Citrus Chinchilla / St George Melons St George Grapes Stanthorpe Stonefruit / Vegetables Northern Queensland Ayr / Bowen Mangoes Far Northern Queensland Atherton / Innisfail / Mareeba / Tully Bananas Dimbulah Mangoes / Lychees Dimbulah / Mareeba Paw Paws / Citrus / Pineapples Northern Western Australia Carnarvon Bananas / Melons / Vegetables Southern Western Australia Albany / Mount Barker Strawberries Perth Hills Stonefruit / Apples / Pears Mount Barker Cherries Denmark / Manjimup Blueberries / Vegetables Northern New South Wales Byron Bay / Coffs Harbour Blueberries / Bananas FREECALL 1800 062 332 7
  10. 10. Introduction HARVEST TRAIL TEN TIPS FOR WORKING you wont get paid and someone else might HOLIDAY MAKERS: end up with your job. Be sun smart (hat, sunscreen & shade). Don’t pay a high price in • Call the NHLIS on 1800 062 332 or a local the future for the work you do now. Harvest Labour office to check work availability and local conditions before • We want to hear about your experiences travelling to an area for work. on the Harvest Trail (this helps us provide a better service) please tell us your good • Having your own reliable transport is a and bad stories by contacting the NHLIS on real advantage - consider travelling with 1800 062 332 or a local Harvest Labour Office. others to share the cost for buying or hiring a car it really increases your This information is provided to assist workers options. in getting the most from their Harvest Trail experience. Please read the appropriate • Make sure you are entitled to work and sections of the Harvest Guide to obtain more have with you any documents that prove comprehensive information regarding work this. opportunities, working conditions, workers insurance, industrial relations, biosecurity, • It is not necessary to pay a fee; the NHLIS privacy and immigration. and Harvest Labour Offices are Australian Government funded and free to use. You do USEFUL CONTACTS not need to pay for this Harvest Guide, it is also provided free. Some legitimate Department of Education, Employment and businesses will charge a fee to find work but do Workplace Relations some research to make sure they provide good value with a solid history of placing customers 1300 363 079 with good employers. Accommodation and Contact DEEWR for all information on finding equipment bonds / deposits may apply. work, careers and training, and other labour Before you hand over money, ask around to market information. check what is reasonable. You should get your money back once you have finished and your Department of Immigration and Citizenship obligations have been met. 131 881 • Listen to instructions and practise Contact DIAC for all information on visiting workplace safety at all times, this includes and working in Australia including Visas and having the right clothing. associated details. • Employers are obliged to give you a payslip Australian Taxation Office - always check it and question anything you don’t understand. 13 28 61 Contact the Australian Taxation Office for all • It is not necessary to give your passport information on the Australian taxation system to anyone to hold onto; an employer can ask including Tax File Numbers and associated to take a photocopy to verify your legal work details. entitlements. Your passport is a valuable piece of personal information; you can choose Fair Work Australia to lodge it with someone you trust for safe keeping. 1300 799 675 Contact Fair Work Australia for all information • Eat well. Its important to have energy for a on minimum wages, employment conditions, day of physical work. dispute resolutions, termination of employment and other workplace matters. • Stay clean and healthy. If you can’t work 8 FREECALL 1800 062 332
  11. 11. New South Wales Byron Bay Mungindi Moree Lismore Ballina Bourke Wee Waa Narrabri NEW SOUTH WALES Coffs Harbour New South Wales Warren Trangie Narromine Dubbo Hunter Valley Wentworth Dareton Buronga Orange Gol Gol Hillston Forbes Mildura Euston SYDNEY Griffith Leeton Hay Young Tooleybuc Jugiong Tumut Koraleigh Batlow Tumbarumba NSW ABOUT NEW SOUTH WALESNew South Wales is the site of Australia’s first permanent European settlement which is nowSydney. The city is built on the magnificent Sydney Harbour, one of the most spectacular andidentifiable harbours in the world, Sydney is now a bustling metropolis.New South Wales is a large state with a climate ranging from sub tropical to alpine to semi desert.The Great Dividing Range to the east divides the many popular beaches, national parks andresorts of the east coast, from rich farming lands of the western slopes and the dry western plainsthat occupy two-thirds of the state. The mighty rivers: the Murray, Darling and Murrumbidgee, bringlife and riches to the dry continent as they meander across the vast inland plains of NSW. FREECALL 1800 062 332 9
