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Sports Quest - 2014 Social Media


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I sat down with the owner of Sports Quest and pitched ideas that should be implemented starting in 2014 to improve online communication to customers of Sports Quest, and hopefully their brand presence in the mind of its target market.

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Sports Quest - 2014 Social Media

  1. 1. SPORTS QUEST 2014 Social Media Campaign
  2. 2. 3 MAIN TIMEFRAMES Pre-Summer Camps  During Summer Camps  Post-Summer Camps 
  4. 4. TO-DO LIST  Advertising camps   What‟s different   Targeting “uniqueness” New features The staff   Returning staff New Staff
  5. 5. CAMPAIGNS Advertising Camps  Camp Theme   Camp Dates   February March Virtual Brochure (Flash)  What’s Different Each week different age group synopsis  Last week reveal camp shirt  Make camp sound unique  March *Video Element
  7. 7. CAMPAIGNS Quotes of the Week  Post weekly quotes from camp with the background of a funny picture from camp. OutSpoken  Weekly highlight a professional athlete, preferably soccer player, who is a Christian.
  8. 8. TO DO LIST Post Camp Surveys     Send survey the Thursday afternoon before the end of the week of camp. Allows parents to have their impressions fresh in their mind. Let‟s parents carefully evaluate camp on Friday. Qualtrics Pushing Social Media    Print business cards and distribute to parents at the beginning of camp week. DO NOT GIVE TO CAMPERS TO PASS TO PARENTS! Free advertisement and can build a community around the brand.
  10. 10. POSSIBLE CAMPAIGNS  W-of-W (Word of the Week)   Dr. Drills   Choose a word and then have a devotion based around that one word. Give a weekly soccer drill or tactic. Can be done on After Effects with „X & O‟ or video a team executing it. Team Up-Date  Keeping social media sites up-to-date on what each SQ team is accomplishing within their league or at tournaments.
  11. 11. THINGS TO REMEMBER Do not allow a lapse in communication.  Create a campaign that engages.   Comment on a picture. Opportunity to push other SQ events or services  Realize that involvement will decrease.   Due to “off-season”