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OnTune is a proprietary software solution of TeemStone, based on the precision monitoring and quick analysis. It provides an optimal solution and quick determination of the root cause, during any performance issue or in case of failure that a system administrator may face during work. It enables a historical performance analysis of the operating system by using real time collection of performance data.

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OnTune suggestion for value_2012

  1. 1. 2012© Copyright TeemStone Pty. Ltd. Easiest way to manage your critical systems TeemStone Pty. Ltd. 2012 Suggestion for Value
  2. 2. 2 | OnTune Summary |OnTune SPI Contents OnTune SPI for optimal system performance monitoring and analytical solutions Title 1. Introduction 2. Goal 3. Scope 4. Application 5. System Structure 6. Schedule of Establishment 7. Training for User Attach. A~C Comparison of Competitors' products Attachment : Detailed Function Scheme
  3. 3. 3 | OnTune Summary |OnTune SPI We supply our customers with better solutions for their business based on various cases of customers and 3-years of preparation periods for our product launch. OnTune is the first displayed and brand-new solution. Displaying a completely new format with outside of the box solutions. OnTune SPI What is ‘SPI? New format of solution helping customer actually: - Discove new frontier region : System Performance Monitoring and Analytical Tool - SPI : System Analysis & Performance Instrument 팀스톤은 제품 계획 및 창업단계부터 해외시장을 염두에 두고 준비를 진행해 왔습니다. 팀스톤의 구성원은 업계 최고의 인력풀을 구성하여 강소기업의 면모를 갖추어 가고 있습니다. TeemStone is Preparing for a global market from the stage of foundation and product planning. Changing into a strong and competitive company constituting the best human resource pool system for TeemStone’ Members. Customer's response Before : Customers didn’t utilize the high-priced solution beyond simple alarm function, and frequently waited for the solution from the vendor. After : Customers can invest the wasted time for more valuable endeavors, establishing precise data to cope with various situations and the ability to analyze ones own data. More than 90% of customers decide to use the system after seeing its functionality. 1 Instruction
  4. 4. 4 | OnTune Summary |OnTune SPI Area Goad Introduction of the solution for the performance analysis, which establishes the optimal system management environment, enhancing the capacity to solve problems and expanding the capacity for the system management skill. Enhancing competitiveness Of Infra in business Need for the solution of performance analysis Stable management of virtualization environment Shortening the restoration time through speedy analysis when performance obstacles occur Utilize as criteria data to analyze the cause of trouble Achieving SLA by enhancing the self-analytical capacity Infra Enhancing the customer’s satisfaction through system performance optimization Correlation analysis linked with customer business Correct estimation of system capacity Business Background Goal 2 Goal
  5. 5. 5 | OnTune Summary |OnTune SPI 3 Scope 시스템 성능관리 및 분석 구축내용에서 쓰고자 하는 내용 Monitoring & Analysis of Virtualization System Real-time monitoring and analysis for the resource transference of the virtualization environment SMS 연동 긴 모니터링 주기로 인한 데이터의 왜곡으로 정확한 시스템 성능관리를 할 수가 없었습니다. 시스템 성능에 영향을 미치는 각종 자원에 대한 모니터링을 할 수 있는 솔루션이 없었습니다. Analysis Report Make analysis report utilized by every piece data saved in real-time Management & Analysis of System Performance Predict, monitor, and analyze every task(process) for the performance info and management of system Notification for the User Deliver the detailed info to the user based on precise monitoring and results of analysis User can analyze every element whilst having influence on their business precisely based on detailed data. The materials of comparison to previous products are attached. Introduction of performance analysis solution to manage the virtualization environment efficiently and safely and to enhance the troubleshooting capabilities.