  12. 12. New South Wales NEW SOUTH WALES HARVEST CHART Crop Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Ballina Avocados Berries Custard apples Nuts Stonefruit Batlow Apples Bourke Citrus Cotton Grapes Melons Byron Bay Avocados Berries Coffee Custard apples Lychees Nuts Stonefruit Coffs Harbour Avocados Bananas Berries High requirement for labour - Medium requirement for labour - Low requirement for labour - little or no H high need for out of area labour M some out of area labour may be L work may be available required 10 FREECALL 1800 062 332
  13. 13. New South WalesCrop Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov DecCoffs Harbour (continued)Custard applesDubboCottonEustonGrapes New South WalesVegetablesForbesApplesCherriesGrapesStonefruitTomatoesGol GolAsparagusCitrusGrapesVegetablesGriffithCitrusGrapesVegetablesHayVegetablesMelons High requirement for labour - Medium requirement for labour - Low requirement for labour - little or no H high need for out of area labour M some out of area labour may be L work may be available required FREECALL 1800 062 332 11
  14. 14. New South Wales Crop Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Hillston Cherries Citrus Cotton Vegetables Hunter Valley Grapes Leeton Citrus Grapes Stonefruit Vegetables Lismore Avocados Berries Coffee Custard apples Nuts Stonefruit Moree Cotton Nuts Olives Mungindi Cotton Narrabri Cotton High requirement for labour - Medium requirement for labour - Low requirement for labour - little or no H high need for out of area labour M some out of area labour may be L work may be available required 12 FREECALL 1800 062 332
  15. 15. New South WalesCrop Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov DecNarromineCitrusCottonOrangeApplesCherries New South WalesGrapesSydney BasinApplesAvocadosCitrusFlowers / NurseryStonefruitTurfVegetablesTooleybucCitrusGrapesStonefruitVegetablesTrangieCottonTumbarumbaApplesBerriesGrapes High requirement for labour - Medium requirement for labour - Low requirement for labour - little or no H high need for out of area labour M some out of area labour may be L work may be available required FREECALL 1800 062 332 13
  16. 16. New South Wales Crop Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Tumut Apples Warren Cotton Wee Waa Cotton Wentworth Citrus Grapes Vegetables Young Cherries Berries Grapes Stonefruit High requirement for labour - Medium requirement for labour - Low requirement for labour - little or no H high need for out of area labour M some out of area labour may be L work may be available required 14 FREECALL 1800 062 332
  17. 17. New South Wales BALLINA September - December Stonefruit October - January BlueberriesBallina is located on an island at the mouthof the Richmond River in the heart of the How do I get there?Northern Rivers, NSW. The township is locatedan easy hour and a half from the Gold Coast Ballina is located 189 kms south of Brisbaneand only a 30 minute drive south of popular or 737 kms north of Sydney on the PacificByron Bay. Ballina is surrounded by 32 kms Highway. The town is serviced by the Ballinaof beautiful surfing beaches and picturesque Byron Airport. There are also daily busheadlands. The main streets of Ballina are services from Brisbane and Sydney providinglined with stylish cafes and restaurants, shops transport into the Ballina region. New South Walesand galleries.Harvest labour assistanceNational Harvest Labour Information Service Where can I stay? 1800 062 332 Ballina offers a range of accommodation including resorts, motels, hotels, self contained units, caravan parks, B&Bs and guesthouses.Places to visitBallina Naval and Maritime Museum, BallinaLighthouse, Richmond River, BallinaManor, Thursday Plantation, MacadamiaCastle, Northern Rivers Community Gallery, BATLOWSummerland House Farm, Amaze-N Place,Richmond River Princess Cruise, Lake In the foothills of the Snowy Mountains, BatlowAinsworth, Pat Morton Lookout. Follow the is situated 443 kms south west of Sydney. Acoastline on paved cycle ways and watch the strong timber industry and the harvesting,migration of the humpback whales from East packing and processing of the district’s fruitBallina lookouts between May and November. crops are the town’s main employers.Tourist information Harvest labour assistanceBallina Visitor Information Centre National Harvest Labour Information ServiceCnr River Street & Las Balsas PlazaBallina NSW 2478 1800 062 332 1800 777 666 Places to visit Springfield Orchard, Batlow Fruit Co-operativeWhen should I go there? Ltd, roadside fruit stalls (seasonal), Weemala lookout and flora & fauna reserve, CascadeApril - September Macadamia nuts, fuchsia nursery and the Bago State Forrest. avocadosJune - September Custard apples FREECALL 1800 062 332 15
  18. 18. New South Wales Tourist information Harvest labour assistance Tumut Regional Visitor Information Centre National Harvest Labour Information Service 5 Adelong Road 1800 062 332 Tumut NSW 2720 02 6947 7025 Places to visit Back O’ Bourke Exhibition Centre, Aboriginal Arts and Crafts Centre, Mount Gundabooka, historic buildings, Fred Hollows Grave and When should I go there? Memorial, Cotton Gin Tours and Jandra Paddle Boat operation on the Darling River. March - May Apples June - November Tree pruning Tourist information October - April Stonefruit Bourke Tourist Information Office December - January Cherries Kidman Way Bourke NSW 2840 How do I get there? 02 6872 1321 Batlow is 443 kms south west of Sydney via the Hume and Snowy Highways and is accessible by rail and bus. There is no public transport available between farms. When should I go there? January - May Melons Where can I stay? April - May Cotton picking, cotton ginning Batlow has a hotel, motel and caravan park. May - June Vine pruning May - September Citrus November - January Grapes December - February Citrus thinning BOURKE How do I get there? Bourke is located in north western NSW and is positioned at the junction of three Bourke is situated alongside the Darling highways: the Kidman Way, Mitchell Highway River and the Mitchell Highway and is located and Kamilaroi Highway. The township’s main approximately 800 kms west of Sydney. From industries include cotton, stonefruit, citrus, Melbourne you will need to travel 1030 kms irrigated wheat and wool. Bourke provides an north, via Hillston, on the Kidman Way. ideal gateway for seeing the remote parts of New South Wales. 16 FREECALL 1800 062 332
  19. 19. New South Wales When should I go there? February - March LycheesWhere can I stay? April - September Macadamia nuts,Bourke offers a selection of excellent caravan avocadosparks, hotels, motels and B&Bs. June - September Custard apples September - December Stonefruit October - December Coffee October - January Blueberries New South Wales BYRON BAY How do I get there?Byron Bay is located on the north coast of Byron Bay is located just off the PacificNSW with Cape Byron being Australia’s most Highway, 800 kms north of Sydney and 175easterly point. The region boasts beautiful kms south of Brisbane. Airports are locatedbeaches, unspoilt surroundings and a relaxed in Ballina (30 minutes south) or Coolangattalifestyle. Byron Bay offers a range of adventure (60 minutes north) and buses and trains arrivesports, dining, accommodation and live regularly. Most bus companies located on theentertainment. east coast of Australia have a regular service to Byron Bay. There is also a daily rail/coachHarvest labour assistance transfer service to Byron Bay.National Harvest Labour Information Service 1800 062 332 Where can I stay?Places to visit There is a wide variety of places to stay in and around Byron Bay. AccommodationByron Bay markets, Cape Byron Lighthouse, includes motels, guesthouses, B&Bs,Tyagarah nature reserve. Dive in the Julian farmstays, backpackers hostels, self containedRocks Marine Reserve, watch the whale apartments, and caravan parks/campingmigration (August – October), embark on a grounds.sea kayaking safari through the reefs andshipwrecks, explore the surf beaches andenjoy the events and festivals.Tourist information COFFS HARBOURByron Visitor CentreOld Stationmaster’s Cottage, 80 Jonson Street Coffs Harbour is one of the largest regionalByron Bay NSW 2481 cities in New South Wales, located 540 kms north of Sydney and 350 kms south 02 6680 8558 of Brisbane. The region boasts contrasting landscapes, from the Great Dividing Range flourishing with banana plantations to the three main beaches close to the CBD of Coffs Harbour. The natural beauty of the region makes for an inviting holiday destination – with FREECALL 1800 062 332 17