  6. 6. 6 | OnTune Summary |OnTune SPI 4 Application 1/7 Customer can monitor/analyze the unit process influencing the performance of system through TeemStone’, and we make assurance doubly sure for the customer’s satisfaction by following functions, . Monitoring - The shortest interval (2 seconds) in this field - Real-time check and supporting of analysis simultaneously - Supporting real-time I/O Traffic analysis - Real-time monitoring for User Process - Supporting Veritas Volume Manager Performance Analysis - Detailed monitoring able to analyze any trouble with performance - Analyzing the bottleneck between the resources comparatively - Analyzing the duty cycle of resource for task program - Creator of automated report OnTune is Utilizing brand-new functions for performance management which is not held by previous products. Able to monitor/analyze the reason influencing business. Scope- Management & Analysis of System Performance Automation - Automated installation - Automatically recognition of installed system - Monitoring & analyzing all servers on a common screen
  7. 7. 7 | OnTune Summary |OnTune SPI 4 Application 2/7 Eidetic monitoring and analysis function can be utilized for the operation status of the virtualization server through TeemStone’s OnTune, and is available for the operation system to put out the maximum performance linked with the function of the system performance analysis automatically. Monitoring - Monitoring/Analysis of VIOS - Monitoring/Analysis of IO resources(Fiber,Ethernet) allocated in system - Monitoring/Analysis of usage status - Monitoring/Analysis of shared and exclusive resources simultaneously - Monitoring/Analysis of operation status of each partition Performance Analysis - Contrary to the total virtualization pool, it utilizes monitoring/analysis of each partition - able to predict required resource in real time based on monitoring & analysis data for resource usage status allocated within the partition. Automation - Automated installation - Automatic recognition & classification of virtualization system - Supporting monitoring & analysis of virtualization(IBM PowerVM, SUN Domain, Vmware) OnTune: Completely supports the virtualization environment not supported by previous products. Able to monitor/analyze and allocate tasks as per business relationships. Scope – Monitoring & analysis of virtualized system
  8. 8. 8 | OnTune Summary |OnTune SPI 4 Application 3/7 Precise data of second unit, which is monitored by OnTune, can be received in real-time connectively with SMS system. Notification method for user - Notification for user on the screen - E-mail notification - Sending SMS Event able to manage - Error event, Application Log event, Filesystem Event - System Structure Info changed event - Performance threshold event - Business Task Log monitoring event Monitoring linked with business - Notification for user, monitoring the operating system of an individual task process OnTune is: Able to recognize the event in real-time utilizing a real- time monitoring interval a second faster than other products. Scope – Notification for User
  9. 9. 9 | OnTune Summary |OnTune SPI 4 Application 4/7 It is available to utilize the function of eidetic monitoring and analysis for the operating status of virtualization server through the OnTune of TeemStone. Additionally, it is able manage the operating system to put out the maximum performance in conjunction with the system performance analysis function. WISIWIG (What You See Is What You Get) Reporting - Available to make report as shows on the analysis screen or monitoring - Supporting Drag&Drop typed program to make report conveniently. - Digitized data can be simply inserted by Copy&Paste. - Supporting Excel formatted reports and Powerpoint formats to report the status. Report for status & statistics - Available to make various types of reports from second to more than a year interval of periods in which data is stored. - Available to utilize usefully the statistics of usage status of critical system resources for the required data in the case of trouble shooting and system expansion/enhancement. OnTune is Not required for other works to make reports, unlike other products. Supports WISWIG typed report. Supports formulated statistics format. Scope – Analysis Report
  10. 10. 10 | OnTune Summary |OnTune SPI 4 Application 5/7 Before 시스템 성능관리 긴 모니터링 주기로 인한 데이터의 왜곡으로 정확한 시스템 성능관리를 할 수가 없었습니다. 시스템 성능에 영향을 미치는 각종 자원에 대한 모니터링을 할 수 있는 솔루션이 없었습니다. 가상화 시스템의 관리 기존 관리솔루션으로는 가상화시스템의 관리기능이 미비하여 시스템관리를 적시에 할 수가 없었습니다. After System Performance Management Available to analyze system function before/after changing, Trend Analysis, and Real-time analysis. From the business point of view, it is able to analyze performance as per PBA(Pattern of Business Activity). Repeated works for system status check are automated. The appropriateness of distribution and amount used of resources can be analyzed. Management of Virtualization System Available to analyze what, who, and when it was changed. Convenient to decide when or whether proper reassignment or extension of resources through trend analysis is made. Available to analyze which of the alterations influenced the low performance in real-time. Available to quickly and easily analyze the amount of resources used for the virtualization system. System Performance Management It was impossible to manage system performance correctly due to the data distortion resulting from the long monitoring cycle. Additionally, there was no solution that it was available to monitor every resorce influencing system performance. Management of Virtualization System It was impossible for the system to be managed properly since there was no management function of the virtualization system in previous management solutions. After introducing onTne SPI, customer can enhance the efficiency of system management task, reduce the burden of task, and establish the optimized operating environment as followings. Scope – Expected Effectiveness/ Comparing the before/after establishment
  11. 11. 11 | OnTune Summary |OnTune SPI 4 Application 6/7 After introducing onTund SPI, it is available to monitor the various target items in detail and in real-time. Scope – Expected Effectiveness/Analyzed cases OnTune is Supporting various and detailed kinds of monitoring items in real-time by a second unit. Previous products had many problems in fulfilling detailed analysis due to weak monitoring items and long-term monitoring intervals. Trouble / Damage : Abnormally terminated as the response of DB is delayed. Reason of insufficient treatment : Delayed analysis due to difference of viewpoint between affilated departments and absence of performance analysis solution Introduction of OnTune and Countermeasure Analysis for the resource using rate for the task process Monopolizing memory resources of specific user’s process -> DB response delay and abnormal termination due to the shortage of DB operating memory Process analysis => ㄱRevealing process of reason Customer’s complaints (Operations Manager) Quick solution based on correct data Leading to the smooth cooperation between affiliated teams Quick solution without consumptive debates, and minimization of window customer’s complaints Able to handle from the onset ofa problem to the solution within a short time by correct data of OnTune SPI.