  20. 20. New South Wales surfing, golfing and fishing popular activities. to Coffs Harbour. Approximately 40 kms north of Coffs Harbour at Corindi lies one of the largest blueberry plantations in the Southern Hemisphere. Harvest labour assistance Where can I stay? National Harvest Labour Information Service Coffs Harbour and the surrounding area 1800 062 332 has a wide range of accommodation options including hotels, motels, backpacker hostels, B&Bs, country retreats and apartments. Places to visit Clog Barn, Emerald Beach, Diggers Beach, Bunker Cartoon Gallery, North Coast Regional Botanic Garden, Old Butter Factory, Coffs DUBBO Harbour Butterfly House, Maza tea rooms, Big Banana and Pet Porpoise Pool. The City of Dubbo is situated on the banks of the Macquarie River in the central western Tourist information plains of NSW, 412 kms to the north west of Sydney. Dubbo is the centre of a large wheat Coffs Coast Visitor Information Centre and sheep industry as well as commerce and industry. Work opportunities exist in the cotton Cnr Pacific Highway & McLean Street industry in the surrounding towns. Tourism is Coffs Harbour NSW 2450 well featured through the Western Plains Zoo 1300 369 070 and the Old Dubbo Gaol. Most of the work is carried out in the summer, which can be extremely hot. Harvest labour assistance National Harvest Labour Information Service When should I go there? 1800 062 332 January - December Bananas June - December Avocados October - January Blueberries Places to visit How do I get there? Western Plains Zoo, Old Dubbo Gaol, Heritage Walk, Dubbo Regional Gallery, Heritage Drive, Coffs Harbour has the largest regional airport The Claypan Gallery, Jedda Boomerangs, in NSW. Airlines operate regular flights from Dundullimal Homestead, Dubbo Observatory, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Newcastle. Dubbo Military Museum, Indidjinart Aboriginal The drive from Sydney to Coffs Harbour is Art & Craft Studio and Workshop and the approximately six hours or 550 kms. Brisbane Terramungamine Reserve. to Coffs Harbour is approximately a five hour drive or 427 kms. There are two rail services Tourist information daily from Sydney and Brisbane to Coffs Harbour. Most bus companies located on the east coast of Australia have a regular service Dubbo Visitor Information Centre 18 FREECALL 1800 062 332
  21. 21. New South WalesCnr Macquarie Street and Newell Highway NSW 2830 02 6801 4450 National Harvest Labour Information Service 1800 062 332 should I go there? Places to visit New South WalesApril - May Cotton picking, cotton ginning Lock 15, Weir and Fish Ladder and Lake Benanee.How do I get there? Tourist informationDubbo is 412 kms to the north west of Sydneyvia the Mid Western Highway to Bathurst and Robinvale Euston Tourist information Centrethen the Mitchell Highway to Dubbo. Regularrail, bus and air services operate daily from Bromley RoadSydney. There is no local public transport to Robinvale Vic 3549farms in the area. 03 5026 1388 can I stay? When should I go there?There are many hotels, motels, B&Bs, caravanparks and cabins in town. January - May Grapes May - February Vegetables May - September Vine pruning How do I get there? EUSTON Euston is accessible by road via the Hume and Sturt Highway, 960 kms from Sydney viaLocated on the banks of the Murray River, 400 the Sturt Highway, 400 kms from Melbournekms north west of Melbourne, 960 kms south via the Calder Highway and 550 kms fromwest of Sydney and 550 kms north east of Adelaide. Daily bus services between theAdelaide. Euston is immediately across the capital cities travel via Euston.Murray River from Robinvale.Harvest labour assistanceMADEC Australia68 - 72 Herbert Street Where can I stay?Robinvale Vic 3549 There are motels, hotels and caravan parks in 1800 062 332 town. FREECALL 1800 062 332 19
  22. 22. New South Wales 02 6850 2300 FORBES On the Newell Highway, Forbes is nestled on When should I go there? the Lachlan River in the heart of the Lachlan Valley, 386km west of Sydney. Founded in 1817 by explorer John Oxley, the historic October - March Stonefruit town is now celebrated for its magnificent heritage buildings and natural environment. November - December Cherries The beautiful Lake Forbes is the gateway to the town; with cycle and walkways, BBQ How do I get there? facilities, amenities and parks. The gold rush history is proudly revealed including Forbes is 386 kms west of Sydney following the the deeds of infamous bushrangers Ben Hall Great Western Highway to Bathurst. It is 175 and the Gardiner Gang, who are well known kms west of Bathurst, via Orange and Eugowra. for their daring robbery of a stage coach at A bus service travels from Sydney to Forbes Escort Rock in 1862. Following the gold via Orange daily. Regular daily bus services rush the region resumed its importance with also operate from Melbourne to Brisbane via vibrant pastoral and dairy industries and Forbes, following the Newell Highway. Forbes some horticulture. is 120 kms south of Dubbo and 105 kms north east of West Wyalong. An air service operates from Sydney to nearby Parkes each day. Harvest labour assistance National Harvest Labour Information Service 1800 062 332 Where can I stay? There are many hotels, motels, B&Bs and Places to visit caravan parks in town. Some limited camping facilities may be available on some farms but it Forbes Railway Arts & Visitor Information would be wise to ask the farmer first. Centre, Forbes and District Historical Museum, Forbes Town Hall and Post Office, McFeeters Motor Museum, Gum Swamp Bird Hide, Forbes General Cemetery (Grave sites of Ben Hall and Kate Foster -Ned Kelly’s sister), Weddin Mountains National Park (Ben Hall’s Cave), Escort Rock (Gold Robbery site), Nangar National Park (Located in neighbouring town Eugowra). GOL GOL Tourist information Gol Gol is a small settlement located on the banks of the Murray River just 10 kms north Forbes Railway Arts & Visitor Information east of Mildura. Centre Railway Station, Union Street Forbes NSW 2871 20 FREECALL 1800 062 332
  23. 23. New South WalesHarvest labour assistance from Adelaide. There are daily flights from Melbourne and Adelaide into Mildura as well asMADEC Australia daily bus services between capital cities.126-130 Deakin AvenueMildura Vic 3500 1800 062 332 Where can I stay? There are motels, hotels, backpacker hostels and caravan parks in town or in nearby Mildura. New South WalesNational Harvest Labour Information Service 1800 062 332 GRIFFITHPlaces to visit Griffith is located 635 kms west of Sydney following the Hume Highway, Sturt HighwayRiver walks. and Irrigation Way. Griffith is the geographic, production and industrial hub of the richTourist information Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area (MIA) in central NSW. Australia’s largest citrus producingWentworth Shire Visitor Information Centre area, the MIA produces over 230 000 tonnes66 Darling Street of citrus each year. A large viticultural area, itWentworth NSW 2648 produces more than 20 per cent of Australia’s wine; rice has also become a significant crop in 03 5027 3624 the region. Griffith is Australia’s largest poultry and egg producer as well as significant amounts of stonefruit, cotton, sheep, wool, canola, fruit and vegetables including gherkins for theWhen should I go there? McDonald’s franchises. Harvest labour assistanceJanuary - May Grape pickingMay - January Citrus Summit PersonnelMay - February Vegetables 86 Yambil Street Griffith NSW 2680May - September Vine pruningSeptember - January Asparagus 02 6964 2718 do I get there? National Harvest Labour Information ServiceGol Gol is accessible by road 1025 kms via 1800 062 332the Hume and Sturt Highways from Sydney,560 kms on the Calder Highway from and 450 kms on the Sturt Highway FREECALL 1800 062 332 21