  12. 12. 12 | OnTune Summary |OnTune SPI 4 Application 7/7 Precise data of second unit, which is monitored by OnTune, can be displayed in real-time on your large screen. A : real-time system performance monitoring - Group by task - Consolidate information for systems B : event from systems - Gathering pre-defined event from systems C : graphical view for event - Categorize event with proirity, duty, etc D : application , transaction monitoring - Monitor application log, transaction history OnTune is: Able to display real-time status for everything of system, even though application log, transaction history and more. Scope – Dashboard for User B A C D
  13. 13. 13 | OnTune Summary |OnTune SPI OnTune SPI employed ANSI-C based agents to collect the best data by minimum consumption of resources, and applied user programs separately with a completely packaged manager for efficiency of analysis performance. User can install this program by setup program using ‘Installshield’ as an equal method as installed in the windows series application program. 5 System Structure Agent : Installed in system, and collects performance info. Manager : Saves the collected info in Agent, and delivers to the user. TeemViewer : As OnTune User Program, is available to monitor and analyze on the same screen. 3-Tier Structure Agent Agent Manager TeemViewer TeemViewer…..
  14. 14. 14 | OnTune Summary |OnTune SPI Schedule consultation with other products to be installed commonly Consultation about prior installation of system monitoring products We recommend that clients firstly monitor the system status after installing OnTune due to its superior monitoring function. 6 Schedule for Establishment Classification Contents Schedule Remarks Day1 Day2 Day3 Day4 Establishment Presentation Installment Presentation Main System Establishment OnTune establishment 2 days after installment is completed Stabilization OnTune establishment completed Main Operating on OnTune Stabilization & Training for user 2 days after installment is completed We set our sights on completion within 2 days in Basic installation. Additionally we recommend the preferential installation to other products given: • The securing stability of the product installed later by supplying basic monitoring function from the early stage as system monitoring • There exists no problem in compatibility with other products as an ANSI-C based product. The total installation schedule can be adjusted to meet the needs of our clients.
  15. 15. 15 | OnTune Summary |OnTune SPI 7 Training for User TeemStone developed OnTune, setting its sights on export to the Global market from the beginning. Therefore, global users have the same user interface and using the same mouse and icon. Available for user to minimize the task suspension, and to cope with various situations occurring in the system after training. Available for user to find the efficient and optimal management direction, analyzing operation status actively after training. User preliminary education : available to use easily if completing System Admin course as per vender in advance. OnTune Does not require extended training. Possible to use only by mouse. Classification Course Day Subject Training for beginner Basic manual and method for situations in OnTune 1 day Operator Training for high level user Methodology of performance analysis using OnTune 1 day System Manager
  16. 16. 16 | OnTune Summary |OnTune SPI This comparison of function is made for a general monitoring environment, and for real-time system management. Functions OnTune Nmon glance SMS Supporting analysis function & monitoring on the same screen of different OS O X X Monitoring in Second unit real-time O X Real-time Hardware Monitoring O X X O/S Parameter Monitoring O X X X Setting Monitoring cycle separately as per system group O X X O Port monitoring of task program O X X X Creating limitless statistical data from 1 second to 1 year O X X X Extract of automated statistical data & creation of report O X X X Updating solution automatically O X X X Upgrading system agent automatically O X X X Consuming small system resource of Agent (CPU:under 1%, Memory: under 10Mbyte) O X X X Automated monitoring & analysis without training separately O X X X Implementing agent excluding Script O X X X Implementing DB for utilization from now O X X O Attach. A Comparing the general functions The management tools, which is supported by manufacturer, Nmon or glance, is excellent in the field of monitoring, but have many limits in saving and utilizing data. In the case of 3rd Party SMS products series, they have insufficient functions as management products for analysis.