  24. 24. New South Wales Places to visit HAY Cocopara National Park, Scenic Hill and Pioneer Park Museum, Lookout and Hermit’s Positioned alongside the charming Cave, MIA forest and river drives, wineries, Murrumbidgee River, Hay is located 735 kms galleries and farm tours. from Sydney and 410 kms from Melbourne. It is at the intersection of three highways; the Sturt Highway, the Cobb Highway and the Tourist information Western Highway. With its well renowned flat, open plains, the road to Hay is certainly an eye Griffith Visitor Information Centre opener. Cnr Banna and Jondaryan Avenues Griffith NSW 2680 Harvest labour assistance 1800 681 141 National Harvest Labour Information Service 1800 062 332 When should I go there? Places to visit January - December Citrus The Hay Gaol Museum, Shear Outback Hall of Fame, the historic Bishops Lodge, Hay Railway January - April Grape picking Station, Hay Court House and the “Sunbeam” June - August Vine pruning Cobb & Co Coach, Dunera POW Camp. November - March Onions Tourist information How do I get there? Hay Visitor Information Centre Griffith is well serviced with daily bus services 407 Moppett Street from Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. Hay NSW 2711 Regular daily air services operate from Sydney. 02 6993 4045 Daily rail services operate from both Sydney and Melbourne. When should I go there? Where can I stay? March - October Broccoli, lettuce Griffith has a number of hotels, motels, caravan November - February Onions and cabin parks and backpacker hostels. December - March Rockmelons Limited on farm accommodation is available in huts and some farms do have camping How do I get there? facilities. If you are not driving there are a number of different ways to get to Hay. These include coach travel from both Sydney and Melbourne and the train from Sydney that runs through to Cootamundra then connecting with a coach to Hay. Alternatively there is the train 22 FREECALL 1800 062 332
  25. 25. New South Walesfrom Melbourne which goes through to Tourist informationCootamundra and coach connection to Hay.A coach and train also operate from Adelaide Hillston Visitor Information Centreand coach travel from Canberra. 190 High Street Hillston NSW 2675 02 6967 2555 can I stay? are motels, hotels, caravan parks, B&B New South Walesaccommodation, farm stays in and around the When should I go there?Hay area. April - June Cotton June - September Potatoes October - August Citrus HILLSTON November Cherries November - December OnionsHillston is located near the Lachlan River,but importantly on top of the Great Artesian How do I get there?Basin. The excellent quality artesian water hasallowed orange growing to flourish. Cotton and Hillston is 682 kms west of Sydney via the Midother fruit including grapes are also produced Western Highway and Kidman Way and 109in the area. kms north west of Griffith. There is no public transport to or around Hillston.Harvest labour assistanceSummit Personnel86 Yambil StreetGriffith NSW 2680 Where can I stay? 02 6964 2718 Hillston is supported by hotels, motels and a caravan park, all in High Street.National Harvest Labour Information Service 1800 062 332 HUNTER VALLEYPlaces to visit The Hunter Valley in New South Wales is located in the Hunter River Basin some 150Hillston Museum, lake, Willandra National Park. kms to the north of Sydney and 60 kms inland from the Pacific Coast. The Hunter Valley stretches from the Goulburn River and Wollemi National Park to the south right up to Barrington Tops National Park to the north. Not only does the Hunter boast wonderful FREECALL 1800 062 332 23
  26. 26. New South Wales scenery, it is also home to large wine and coal posted ’Cessnock and Hunter Valley Vineyards’, industries. The Hunter has one of the oldest approximately 105 kms from the Harbour and most famous wine regions in Australia, Bridge and follow the signs to Cessnock. boasting many of the large names in wine, Daily flights to Newcastle are available from including Lindemans Wine, Tyrell’s Vineyards Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane and and Wyndham Estate. There are plenty of some regional centres. Rail services also attractions in the Hunter Valley to suit every operate on a daily basis from Sydney through taste, from horse riding and golf to hot air Broadmeadow (Newcastle), Maitland and ballooning and sky diving, all set amongst Singleton. Buses operate daily from Sydney wonderful landscapes. direct to the Hunter Valley. Harvest labour assistance National Harvest Labour Information Service 1800 062 332 Where can I stay? There is a wide choice of hotels, motels, backpacker hostels, caravan and cabin parks, Places to visit B&Bs and farmstays. Ogishi Craft Centre, Rusa Park Zoo, Lavender Gate Farm, Hunter Valley Cheese Co, Hunter Valley Gardens, Binnorie Dairy, Country Farm Delights, Blue Tongue Brewery, The Olive & The Grape, Potters Hotel & Brewery, Stapleton LEETON Station, the Oaks Golf & Country Club. Leeton is the administrative hub of the massive Tourist information Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area (MIA) with many reminders of Sir Samuel McCaughey, whose Hunter Valley Wine Country Tourism vision created the Murrumbidgee irrigation scheme. Another Walter Burley Griffin design, 455 Wine Country Drive Leeton is known for its historic architecture, Pokolbin NSW 2325 horticulture, extensive rice farms, processing 02 4990 0900 facilities, art deco buildings and plentiful, wide open parklands in town. Harvest labour assistance Summit Personnel When should I go there? 86 Yambil Street Griffith NSW 2680 January - March Grapes 02 6964 2718 June - September Vine pruning How do I get there? National Harvest Labour Information Service By road from Sydney proceed north from the CBD via Harbour Bridge or tunnel. Follow 1800 062 332 the signs ’Newcastle and North Coast’ onto the Pacific Highway, exiting to National One at Waitara. Leave National One at exit sign 24 FREECALL 1800 062 332
  27. 27. New South WalesPlaces to visitSunrice Country Visitor Centre, Leeton RiceMills, Leeton’s art deco architecture, RiverinaCheese, Chelmsford Place, Hydro Hotel, LISMOREBerri Juice Factory, the Court House, SaintMary’s Convent, local parks and reserves, Lismore is located 40 kms inland from ByronMurrumbidgee River locations, Yanco Bay between the rainforests and the sea. ItAgricultural High School, Yanco Powerhouse is the region’s major commercial centre thatMuseum and Yanco Weir. plays host to significant theatrical, artistic and musical activities. Speciality coffee and tea,Tourist information New South Wales macadamia nuts, bush tucker and exotic fruits are all on offer throughout the region.Leeton Visitor Information Centre10 Yanco Avenue Harvest labour assistanceLeeton NSW 2705 National Harvest Labour Information Service 02 6953 6481 1800 062 332 Places to visitWhen should I go there? Citrus picking and Rainforest Gallery, Cultural Gallery,January - December GunnaWannaBe, Koala Care Centre, Protestor packing Falls, Nightcap World Heritage National Park,February - March Grape picking Tucki Tucki Koala Reserve, Southern CrossSeptember - May Vegetables University, Minyon Falls, art galleries, weekend markets including the famous Channon Market,November - April Stonefruit a variety of restaurants and live theatre.How do I get there? Tourist informationLeeton is 595 kms by road from Sydney viathe Hume and Sturt Highways and Irrigation Lismore Visitor Information CentreWay from Narrandera. It is located 84 kms Cnr Molesworth Street and Ballina Roadsouth east of Griffith and 29 kms north west Lismore NSW 2480of Narrandera on Irrigation Way. Leeton isaccessible by rail and bus daily from Sydney. 1300 369 795 can I stay? When should I go there?There are hotels, motels, guest houses, B&Bs, April - September Macadamia nuts,caravan parks and backpacker hostels in avocadostown. Some farms may also have provision forcamping on-site. June - September Custard apples FREECALL 1800 062 332 25
  28. 28. New South Wales September - December Stonefruit 02 6759 1100 or 1800 627 564 October - December Coffee November - January Blueberries How do I get there? National Harvest Labour Information Service 1800 062 332 Lismore is located on the Bruxner Highway, 225 kms south of Brisbane and 800 kms north of Sydney. The Ballina/Byron Bay Coast is a short half-hour drive away. There is a regular air service between Lismore and Sydney Places to visit and also a daily bus service from Lismore to Brisbane and Sydney. Moree Artesian Spa Baths (hot bore baths), Visitor Centre, historic walking trail, Moree Plains Gallery, Cotton Gin, Amaroo Tavern DC3, Mary Brand Park, historic cemetery, weirs and swimming spots, Waa Gorge, Devil’s Waterholes and the pecan nut farm. Where can I stay? Tourist information You will find an excellent choice of hotels, Moree Visitor Information Centre motels, B&Bs, apartments, backpacker hostels Cnr Newell and Gwydir Highway and caravan parks. These properties are conveniently located in the centre of town and Moree NSW 2400 on the main highway. 