  17. 17. 17 | OnTune Summary |OnTune SPI This table represents function comparisons for performance monitoring & analysis. Functions OnTune Nmon glance SMS Using Kernel Performance Library O O O X Using Kernel API for performance analysis O O O X CPU/Memory/IO of process monitoring as per PID O X X X CPU/Memory/IO process monitoring as per command O X CPU/Memory/IO process monitoring as per user O X X X Total process monitoring in activity on system O X X Activity Status monitoring of specific process O X X Process Memory leakage Monitoring O X X X Memory의 (non) arithmetic operation/Cache area classification management O X X Active/Reserved area classification management of Pagespace O X PSMD Monitoring O X X X Duty cycle monitoring of individual Adapter(Network, Fiber) O X X X Duty cycle monitoring of individual physical disk O X X X Integrated monitoring of Volume Group and allocation disk O X X Veritas Volume Manager Monitoring O X X X Attach. B Comparing the function of performance analysis
  18. 18. 18 | OnTune Summary |OnTune SPI This table represents the functions compared in virtualization environment. Functions OnTune Nmon glance SMS Virtualization CPU Pool monitoring O X X Virtualization Memory Pool monitoring O X X Multi Pool monitoring within system O X X *Resource utilization status monitoring between partition in system O X X X VIO server monitoring O X X X Managing shared resource of VIO server O X X X Managing allocation Table of shared resource(Ethernet, Fiber) O X X X *Movement status monotoring within system of CPU resource O X X X Movement status monotoring within system of Memory resource O X X X *Expression of duty cycle appropriate to virtualization environment O X X X EC/PC monitoring appropriate to CPU resource of corresponding system O X X X Management of allocation for shared resource O X X X OnTune is holding superior functions which can not be supported by other solution in the field of monitoring and analysis of virtualization and analysis of monitoring and performance in real-time. * Patent function of TeemStone Co.,Ltd. Attach. C Comparing the function of virtualization
  19. 19. 19 | OnTune Summary |OnTune SPI Attachment: Detailed Function Scheme This page includes a simple exemplar screen about the technical parts of OnTune to help the customer's understanding. - This example resulted from analysis for the activities of processes(CPU, Memory, every I/O, etc) influencing system performance. - This supplies users with not rough analysis, but precise analysis which the special graphic based on real-time data of second-unit serves to illustrate. -It becomes available to monitor and analyze the operating status within the system of task program(process on system). -Including Veritas Volume Manager, it is available to monitor individual physical disks one by one. -It is available to monitor the virtualization environment of the HW vendor. -It is available to monitor the Vmware environment (including ESX server) -It supports special functions for the IBM Micropartitioning(Power VM) -It is available to make reports for the result of every monitoring/analysis in real time.
  20. 20. 20 | OnTune Summary |OnTune SPI CPU Memory Partition Application Network Disk 20 CPU Application Network Disk Partition Memory • %usr, %sys, %idle, %wait, %usr+% sys, Run Queue, Block Queue, Pending Queue, Wait Queue • Correct statistics of duty cycle is the basic item. %Active Virtual Memory, %Free Memory, %Comp, %FileCache, Total Memory, Total PagingSpace, %Used PagingSpace, PagingSpace In, PagingSpace Out, Freed Page, Scaned Page, Filesystem In, Filesystem Out Supporting precise monitoring for the Cache, page, and physical memory. • EC,PC,APP,Pcrate • Real-time monitoring of resource status as per partition. •Accurate system predictability based on system-wide observation. • Duty cycle of CPU and Memory, amount used in IO , ThreadCount as per Process/Command/User • Real-time monitoring of resource status of individual user/task unit process. Send(KB), Receive(KB), Transfer(KB), error(packet) Monitoring precise status as unit of individual network interface. • Read(MB), Write(MB), ReadWrite(MB), Busy% • Verita Volume ManagerMonitoring • Monitoring unit elements influencing the performance from physical disk to VG/DG. OnTune Feature Network Disk Application Network Disk Partition Application Network Disk Memory Partition Application Network Disk Partition Application Network Partition Application Disk Network Partition Application Disk Network Partition Application CPU Disk Network Partition Application Memory CPU Disk Network Partition Application
  21. 21. 21 | OnTune Summary |OnTune SPI TOP : Highest group in CPU duty cycle of process groups(Selectable in User group, User command group, individual PID). CPU(usr+sys, wait) : CPU duty cycle by the unit of 2 seconds. % means duty cycle of usr+sys. MEM(comp, file) : Memory duty cycle by the unit of 2 seconds. & means duty cycle of comp section. Pgsp(active, resv) : Duty cycle of Paging Space(Swap) by the unit of 2 seconds. % means total duty cycle of active+resv. Disk(Busy) : Busy rate of the highest(not Transmission amount, but ActivityTime ) disk in duty cycle of individual disk. DiskName : Name of disk Group which the disk belongs to in Disk(Busy) item. Automatically arranged in real-time as per desirous item(duty cycle of CPU, Memory,etc). Screen for basic information 21
  22. 22. 22 | OnTune Summary |OnTune SPI
  23. 23. 23 | OnTune Summary |OnTune SPI Real-time TOP Process status of specific system can be confirmed at one time. • SZ : Image Core size of Process using in actual physical memory (Unit: MB) • RSS : Resident Set Size of Process using in actual physical memory(Resident Text Size+Resident Data Size)(Unit : MB) • Char I/O : All I/O amount occruring in corresponding process (Network I/O+Disk I/O) (Unit : KB) • STime : First time which corresponding process is executed • arg : Used argument when corresponding process is executed Find process – II : Top process 23
  24. 24. 24 | OnTune Summary |OnTune SPI How the CPU duty cycle develops can be checked immediately via the 'load' program with the user confirming the chart of left 'Proc-TOP %usr+%sys' item. Graphical Tracking - I 24
  25. 25. 25 | OnTune Summary |OnTune SPI It can be searched via the 'load' process used CPU by checking history and selecting the proper time section. Graphical Tracking - II 25
  26. 26. 26 | OnTune Summary |OnTune SPI How the CPU duty cycle develops can be analyzed as per the process for the CPU duty cycle of the system. - The CPU duty cycle of the system on the upper side -> This chart shows the CPU duty cycle of the system, and general controlling program. - The CPU duty cycle as per the process on the bottom side -> The CPU duty cycle of sybase dataserver process corresponds with the CPU duty cycle of the system. It is available to analyze how the CPU duty cycle for the process develops together. Process monitoring-I 26
  27. 27. 27 | OnTune Summary |OnTune SPI As illustrated above, it is possible to analyze IO duty cycles per process. It can be confirmed that hdisk2 of uniSvr3 server is 100% busy, and also IO of uniSvr3 as per disk at the left bottom side. At the right bottom side, the user can check that the 'dd' program is the reason of the IO by using the IO(CharIO) as per process. Find application, I/O 27
  28. 28. 28 | OnTune Summary |OnTune SPI User can perform monitoring and analyze the status of the disk I/O for the specific system in a real-time chart. It is possible to monitor VG/DG as well as the individual physical disk. Detail I/O performance 28
  29. 29. 29 | OnTune Summary |OnTune SPI 29 MicroPartition : PC Rate (TeemStone’s Patent) Virtualization System shows the duty cycle of resources which are being used contrary to maximum resources available to be used.
  30. 30. 30 | OnTune Summary |OnTune SPI Customers using OnTune SPI Manu -facturer Financial Institution Stock Firm Insurance Company Public Institution Others Worldwide 30
  31. 31. 31 | OnTune Summary |OnTune SPI +61-3-9005-7973 │ sales@teemstone.com.au │ www.teemstone.com.au ‫ًا‬FGH ‫תודה‬ 감사합니다 Thank you շնորհակալ եմ děkuji hvala tak dank u kiitos merci მადლობთმადლობთმადლობთმადლობთ danke mahalo köszönö grazie ありがとう dziękuję спасибо хвала ďakujeme gracias tack ந றி ขอบคุณ teşekkür ederim cám ơn ध यवाद 31