02 6757 3350 MOREE When should I go there? The town of Moree is located adjacent to March - May Cotton picking, cotton the banks of the Mehi River. Its open, flat ginning flood-plain black soils provide ideal growing conditions for wheat and other cereals, cotton, April - August Olives, pecan nuts oil seed crops and in more recent times, pecan nuts and olives. Australia’s “Artesian How do I get there? Spa” capital, Moree has two hot artesian spas (bore baths) in town, providing a great tourist Moree is 628 kms north west of Sydney on attraction for the area as well. the New England, Oxley and Newell Highways and 444 kms south west of Brisbane via the Cunningham and Newell Highways. It is on the daily bus route from Brisbane to Melbourne Harvest labour assistance and there are daily flights from Sydney. Joblink Plus 133 Balo Street Moree NSW 2400 Where can I stay? 26 FREECALL 1800 062 332
  29. 29. New South Wales When should I go there?There are many hotels, motels and caravanparks located in town. March - May Cotton picking, cotton ginning How do I get there? Mungindi is 567 kms south west of Brisbane MUNGINDI following the Cunningham, Newell and Carnarvon Highways. It is located 121 kmsMungindi is a true border town situated both north west of Moree, 116 kms south east New South Walesin NSW and Queensland on the banks of the of St George and 149 kms south west ofBarwon River. Home of the famous “Mungindi Goondawindi. There is no regular publicCod”, the town is the service centre for the transport to Mungindi.surrounding rich agricultural district whichproduces cotton, wheat and beef cattle.Harvest labour assistanceJoblink Plus Where can I stay?133 Balo Street There is hotel and caravan parkMoree NSW 2400 accommodation available. 02 6759 1100 or 1800 627 564 Harvest Labour Information Service NARRABRI 1800 062 332 Narrabri is situated in the fertile Namoi River Valley on the north west slopes of the Great Dividing Range. The peaks of the MountPlaces to visit Kaputar National Park lie to the east while vast plains spread to the west. The area producesCotton gins. cotton, wheat, sheep and cattle.Tourist information Harvest labour assistanceMoree Visitor Information Centre Joblink PlusCnr Newell and Gwydir Highways 6-8 / 100 Maitland StreetMoree NSW 2400 Narrabri NSW 2390 02 6757 3350 02 6792 9200 National Harvest Labour Information Service 1800 062 332 FREECALL 1800 062 332 27
  30. 30. New South Wales located on the rich fertile plains of the Central West on the banks of the Macquarie River. The wheat and sheep industries are significant Places to visit and irrigation from the Macquarie allows the production of cotton, citrus and vegetables in Mount Kaputar National Park, Australian the region. Cotton Centre, CSIRO’s Australia Telescope, Sawn Rocks, Rocky Creek Glacial area, Waa Harvest labour assistance Gorge, Heritage Centre, Mount Kaputar Wines, the Crossing Theatre and Narrabri Gallery. National Harvest Labour Information Service Tourist information 1800 062 332 Narrabri Shire Visitor Information Centre Newell Highway Narrabri NSW 2390 Places to visit 02 6799 6760 Historical Museum, Narromine Cottage Crafts, historic country pubs, Narromine Aerodrome, Skypark and Aviation Museum, Swane’s Nursery, The Lime Grove and Goobang National Park. When should I go there? Tourist information April - May Cotton picking, Narromine Visitor Information Centre cotton ginning 37 Burroway Street Narromine NSW 2821 How do I get there? 02 6889 9980 Narrabri is 568 kms north west of Sydney following the Mid Western, Mitchell, Oxley and Newell Highways via Bathurst, Dubbo and Coonabarabran. Narrabri is on the national bus routes and there are also train services and daily air fares from Sydney When should I go there? May - March Citrus April - May Cotton picking, cotton Where can I stay? ginning There’s an abundance of accommodation in December - February Citrus thinning town with hotels, motels, caravan parks, guest houses and a backpacker hostel. How do I get there? Narromine is 452 kms north west of Sydney following the Mid Western Highway to Bathurst and then the Mitchell Highway through Dubbo to Narromine. NARROMINE Narromine is 40 kms west of Dubbo and 28 FREECALL 1800 062 332